The Affairs of Lidia

Lust Cinema
The Affairs of Lidia

Lidia and her husband Michelangelo have hit a rut in their marriage. Caught completely off guard by his apparent sudden boredom, Lidia chafes at his suggestion of an open marriage. Determined to figure out what happened to their youthful passion, Lidia starts spying on her husband, only to discover a secret she never saw coming. Now, Lidia has revenge on her mind, and nothing is going to stop her from settling the score.

This is one of the most creative films I’ve ever seen come out of Lust Cinema. The art direction is heavy with this one; from the costuming to the editing, this movie strives to capture the art house cinema vibe (and succeeds). There’s also an air of entitled superiority about the entire affair. Everyone is very well-off socially and financially, and they all enjoy an affluent lifestyle. They come off as the social elite, and they approach the world as if the luxuries of life are commonplace to them. Yet, director Bruce LaBruce manages to give each character some depth as they all struggle with the same problems as those lower on the social ladder. They have the same fears and feel the same pain regarding betrayal.

Skye Blue once again takes the lead in a Lust Cinema project and shows herself to be one of the best actors in the business. She’s pouty, vulnerable and devious all at once. Part of you as the viewer wants to see her get sweet revenge on her husband, and part of you wants her to fall flat on her face because she’s so bratty. Matching Skye’s brilliance on the acting front is Sean Ford. What a performance! He captures the mood of the story perfectly, and nails every beat in a way that enhances the story exponentially.

I also want to applaud LaBruce for giving us a male/male scene in a movie that leans heavily towards the heater audience. Seeing these two worlds come together has been something long overdue, and while I can’t say this is the first time it’s happened, it’s the first time I’ve seen it. Stuff like this goes a long way towards breaking those barriers between the gay and straight industries. Well done, LaBruce.

The sex is just as inspiring as the story. The film opens with an erotic tease featuring extreme close-ups of Lidia and Michelangelo’s bodies as they caress one another. It’s a wonderful way to start the sexual action. Skye really looks wonderful here, rolling her head back passionately as Markus plunges his cock deep into her wet pussy slowly and methodically.

Drew Dixon gives Sean Ford a sensual blowjob that serves as makeup sex, and it’s a doozy. Panties, a warm fireplace, and a great deal of kissing make this scene quite the treat.

Drew also finds himself in the arms of Skye after a bit of seducing, and the result is an explosive sex art session. Covered in paint, the duo fucks on a floor-sized canvas as their lust creates a unique art piece. Also, big time kudos to the art direction in this scene. It’s fabulous. Drew turns out to be quite the horndog as he also ends up in a naughty tryst with Vanna Bardot. Watching him bury his face in Vanna’s muff as she leaned against his photo shoot wall was wonderful, and he fucks her like a wild animal.

The sex ends with an orgy that is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. It’s the only orgy I’ve ever seen where the men interact with each other sexually in addition to the women.

Lust Cinema continues to deliver banger after banger. This is the most sexually inclusive porn film I’ve ever seen, and it’s fitting that it came from Lust. Skye Blue continues to put on clinic after performing clinic in features, and as far as I’m concerned, all directors who want to shoot features should have her number on speed dial.


In this erotic comedy set in the fashion world, Lidia discovers that her boxer husband is having an affair with a photographer. She then cunningly plots her revenge.

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