A Friend for Dinner

A Friend for Dinner

“A Friend for Dinner” is a collection of scenes from Girlsway showcasing some incredible scenes from 2018. Stills by Alan and Bree Mills direct these fantastic submissions, one from a Girlsway.com member.

Serena Blair and Alison Rey (“Serena On Call”):

This story is an adaptation of a 2018 submission from Girlsway.com member Dr. Mike. Alison Rey is frustrated with her boyfriend because he refuses to go down on her. Desperate to have her pussy licked, Rey decides to call an escort service in hopes of quenching her thirst. She ends up booking a session with Serena Blair even though she’s not a lesbian, and the results are downright explosive. The way Blair takes her time with Rey, the way she asks her if what she’s doing is OK and if she likes what she’s feeling, the way Rey practically melts under her touch — it’s all wonderful. The fantasy of the accidental lesbian plays out perfectly onscreen and is wonderfully sexy. The way Blair rims Rey? The whole scene could have just been that!

Jelena Jensen and Dana DeArmond (“A Friend for Dinner”):

This 2018 scene was designed as a showcase for Jelena Jensen during her stint as Girlsway Girl of the Month. She wrote the scene and chose Dana DeArmond to be her partner in the scene. It’s called “A Friend for Dinner,” but the only thing being “eaten” is Jensen. This is a BDSM scene all the way, with Jensen bound and gagged right at the start and DeArmond dominating her mercilessly from the word go. DeArmond forces Jensen to suck her asshole wantonly before spanking her pussy with a crop. This is an intense scene, and DeArmond does a masterful job as the relentless domme. She puts Jensen through an intense bout of pleasure, and viewers will be left breathless at the conclusion.

Sarah Vandella and Abigail Mac (“No Names”):

Abigail Mac has decided to take the plunge with a sex service. She books a clandestine rendezvous with Sarah Vandella in a secluded motel. Upon her arrival, Vandella gets right to business, brushing aside Mac’s attempt at questions and reminding her that no names are allowed in these types of hook-ups. This is an amazing scene. The intensity and commanding nature of Vandella pairs perfectly with Mac’s demure curiosity, and the result is a visceral and intense encounter that also manages to be soft and sensual. The 69 is great (what a wonderful ass Vandella has!), and watching Mac toy with Vandella’s ass is spectacular.

This collection is a great sampling of the fantastic lesbian content that regularly comes from Girlsway. The cast is great, the stories are intense, and the production value is quite high. Jensen and DeArmond are explosive together, while Vandella and Abigail Mac brim with intensity themselves. Another member submission highlights this collection as Girlsway continues to do a fantastic job of building loyalty among their fanbase.


Alison Rey is on the phone arguing with her boyfriend again. For the life of her, she just can't make him eat her pussy. So Alison decides to go online to look for a lesbian escort who can get her off. Serena Blair responds to Alison's request and heads home to satisfy her needs. Jelena Jensen can't speak. She's got a ball gag in her mouth and a leash around her neck. Dana DeArmond is dominating her and has made her her slave. Barking commands at her, Dana makes sure Jelena knows who the boss is. Dana knows her slave can take it and says that if she wants to fuck her, she's gonna have to earn it. Abigail Mac has a secret she can't tell anyone. She's been having cravings lately and she doesn't know what to do with it. She wanted to touch a woman and was about to explode. She therefore calls a discreet agency to satisfy her needs and chooses Sarah Vendella as a model.

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