A Road to Conquer

Lust Cinema
A Road to Conquer

In the future, all pornographic content has been banned, and anyone caught in possession of such material faces a stiff jail penalty. Carly (Bebe Melkor-Kadior) finds herself embroiled in a scandal that could destroy her life when her aging grandmother tasks her with getting rid of such a stash in which she starred. When Carly finds a map and an old letter to her grandmother detailing a safe haven for porn and sexual expression called The Sanctuary, Carly invests the help of her best friend Erin (Claire Romain) to get there. Now, Carly and Erin must make their way across the country in search of a place that may not even exist, all while avoiding not only the authorities and those who might turn them in, but also, grappling with their own feelings of sexual awakening.

This is erotic sci-fi at its best. Dystopian stories are always intriguing, and the idea of a quest centered around porn is a great premise. I’ve never seen Melkor-Kadior or Romain before, but both of them are fantastic here, and the story is very well-written. The stakes are high, the characters all have something to do, and the natural locations give the story a lived-in feel.

There’s a lot of non-sex screen time in this feel, but the sex that is present is scalding. Director Sally Fenaux Barleycorn has a wonderful flashback lesbian scene that is full of passion. There are lots of close-ups of the performer’s faces, which lets the audience share in their passion, and the shadowy backdrop creates a very intimate mood.

In the present, Carly and Erin get pulled over by a cop despite them carefully sticking to the back roads, and Carly involuntarily fantasizes about him ravishing her right on the hood of her car. There’s a ton of emotional intensity in this scene, stemming mostly from Bebe’s expressions of pleasure. At one point, the officer (Juan Lucho) hoists Carly onto the hood and pumps her hard and deep. It’s a brilliantly erotic visual. Unfortunately for the officer, there’s no sex involved. Instead, Carly steals his gun and locks him in his trunk before she and Erin make a break for it.

The two friends meet a wayward traveler who is also headed for the sanctuary, and on a whim, they pick him up. When the party finally reaches their goal, Erin helps Carly find the clarity she’s been looking for, and both ladies join in on a massive orgy. I have not seen a group scene like this in years. There are upwards of eight performers fondling, kissing and sexing each other in a massive tent. There are limbs and tits and cocks everywhere, and everyone is completely overwhelmed with a freedom born of lust. It’s actually quite a beautiful scene.

The journey concludes with a great epilogue that wraps up Carly’s story nicely while also bringing closure to her grandmother’s journey. This truly is a callback to some of the porn years when stories drove the sex. I also applaud Lust Cinema and Barleycorn for assembling such a diverse and dynamic cast. More studios should follow Lust Cinema’s lead.


In the future, all pornographic content has been banned, and anyone caught in possession of such material faces a stiff jail penalty.

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