Pure Business

Delphine Films
Pure Business

This one from Delphine Films is definitely for Kimmy Kimm fans, as well as for couples who don’t wish to watch anything too heavy. “Pure Business” is filmed featurette-style with Will Pounder co-starring alongside Kimmy going crazy, as usual, during sex; it’s absolutely worth checking out.

Kimmy is the movie’s narrator, dressed to the nines as she sits quietly at a desolate bus stop at 1 a.m., ultimately buying drugs from Will Pounder’s character, who works at a pharmaceutical company, and is married with a kid; still, Kimmy is way interested in jumping his bones, yet the femme fatale does appear to have a dark, ulterior motive. “Why don’t we just fuck and call it a night?” she tells Pounder at a late-night diner. “I don’t know if it’s such a good idea mixing business with…. personal affairs,” he tells her. But Kimmy, as you might have already guessed, gets her wanton way. The two perverts start getting it on in the back seat of Pounder’s car, before Kimmy says there’s not enough room and suggests that they fuck outside in the desolate dark corner of a city street.

Early on — and just for a bit — she blindfolds Pounder with her scarf. There’s definitely an element of danger with Kimmy, making the scene all the more interesting and entertaining. Sure enough, while Pounder is blindfolded, she looks at his company ID and takes a picture of it while sucking his prick, telling us in her downbeat narrative that she’s ultimately going to “completely ruin his life” and not making us fans of her duplicitous character. Still, she does suck a mean prick.

The fucking itself with Kimmy is pretty worthwhile too, especially with such an exquisite porn specimen. Pounder pounds her on the hood of his car, first in the spoon position, letting us fully enjoy her tight, young butt. Then there’s standing reverse-cowgirl with this spinner extraordinaire, followed by standing spoon, letting us really appreciate Kimmy’s taut, slim body.

Standing doggie is definitely a highlight with the passionate, panting Kimmy, followed by missionary, during which Kimmy gives plenty of eye contact — and after which, Pounder lifts her off the ground and really slams it to her. Eventually, our horny pair go back to standing doggie, followed by some deepthroating, more missionary, and some off-the-ground mish. Will then spends a good amount of time eating Kimmy-cooch in the missionary stance upon his car hood, eventually sticking his dick back inside her undoubtedly steamy hole, before cumming all over her wonderfully flat tummy.

“Pure Business” is an excellent title for couples wanting some storyline with their porn, as well as a little bit of acting and some far-from-over-the-top, yet nonetheless passionate, sex. Hardcore veterans, meanwhile, will surely dig seeing the ever-scrumptious Kimmy Kim as she sucks and fucks yet another cock down to cinders.


This one from Delphine Films is definitely for Kimmy Kimm fans, as well as for couples who don’t wish to watch anything too heavy.

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