TS Love Stories, Vol. 7

TS Love Stories, Vol. 7

Ricky Greenwood presents four trans scenes about love and lust.

Lianna Lawson, Skylar Snow and Ruckus XXX:

Best friends Lianna Lawson and Skylar Snow are positively glowing with excitement as Lawson prepares to wed her beau Ruckus XXX. As maid of honor, Snow is with Lawson in the final moments before the ceremony — and as the friends take photos of each other in their dresses, Lawson makes a comment that sets Snow’s libido into overdrive. Unable to contain themselves, Lawson and Snow share a passionate kiss. And before long, they’re peeling each other from their elegant dresses. Snow fills her mouth with Lawson’s stiff cock hungrily before mounting her like a ranch-hand training a colt. My goodness, does she look wonderful atop Lawson’s frame! Things take an unexpected turn when the groom comes in unexpectedly to get some pre-wedding pictures for his parents. Upon seeing his future wife, Ruckus can’t help but have one final bout of premarital sex. Lawson engulfs his cock before offering her tight ass to her soon-to-be-husband while Snow sneaks out of the room scandalously. Things take another unexpected turn when Snow, lurking just outside the room listening to all the action, feigns an innocent return to check on the couple as an excuse to walk in on their steamy sex. The result is a spectacularly raunchy three-way that sees both Snow and Ruckus throating themselves on cock and a crazy spoon train that must be seen to be believed.

Ariel Demure and Chris Damned:

This fantasy is pretty straight-forward. Trapped in a loveless marriage, Ariel Demure has been carrying on a steamy affair with Chris Damned. One night, he accompanies her home, and the couple discovers a predictably empty house as Demure’s husband is —

wherever he is. With the premises all to themselves, the two take advantage of the opportunity. Damned ravages Demure big time here. Demure mounts him like a stallion and rides him into the sunset. He returns the favor in kind, knocking the bottom out of her asshole in multiple positions.

Jade Venus and Solomon Aspen:

Jade Venus discovers her husband is cheating on her and ends their relationship over the phone (stalking into the house furiously) while the pool boy Solomon Aspen eavesdrops meekly. Concerned about his employer’s wellbeing, Aspen follows Venus inside to see if she’s OK. With her fiery rage still burning, Venus decides to let Aspen comfort her in the most satisfyingly vengeful way she can think of. Aspen mostly has his way with Venus early, pumping her silly for a good, good while. However, Venus eventually gets her turn on Aspen’s ass after rimming him in naughty fashion. She slides into his tight hole slowly, then settles in and humps him vigorously and without pause.

Jexxxica Blake and Dante Colle:

This scene is clearly inspired by high school fantasies. Jexxxica Blake is changing in the locker room while a mesmerized Dante Colle spies on her. When she leaves, he sneaks into her locker and finds a pair of her freshly worn panties. Naturally, the horndog sniffs them (among other dirty dealings) before the sound of the shower draws his attention. He skulks into the bathroom and spies Blake in the midst of a shower. Beating his meat furiously, Colle gets careless with his spying — and Blake catches him. Instead of chastising the peeping tom, Blake takes advantage of his awkwardness and slurps his cock down her throat, much to Colle’s surprise. Colle then gets down and dirty with the mocha maiden, drilling her tight ass while she strokes her dick relentlessly.

This is another good trans-themed film from Greenwood. Efforts like this act as solid justification for his recent XBIZ nomination as Trans Director of the Year. The cast is exceptional, and each story has enough emotional depth to it to allow the already stellar sex to reach a higher level.


Ricky Greenwood presents four trans scenes about love and lust.

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