Pounded Raw

Pounded Raw

Four strong duos featuring a stacked cast of CockyBoys ringers and unobtrusive camerawork and editing. The wondrous Leo Louis isn’t prolific, so each appearance is worth savoring, but the smooth sexual confidence of Daniel Evans and Kane Fox are added highlights.

Benjamin Blue and Edward Terrant are both very slim and smooth and cute; they’ve paired off in prior encounters, leading to a friends-with-benefits arrangement. Their flip-fuck in a hotel room bed, and in front of a wide window, has a pleasurable frisson of erotic excitement; Terrant smiles throughout and displays an appealing intensity as a topman, while the French-accented Blue is quite vocal. Blue’s cock dribbles with precum as he’s being fucked and both pop shots are tasty.

Evans, a blue-eyed muscular hunk, picks up stranded motorist Tannor Reed by the side of the road and takes him home for a rough fuck with an authentic Dom/sub vibe. The slender Reed, with his full lips and thick swoop of auburn hair over his forehead, is more than eager to obey Evans’ commands to drop to his knees and start sucking. He folds himself in half for the suave Evans to snack on his tight, twitching hole and then deliver a piledriving fuck.

Kane Fox and Evan Knoxx are a terrific, romantic duo. They make love by candlelight in the bathtub before Fox bends Knoxx over the sink and then moves to a hot shower to finish their sex session as the room fills up with steam. Attentive camerawork lingers over their bodies and captures every angle as Fox drives his boner deeper into the submissive Knoxx. Fox exudes charisma and charm, while Knoxx lets out his submissive tendencies. They gasp and groan in unison as they unleash ropes of seed. It’s a strong tryst with palpable chemistry.

The fourth duo spotlights the remarkable performer Leo Louis opposite adorably irresistible pup Ari Avanti (featured on the box cover art). Their encounter begins with Louis sketching Avanti before moving to a passionate sex session. Louis really seems to consider sex as an art form; he’s built for it, with red lips, long blond locks and a thin, ripped swimmer’s physique that includes a gorgeously thick, plus-sized boner. Avanti, for his part, is happily submissive and allows himself to be ravished; Louis gently moves through an array of positions, modulating his intensity, and pushing them both to an inevitable, well-earned climax. It’s a real pleasure to watch him in action, and the scene is worth bookmarking to revisit.


Leo Louis leads a cast of young hung guys that love to fuck and get Pounded Raw. Ari Avanti gets Leo's hammer in any position he could take it, while Kane Fox strokes out a load using Evan Knoxx's raw hole. Daniel Evans and Tannor Reed get lost in the moment when Daniel pounds him raw. Finally, Edward Terrant and Benjamin Blue enjoy a hot raw flip-fuck that leaves them - and you - sweating.

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