What’s Your Kink?

What’s Your Kink?

Four installments exploring light kink play among a group of eager CockyBoys regulars. The studio’s customary attention to personal chemistry adds a layer of erotic tension as trust and comfort are the main underpinnings for kink. All four scenes are quite good but MVP honors go to Zeke Wood and Adrian Hart for crackling chemistry.

CockyBoys won the 2021 XBIZ Award for "Best Gay Sex Scene" for "Lips Together — Six Feet Apart" costarring Angel Rivera, who was also a “Gay Performer of the Year” nominee. Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian were both 2021 “Gay Director of the Year” nominees, a category Jaxson has won three times (2014-15, 2020). Avery Jones earned two 2021 XBIZ nods for “Best Gay Sex Scene.” Hart and Austin Wolf were also “Gay Perfomer of the Year” nominees, while Dante Colle was the winner of the all-inclusive XBIZ “Performer of the Year.”

Troye Jacobs is slim and smooth with alabaster skin, dark hair and boyish, clean-cut good looks. His kink is to be used, controlled and dominated by an older, physically imposing stud like Wolf. Look for the moment when the pup is riding Wolf reverse-cowboy as they watch their own reflections in a mirror; the older man’s cock is buried deep within the pup when he grasps the younger stud tightly around the neck. Jacobs’ eyes close in ecstasy as he drinks in the tension inherent in the moment. It’s a powerful erotic vignette; their cumshots, as one would expect, are intense.

Jones admits he enjoys having his hole worshipped, fingered and stretched (he’s into width more than length). He proudly owns up to being a pushy bottom and Colle more than accommodates him. Although their kink is about exploring the different ways these two sexually adventurous men can fuck, the oral action also happens to be pretty damn great: deep-throat, tons of spit, sheer pleasure. Colle can throw a pile-driving fuck when he builds up a head of steam with the right partner, and Jones really delivers.

Newcomer Zeke Wood and Adrian Hart are meeting for the first time as they stroke and touch each other, displaying palpable chemistry, and chat about their preference for “power-verse” partners – that is, guys who switch with equal passion between top and bottom roles. Their sexplay, directed by Tayte Hanson, is intense. Wood is slender and striking with dark curls that flop over his forehead, while Hart is compact, muscled and very fit. Wood’s toes actually curl as he’s being deep-plunged by Hart; he also displays an appealing dominant streak as he gives equal attention to Hart as a topman. He climaxes twice, ending the scene fully spent and sex-drunk.

The hookup between Angel Rivera and Ty Mitchell includes some bondage gear; the latter stud, lean and sensual and witty, admits to a deep desire to be dominated and used by a confident topman he can trust. Rivera, boyishly beautiful and sultry, explains that he prefers to take charge and to control his partner’s pleasure. That power dynamic is clearly on display as Rivera takes his time to enjoy himself as the blindfolded Mitchell utterly gives in, moaning with surprised pleasure at whatever might be happening to him next.


Here CockyBoys explore the joy of kink. Be it a fetish or a simple turn-on, mild-to-wild, kink can make us very horny and happy if done right. Kink play is everything from virtual sex, dom/sub, S/M, orgasm control, and bondage, to intergenerational, foot fetish, pup play, and voyeurism. All kink is good kink, as long as you have established boundaries and enthusiastic consent. So, take the time to explore and ask yourself... What's Your Kink?

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