King, from XBIZ award-winning director Jake Jaxson and R.J. Sebastian, features a cast of well-developed characters who embark on a journey of *checks notes* big-dicked tops ravaging twinks.

First up we have buff, hairy Dom King paired with the tiny smooth Leo Grand. Dom pounds Leo into submission while simultaneously choking his delicate neck. But no worries, Leo’s eyes are rolling back from pleasure as they both nut during missionary.

Next we have two blondies, top Daniel Evans looking like he’s fresh off the set of “Vikings” and bottom Theo Brady. They are eager for a more “sweet sensual” experience, although when they get down to business, it’s the usual bumping nasties with a few extra smooches here and there.

The third scene features Cody Seiya and Sean Xavier. Sean waxes romantic as he sighs “there’s a certain je ne sais quoi about seeing this beautiful man walking up a hillside shirtless that really gets to you.” Cody for his part dreamily proclaims that Sean, “is a very thoughtful caring person … I feel very safe around him.” At least safe enough to have Sean raw inside him. The lovebirds quickly move on from exchanging compliments to exchanging fluids.

Finally we have young lad Noah Fox and mature Manuel Skye. Noah explains that he was eager to perform with Manuel because he prefers bottoming for taller muscular guys. Noah is eager to get crucified and Manuel doesn’t disappoint: Noah’s sword swings left and right like a metronome as he bounces up and down on Manuel’s rod until the two baptize each other in jizz.


King is the highest compliment a boy can give to a man who's sexual energy is without question. These kings waste no time conquering the bodies, cocks, and holes of these eager CockyBoys. Watch with pleasure as these beautiful boys, on bent knees, lavish praise and attention onto the big-dicked men they willingly serve. Dom King leads royal flush of studs Sean Xavier, Daniel Evans, Manuel Skye, Leo Grand, Noah Foxxx, Cody Seiya, and Theo Brady in this no-holds-barred-deep-breeding-fuck-fest from the award-winning CockyBoys team Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian.

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Chris Stone