Good to the Last Drop

Good to the Last Drop

CockyBoys has always brought you sexy twinks and hot sex and this go around is no different. “Good to the Last Drop” is an interesting collection of scenes that does manage to capture the hot dynamics of two men in lust.  

Hazel Hoffman and Derek Kage start off their scene furiously making out. While there’s not much in the way of exposition or plot, the back-and-forth between the two is definitely arousing. Hoffman’s “I’m a hole sir” energy matched with Kage telegraphing how he’s going to use the angelic looking twink is a slow burn that makes you want to take your time with this one. Kage fills his pretty face with his beautiful uncut cock. All the while offering BDE as he directs Hoffman on what to do while making this twink beg for his cock. He rims him and assures he’s only getting spit and precum as lube. He then proceeds to pound out Hoffman’s smooth hole as he throws his tight twink body all over the bedroom. He then shoots half of a fat load on Hoffman’s waiting sack before he goes back inside to finish his orgasm how god intended. This is a great way to start the film and honestly sets the tone for exactly how good these drops will be. 

The second scene is a bit of a sharp departure as Kane Fox and Leo Grand start off interacting with the camera guy. The witty banter is cute but does feel a tad bit dated with references to American Horror Story: Coven and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. After some back and forth, the two finally get down to business. Leo Grand does manage to show why he has star potential as he deepthroats Fox’s cock and takes his dick like a champ. Overall, it’s a hot scene with Fox giving Grand a load all over his tiny petite smooth ass. 

The third scene features Grant Ducati losing his CockyBoys virginity with the traditional casting couch interview. Ducati explains how he’s from Alabama and how much he “loves older guys.” He gets his wish when Daddy Manuel Skye shows up with his tan muscles and Superman chin ready to charm the newcomer. This scene returns to the sensual tone of the first scene as Skye goes from getting muscle worshipped and measuring his cock against Ducati’s pretty face to worshipping Ducati’s completely smooth hole. He gives Ducati a ton of oral attention before eventually giving him his thick uncut cock. The two proceed to have some pretty impressive acrobatic sex all in front of the open window of the luxury condo. Ducati, while giving innocent newbie energy, is no stranger to taking dick as he receives the goods like a true cocky boy. He gets banged out until he cums and then eagerly accepts cum all over him. 

The final scene has Mitch Matthews regaling the cameraman with his love of French people and then our introduction to Benjamin Blue. Matthews then takes Blue’s cock into his mouth after some seductive foreplay. A hot changeup is Matthews coaching Blue on showing his hole as he proceeds to tongue his smooth hole. Matthews top energy is surprising but really sells it. You believes that Blue is loving it with all of the closeups to his face. The two also have a ton of prolonged eye contact as they both have some pretty sensual, but still intensely hot sex. 

The banter gives it an edge. All of these scenes do have a bit of humanity to them whether it’s kinky back and forth or even the odd interview segments. The overall vibe is that you’re there with these guys watching these twinks earn their namesake. Overall, a fun set of scenes that give a bit more insight into the person behind the porn star, while still preserving the sexual edge and adding an odd connection between the models that really sells this series. It’s a little less performative and more like two guys really enjoying fucking each other while also making a living. 


That moment when you feel his cock explode with orgasmic delight is the reward for a job well done. Watch these CockyBoys expertly milk and drain their partner's cocks from beginning to end - making sure to savor and enjoy every inch of their firm, hard, sexy bodies, dripping in sweat, each good to the last drop.

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