CockyBoys ringer Mateo Vice is delectably photographed for the box cover art; however, the title isn’t a showcase for his considerable erotic charm. He appears in the first of a quartet of scenes shot through with CockyBoys’ customary focus on dreamy sensuality, sun-dappled hookups and friendly sexual chemistry.

Vice is lean and dark-haired with piercings, body ink and an appealing puppyish magnetism that translates like gangbusters on camera; he’s a good match for the taller, boyishly handsome Kuper. The latter looks like a college jock but his wholesome features belie his up-for-anything vibe and an intensity that meshes perfectly with Vice. They flirt and frolic on the beach until they move indoors and their sex slowly builds to a passionate climax.

Peter Pounder is 21, lean and cute, blond and blue-eyed. He clearly enjoys smooching on model-handsome Cory Kane and sucking down as much as he can handle of his new buddy’s thick, plus-sized rocket. Pounder groans pleasurably as Kane throws a solid fuck into his tight bum and then flip-fucks for a pile-driving bang.

A similar dynamic is at play between lookalikes Ben Masters and 20-year-old Damien Grey, which is the latter’s onscreen debut. They appear to share genuine chemistry as they kiss and trade enjoyable blowjobs and as Masters preps Grey’s hole. As they sweatily fuck, the two young studs generate a rhythmic chemistry that is a turn-on.

Ricky Roman and Allen King are both top-notch performers; they’re into each other and welcome the sexual attention. Roman’s inked and handsome and shares a dominant vibe with King, a dreamboat with a compact, tight physique and a cocky (pardon the pun) demeanor that really blossoms when he has a sexual partner who pays attention and can keep up. Their erotic connection really comes through in spades.


Good-looking, sweet smiled Mateo Vice describes himself as a laid back guy, a lover of food, anime, club music, and the great outdoors. Because he lives in Utah you might think of Mateo as clean-cut vanilla type. But Mateo is also sexy and sexual with a hard edge. Mateo leads a cast of other boys that all have a sexy streak to them.

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