My TS Stepmom, Volume 4

My TS Stepmom, Volume 4

Taboo fauxcest sex casts its wide umbrella over four different trans families in “My TS Stepmom, Volume 4.”

The step fantasy is among the most popular genres in mainstream porn today. It’s no wonder then that trans porn delves as equally into that taboo as all others. Ricky Greenwood, no stranger to shooting step porn, lends his considerable talents as director to the fourth volume of this popular trans series. He assembles a strong cast and conceives some intriguing scenarios for them to sink their teeth into.

Jamie French and Dante Colle:

Jamie French is absolutely beside herself with anguish because she’s lost her wedding ring. When her stepson Dante Colle happens upon her searching desperately for the lost bauble, he of course offers to help. But when French realizes that Colle has had the ring the entire time, her despair turns into frustration and anger — and she accuses him of trying to drive a wedge between her and his father. It’s a tense tête-à-tête that explodes in a ball of fiery passion. Colle slurps down French’s cock gently as the magnificent matron’s head rolls back in pleasure. Colle continues the erotic coupling by sliding his pulsing dick into French’s ass slowly and pumping her with a combination of lustful hunger and genuine care. When Colle can’t hold himself back any longer, he pulls out and drops his creamy load all over French’s trembling dick and heaving stomach.

Ariel Demure and Victoria Voxxx:

Ariel Demure is struggling to connect with new adult stepdaughter Victoria Voxxx. Boundaries are as unclear as the path to becoming a family, and Demure has tried repeatedly to figure out how to cultivate a mother-daughter relationship without crossing the lines of decency. After a particularly heartfelt attempt by Demure to bridge the chasm, Voxxx opens the door to something more intimate between the two. What a tender scene this is! The awkward warmth between Demure and Voxxx speaks to family in a very genuine way. This is strong writing and strong acting, and the resulting sex is better because of it. This feels less like a fetish scene and more like a real connection between two people that manifests itself sexually.

Melanie Brooks and Izzy Wilde:

Izzy Wilde’s world is crumbling around her as she’s just discovered her girlfriend of over three years has been cheating. In addition to the indignation of being duped, Wilde finds herself feeling utterly demoralized sexually due to her girlfriend’s disgust with her body. The embarrassment, heartbreak and destruction of her self-confidence is too much to bear. Luckily for Wilde, her stepmother Melanie Brooks knows exactly what she’s going through. Brooks reveals to Wilde that her relationship with Wilde’s father is open, and in order to help her stepdaughter cope with her crushing breakup, Brooks offers to show her just how beautiful and desirable she is. This scenario speaks to a common fear among the trans community, and I must say that the way it’s handled is very nice. Brooks embraces Wilde’s trans nature by showing her how much she adores her own existence as a trans woman. The result is a sexually liberating experience for Wilde and the creation of an intimate and unbreakable bond for Brooks.

Sofia Sanders, Chris Damned and Johnny B.:

Stepbrothers Chris Damned and Johnny B. find themselves competing for their stepmother’s attention. While Johnny is more shy and soft, Damned is aggressive and assertive. But Sofia Sanders loves both her sons and would do anything to see them both happy. Case in point: She decides to let them both have a go at her in a naughty threesome! First, Sanders lets Damned pound her against the glass shower door, then she wrecks Johnny’s ass as she bends him over the kitchen counter. When Damned walks in on them, he wastes no time in joining the party, completing a fantastic train that is captured perfectly by the camera. Don’t miss this.


She has the best of both worlds - tits and a dick! These hot trans moms turn on both men and women and they're happy to broaden their family's horizons. Her cock bouncing while she's being fucked in the ass by her stepson is erotic enough. Add a nice pair of tits and you'll be lucky not to blow your load immediately. There's no need for a strap on when a trans mom shows her stepdaughter how a teen girl should get fucked.

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