Lesbian Reconditioning Camp

Lesbian Reconditioning Camp

The lesbian-centric Gamma studio Girlsway presents three scenes from its “Mommy’s Girl” spinoff studio.

“At Home Exam” (Valentina Nappi and Chanel Preston):

This 2018 scene is an adaptation of a submission from Girlsway.com member Pussyluv. It’s the story of a stepmom (Chanel Preston) who teaches her 25-year-old stepdaughter (Valentina Nappi) how to correctly perform a breast self-exam. Though things start off innocently and with good intentions, the situation predictably morphs into a naughty tryst between the two women, who technically, are no longer related since Nappi’s father has tragically passed on. Still, the submissive Italian bombshell requires quite a bit of coaxing because she does see Preston as a strong motherly figure. However, once Preston gets Valentina out of her clothes, it’s no holds barred as the matriarch buries her face in Nappi’s quivering pussy. Nappi returns the favor with some enthusiastic licking of her own before both women use their nipples to rub each other’s clits.

“Lesbian Reconditioning Camp” (Brandi Love, Alexis Fawx and Athena Faris):

Veteran performer couple Casey Calvert and Eli Cross co-wrote and directed this adaptation of a 2020 submission by Girlsway.com member Lickherholic. Alexis Fawx and Brandi Love are in a relationship that has flourished since Fawx divorced her husband. Unfortunately, Fawx is concerned about her daughter (Athena Faris), who not only seems uninterested in women, but also, appears to be completely devoted to her boyfriend. In a last-ditch effort to convert her, Fawx and Love convince Faris to enroll in a lesbian reconditioning camp. When Faris returns, she claims to still be straight, but she gets caught masturbating and sniffing her mom’s panties — which leads to a kinky threesome between the young woman, her mom, and her stepmom. This is a shamelessly kinky story that leans heavily into some very controversial subject matter. It can’t have been easy to tackle this subject, and I applaud all those involved for not shying away from this. The sex comes across as liberating and relieving (Faris really gets worked over and enjoys the hell out of it), and that tone makes things pretty hot. Watching Fawx revel in Faris’ ass sitting on her face while Love fondled her body and licked her snatch was the high point of the entire scene.

“Tutor Trap” (Marie McCray and Naomi Swann):

This is another story directed by Calvert and Cross, but this time, the tale is written by Fistopher Nolan. Naomi Swann has forced another tutor to quit (the fifth one this year), and her stepmom (Marie McCray) is at her wit’s end. If Swann doesn’t pass biology, she won’t graduate, and McCray simply cannot allow that. Determined to do whatever it takes to help Swann pass, McCray agrees when Swann asks her if she’ll act as a visual aid to help her study because — wait for it — she learns better with her hands! Well, that leads directly to a steamy encounter on the couch between the stepmom and stepdaughter. Although McCray is nervous about fucking her stepdaughter to start, she is fully engaged in the “study session” in no time, feasting on Swann’s pink pussy hungrily. Swann gives as good as she gets, sucking McCray’s entire pussy into her mouth at points while presenting her adorable butt to the camera.

The best thing about this compilation is the focus on member-submitted adaptations. There’s no better way to build brand loyalty than bringing direct fan fantasies to life. And when those fantasies find existence on the shoulders of a dynamite cast like this, the good will goes even further.


Chanel Preston takes advantage of a manual breast exam, to make sure there is no problem, to show her stepdaughter Valentina Nappi how to do it. Now that Chanel has Valentina's breasts in her hands, she doesn't stop there. Alexis Fawx and Brandi Love discuss their stepdaughter Athena Faris as they worry that she will end up hurting herself when meeting immature guys. As soon as Athena arrives home, they discuss their concern with her and insist that she should go to a lesbian reconditioning camp. Athena explains that she doesn't want to go, but her stepmothers insist in exchange for a car purchase. When Athena returned from the camp, she didn't believe she had become a lesbian until she found some used panties in the bathroom. Marie McCray is frustrated. His daughter-in-law, Naomi Swann, loses teachers left and right! It seems that no matter who Marie hires to tutor Naomi, they release their bail. She just doesn't understand what's going on and Naomi is pretending to be innocent during it all, she finds biology too difficult. So Marie finally decides to tutor Naomi herself to make sure she graduates!

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