How Lesbians Think

How Lesbians Think

This is a small collection of more recent scenes from the lesbian offshoot Gamma studio Girlsway.

India Summer and Shyla Jennings (“Sent to the Principal’s Office”):

From member Handsome_Devil comes this steamy 2019 schoolgirl fantasy. Shyla Jennings has been sent to India Summer’s office because documents have surfaced revealing her to be 25 years old. This wouldn’t be a problem accept that Jennings has been passing herself off as a high school student. When Summer informs Jennings that she must leave the school immediately, Jennings offers Summer some motivation to let her stay. Summer is such a good performer, and she’s drop dead gorgeous. To her credit, Jennings is impressive in her own right, and together, they make heavenly smut. There is a moment where Summer is lounging back on her desk holding Jennings’ head as the young vixen laps at her pussy, which is absolutely wonderful to behold. There’s playful rimming from both ladies, and Summer just about makes Jennings pass out with her impeccable finger technique.

Sovereign Syre and Jade Nile (“How Lesbians Think”):

Jade Nile is the new owner of a business that caters to lesbians, but she seems not to quite understand what her clientele wants to see. Luckily for Nile, Sovereign Syre has been at the company since its inception, and she knows exactly what the fanbase likes. Desperate to keep business healthy, Nile asks Syre if she can show her how lesbians think. The businesslike banter between these two is pretty great and sets a believable work fantasy in play, and the sex pays off the story perfectly. Holy smokes, watching Nile bury her face in Syre’s ass from behind is volcanic! In fact, Nile gives Syre quite the workout from start to finish, which is ironic considering it was Syre who was supposed to show Nile the ropes. Syre’s sweet pussy unleashed an insatiable animal in Jade Nile.

Carter Cruise and Mackenzie Moss (“Fearing the Worst”):

Jerichoholic Mackenzie Moss and Carter Cruise are college sweethearts and roommates who are struggling to balance their relationship against the rigorous demands of college life. The more time Cruise spends wrapped up in her studies, the more worried Moss becomes that they’re growing apart. Moss’ worst fears are fueled when she finds out that Cruise isn’t spending her nights studying with a classmate like she claims. Desperate to know the truth, a distraught Moss confronts Cruise one night. To her surprise, Cruise admits that what she’s really been doing with her time is working as a pizza delivery girl to save up enough money for an engagement ring. Elated and embarrassed, Moss gleefully shows Cruise her appreciation in the best way she knows how. This is a nice story that is punctuated by some fantastic sex. Cruise and Moss really get into each other, with Moss’ milky-smooth skin nearly glowing under Cruise’s exquisite touch. Moss’ beaming smile radiates her genuine pleasure as Cruise grinds her pussy against her clit, and you can see Moss’ body shuddering with pleasure.

This is another fine collection of lesbian scenes from the folks at Girlsway. It’s always nice to see members have their ideas rewarded in such a significant way, so again, congratulations to Handsome_Devil and Jerichoholic for inspiring two of the three scenes presented here.


Shyla Jennings smugly sits behind a principal's desk, looking through the principal's phone. She sees sexy pictures of her principal, India Summer, on the phone and becomes aroused, unable to resist touching herself a little. However, it's short-lived when India strides back into the office. Sovereign Syre knocks nervously on the door of her new boss's office. Jade Nile, the new CEO of the company. Sovereign explains that she has doubts about the new advertising approach. That there should be more women and fewer men, because their customer is mostly lesbians. To help better understand the people they're marketing to, Sovereign suggests that Jade has some fun with a girl. Jade asks if maybe Sovereign can give her some firsthand experience? Mackenzie Moss is scared her girlfriend Carter Cruise was cheating on her when she realizes she lied to her saying she was going to someone's house for a school project. Later, Mackenzie actually finds out that Carter has found a new job so that she can buy Mackenzie an engagement ring.

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