A Taste of Kunst Vol. 1

Lust Cinema
A Taste of Kunst Vol. 1

When world-renowned art mogul Lady Fastbender passes away, the art world is shaken. Not only is she one of the most influential artists in the community, but her exquisite collection is the awe and envy of every artist worth their salt. When Fastbender’s will names four young artists as possible heirs to her collection, they jump at the opportunity. The only condition is that they spend a month living together in her expansive villa while they each create their own unique art piece to add to her collection. Now, four brilliant young artists find themselves surrounded by the creative genius of the defining craftwork of their time, and that art is full of brazen sexual expressiveness. How will Lady Fastbender’s art influence them and what will they learn about their own inhibitions and innuendos in the process?

Lust Cinema has become one of my favorite porn studios over the last three years. Studio head Erika Lust clearly still values the pornographic feature, which is my favorite kind of porn, and the writers/directors the studio employs always place a heavy emphasis on both narrative and visual storytelling as an accompaniment to the sex. Co-directors Ron Rex and Von Ferro have created another hit for the studio that is full of emotion, intrigue and stimulating sex. This movie feels like an art house studio production (fitting) and completely captures the spirit and tone of the art world. The struggle to create, the almost condescending creativity often associated with artists, the emphasis on nature… it’s all here.

Skye Blue takes on the lead role and once again shows how versatile she is. She blows the film away sexually, but her ability to project conflicted angst into her character marries perfectly with the film’s premise. Add to that the steadying performance of Romeo (the best I’ve seen from him) and the nicely balanced carefree nature delivered by Ariana Van X, and you’ve got a cast hitting on all cylinders. The writing team of Montiel and Von Ferro craft a wonderful tale, while Rex/Ferro team up to bring that tale to glorious life. The audience will find themselves rooting for Skye to rediscover her creative zeal, and each character in the film has a story to tell that will capture the fancy of feature fans.

The film is presented in two parts, also viewable as individual scenes. The locations are beautiful and the cinematography is top notch. Some of the lighting is really spectacular what with the way it illuminates the bodies of the performers. Speaking of the performers’ bodies, hot damn! Skye is downright luscious in the opening sex scene (a solo) that features her pumping her pussy with a marble dildo while she fantasizes about someone else handling her womanhood. She looks absolutely fantastic, there are some incredible angles (the fucking spoon my goodness) and it sets the libido burning from the jump.

Skye and Ariana Van X keep the steam rolling with a delicious coupling in the bedroom after a night of introductions and fine dining. Skye submits to Ariana’s advances and embars on a carnal escapade. Ariana eats pussy like a champion, practically inhaling Skye’s puffy lips hungrily as the blonde bombshell writhes in ecstasy. The 69 is outstanding (oh my word, Skye’s massive hanging tits are glorious) and the lighting is sensual. There’s a narrative carpet yank at the end, but it doesn’t diminish the sex and the story is better for it.

The sexual climax features Skye returning to her earlier sexual fantasy in frustrating fashion before she stumbles upon Romeo and Petra Fastbender’s personal assistant Penelope having scalding sex on the terrace. Romeo and Tula Vida are awesome here. There’s a quiet hunger about them that mirrors the film’s theme of restrained lust. Romeo is the navigator of Penelope’s sexual journey, coaxing her through the waves of her caged lust gently. The cowgirl and doggie across the bench are both great, but it’s the finish that is the real star. Tula and Romeo’s bodies are on wonderful display as he pounds himself to a thick, dripping finish all over her arched back. Fucking hot.

This is easily the best opening to a Lust Cinema movie that I’ve seen this year. Ron Rex and Von Ferro prove their mettle as directors while Ferro and Montiel nail the writing. The cast is all brilliant and the story ends on a note that will leave viewers desperate for more.


A collector and philanthropist dies, leaving her fortune to be split between 4 artists if they spend a month together in her mansion to produce works of art for her mausoleum.

One of the artists is Candy Moore, a young performance artist promising a revolution that ends up in just that, a promise. After years in oblivion, she now has the opportunity to be the artist, so many people believed in. She wanted to get away from alcohol, sex, and parties but sharing a mansion with her attractive new artist friends was a constant temptation. She can't help but lose control, and all kinds of feelings are awakened inside her.

This is the story A Taste of Kunst—an explicit adult series about the connection between art and sex, portraying the difficulty of re-engaging with life. Starring Skye Blue, Ariana Van, Tula, Romeo, and Doryann. This refreshing romantic comedy full of laughter ends with a stunning foursome.

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