Lesbian News Anchors

Lesbian News Anchors

Overview: The lesbian-centric Gamma studio Girlsway presents three scenes from its catalogue that showcase some of the most popular girl/girl talent in the industry.

“The Biology Professor” (Charlotte Stokely and Emily Willis):

Reigning XBIZ Female Performer of the Year Emily Willis plays a struggling biology student looking for help in this Girlsway scene. And Charlotte Stokely plays Willis’ annoyed professor who is much more interested in relaxing between classes than helping a student. When Willis gets a little handsy, professor Stokely rightly admonishes her, but when Willis threatens to tell the dean that it was Stokely who overstepped teacher/student relationship boundaries, the beleaguered professor must submit to Willis’s advances to protect her job.

This is really a dream pairing as Charlotte and Emily are two of the prettiest performers working today. It’s a nice look back in time at Willis who was relatively new to the business when this scene was shot. The slow game of watching Emily coerce Charlotte’s desire to the surface is fun, and once Charlotte stops resisting, the temperature gets turned up big time. She goes to town on Emily’s pussy mercilessly, flicking her tongue across the young woman’s clit like a squirrel gobbling a nut. The best moment of the scene occurs when Charlotte settles her pussy onto Emily’s face while the camera captures her gorgeous ass from behind. Holy smokes!

“Lesbian News Anchors” (Whitney Wright and Natasha Nice):

Girlsway News Network anchor Whitney Wright has catapulted the network’s ratings into the stratosphere with her talent, charisma and good looks. Network CEO Bree Mills is loving the recent success and expects rookie anchor Natasha Nice to keep the momentum going during her upcoming live broadcast. Natasha is understandably nervous, but Whitney assures her she’ll do fine. Whitney then whispers to Natasha that she’d like to get sexual with her much to the young anchor’s excitement. What Natasha doesn’t expect is for Whitney to take her up on her offer during her broadcast! With Whitney furiously rubbing her pussy through her pants under the desk, Natasha has an intense orgasm on camera during her segment. Luckily Mills is impressed with her performance meaning she gets to keep her job. With an extended break between segments, Whitney decides she wants to finish what she started. Natasha is very pretty and she’s got an amazing set of tits. Any project she’s a part of is instantly elevated by her sexual presence. These ladies look fantastic together and there’s plenty of muff slurping to set the audience’s libido into overdrive. From the table to the floor, it’s all tongues lashing clits hungrily and the 69 is the perfect way to cap off this lewd encounter.

“The Exception List” (Jade Baker, Gianna Dior, and Adriana Chechik):

Adriana Chechik recounts an actual story from her past in this final scene. While scouting for a location, she gets turned around on an isolated road with no cell service. She pulls over hoping to find a bit of service when two fans approach and recognize her. They reveal that she’s on the top of their “exception list” which is a list of porn stars the couple is allowed to fuck without the other considering it cheating. Coincidently, Chechik tops both their lists. A flattered Adriana offers to make their fantasies come true and the tryst is afoot! Between Adriana’s furious fingering and Gianna’s relentless tonguing, Jade just about expires in her pleasure. Adriana gets her fill with Jade and Gianna filling both her holes with their tongues in a crazy hot sequence, and Gianna grinds herself to pleasureville with an intense scissor on Jade’s aching snatch.

This is a nice collection that features a great cast. Each scene is strong both sexually and narratively and the performers are all fully engrossed in their roles. It’s very easy to lose one’s self in the fantasies being portrayed within these scenes and that makes the sex all the more enticing.


Emily explains to Charlotte Stokely, her biology professor, that she doesn't understand the material and really needs some help. She asks her to turn to a specific chapter that she seems to be struggling with and points out the problem. Emily suggests they use what they have and asks Charlotte to stand up and extend her hands outwards. She starts groping her and slowly takes off her clothes. Natasha Nice is starting her first day on Girlsway news network and needs to make sure she doesn't blow it. Before air time, Whitney notices she's nervous and assures her that she's going to do fine, in fact, she has an idea that will calm her down; she's going to eat her pussy. When Gianna and Jade met the famous pornstar Adriana Chechik, they told her that she's #1 on both of their exception lists, which means that they agreed either one of them could bang Adriana and it wouldn't count as cheating!

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