I Love You, You're Fired

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I Love You, You're Fired

Danielle (Vanna Bardot) is a top-notch marketing director whose small team has just hit the big time thanks to her tireless drive. With things looking bright, Danielle is eager to lead her team on to their next major account success. What Danielle doesn’t plan on is her best employee Shawn (Isiah Maxwell) falling for her. Shawn knows how much value Danielle places on keeping relationships professional in the workplace, so he invests the help of his fellow team member and best friend (Brooklyn Gray) to hatch a ludicrous scheme that will get Danielle into his arms. Will Shawn’s plan work, or will it backfire and jeopardize everything he’s dreamed of?

Lust Cinema is fast becoming one of my favorite porn studios because of their commitment to the feature. Over the last two years, the Erika Lust studio has released some compelling dramas with intricate plots and multifaceted characters. Now, Joanna Angel has added an element to their impressive catalogue that has been missing: the comedy. In fact, Angel is one of the few directors who has been producing comedies regularly over the last few years. “I Love You, You’re Fired” is part slapstick, part romcom, and all sex. The cast includes veteran performer Maxwell in his biggest feature role to date and Bardot as the lead. The supporting sexual cast includes the delicious Charlotte Sins and the sinful Brooklyn Gray, while the most unorthodox non-sex porn role of the year goes to the incomparable Tommy Pistol.

The sex gets interwoven nicely within the plot, and Angel shows some real discipline as a director by not rushing the story just to get to the sex. The audience really gets a chance to know the characters and the plot, and that makes the sex feel more organic and connective. And speaking of the sex, what’s here is freaking gold. Gray and Sins (this couple is so gorgeous it’s painful) share a blistering, erotic encounter that features some of the sexiest cunnilingus I’ve seen in a long time. Gray buries her face in Sins’ pussy to start, fondling the beautiful blonde’s nipples sexily in the process. Sins gives Gray a scorching tongue-lashing of her own before the two ladies trib each other deliciously. The closing 69 is amazing and not to be missed.

Danielle makes a business decision when she seduces (or allows herself to get seduced by?) Hot Crotch (yes, you read that right). Hot Crotch enters her slowly, then starts pumping her pussy rhythmically as she holds on for dear life. The alternating fucking and pussy eating are fantastic, and after having her own hot crotch set ablaze with lust, Danielle mounts her stud and rides his balls dry.

The film’s sex culminates with Danielle and Shawn getting together after a smorgasbord of silly shenanigans. This scene is dripping with passion and anticipation as the film builds to this coupling from the first few minutes. The audience will appreciate every gasp of pleasure escaping from Danielle’s lungs as Shawn’s tongue tantalizes her clit hungrily, and when he finally slides his throbbing pipe into her dripping pussy, she practically ascends into the orgasmic stratosphere. The doggie over the table is really wonderful, and the look on Danielle’s face is going to draw the audience in big time. In fact, all the sex on the table is amazing, and the finish in the chair is wooooweeeee!

I want more directors to remember that sex and comedy are a great duo. Joanna Angel has certainly not forgotten that fact, and she continues to produce some great comedic stories where the performers get the chance to really expand themselves as actors.


Danielle (Vanna Bardot) is a top-notch marketing director whose small team has just hit the big time thanks to her tireless drive.

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