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Abigail (Ana Foxxx) and Parker (Derrick Pierce), alongside Jacob (Small Hands) and Eva (Kira Noir), are two couples navigating the waters of open relationships. While Abigail and Parker have been sailing the proverbial rapids for quite some time, Jacob and Eva are relatively new to the lifestyle. Their worlds collide through happenstance and the result is a deeply personal look at what it can be like to be in an open relationship, including the liberating sense of freedom and the perils of sharing such a level of intimacy when the emotional connection isn’t there.

“Primary” is the latest big production from Barcelona native Erika Lust’s newly minted U.S. based studio Lust Cinema. In a calculated show of confidence, Lust tapped the talented Casey Calvert to helm her new studio’s feature film, and spared no expense to allow Calvert to bring her vision to life. You are going to find high production value, an all-star cast and a compelling storytelling in a self-described Netflix-style serial designed to hook the viewer and keep them coming back for more.

If you are watching this series and someone walks in at the right time, they’ll be hard-pressed to deduce the adult nature of the show. It looks that good. I also want to commend Calvert for casting two black leads in such a monumental project. Ana Foxxx is one of the best talents working in adult today, and I have been calling for Kira Noir to be cast in more adult movies with major acting opportunities since 2017 when she exploded onto the feature scene in impressive fashion.

Each episode of the series (six in all) runs between 30-45 minutes, but there’s a ton of exposition in each episode that impacts future episodes. You definitely don’t want to miss any of them. The show opens with Abigail and Jacob meeting for a meet-cute style food truck date. Their banter feels natural and it genuinely brought a smile to my face to watch them interact. We are congruently introduced to Parker and Melissa (Penny Pax) who are enjoying their own dinner (of a much more fancy variety) somewhere else in the city.

I love stories that occur simultaneously like this as it presents a ton of opportunity for narrative parallels and character comparisons. As the night comes to an end, the audience experiences its first shock of the film as Abigail brings Jacob back to her place for some kinky fun, only to walk in on Parker and Melissa doing the same thing. Abigail and Parker apologize to each other, and it is at that point the audience realizes they know each other and even though the interruption was unexpected, the fact that they both appear to be fucking someone other than each other is not. It’s a very cool “wait, what the heck is going on” moment.

Parker and Melissa don’t let the momentary distraction deter them, and continue on with their passionate sex. Melissa is so into Parker here. Penny exudes a passion that is more than carnal lust; she’s emotionally immersing herself in the moment. Penny is such a joy to watch! She’s got great tits, a great ass and just all around is a visual pleasure. There’s a very raw moment at the conclusion of the sex that established the dynamic between Parker and Melissa that immediately makes the audience pity her.

When we are introduced to Eva, the vibe is quite different from what we see with Abigail and Parker. She’s going through all the same motions, but there’s a trepidation between her and Jacob that is just strong enough to be noticeable. After a character-building interaction at a bar, Eva hooks up with Michael Vegas back at his apartment. Again, watch Small Hands as he injects the character of Jacob with just enough discomfort to let the audience know something is off. You know it’s going to come back on the couple eventually. As for Vegas and Noir, their scene is very sensual. The 69 looks fantastic (I really love the way Vegas entangled his hands in Noir’s hair) and the joy on his face is he gazes into her eyes during the sex is almost heartwarming. There’s nothing over the top or harsh here, it’s two consenting adults having a great time enveloping themselves in each other.

The third episode opens with Abigail and an old flame (Isiah Maxwell) in the middle of some kinky fun. Holy cow does Ana look amazing riding Maxwell’s dick! When you get to this scene, just take a moment to experience the beauty of their bodies entwined together; especially the cowgirl. Wow.

As the episode progresses, the plight begins to become clear. Melissa has feelings for Parker that he doesn’t share, and Abby calls him on his reckless behavior. While the entire encounter is certainly contentious, there is an element of openness to it that Jacob and Eva don’t seem to have. Still, the tension exists and Abby turns to Jacob for a bit of escape, which itself turns into a bit of a counseling session on the most healthy way to navigate the open relationship space. Ana plays this so well. She feels wise and confident in her place regardless of the tension between her and her partner. She becomes the defacto grounding agent of the entire experience.

After a (very entertaining and realistic) escape room sequence, Eva and her date (Serena Blair) convince Abby to join them at Serena’s place for a lesbian threesome (to the chagrin of Jacob). This scene is quite fun. Ana really goes to town on Serena’s pussy (with some fantastic camera work catching the whole thing) and Kira shows off some impressive stamina as she laps at Ana’s pussy with long, repeated licks while gazing up at her face lustily. Oh and I did very much enjoy the shot of Serena lucking Kira’s cunt from underneath while she rubbed her own snatch. Holy hot.

Things finally start to break between Jacob and Eva as their lack of communication and expectations begins to rear its head. Meanwhile, the dynamic between Parker and Abby is smooth as can be. This is such a pivotal moment in the series, as Calvert expertly weaves the tales of the two couples together. We see what happens when couples are on the same page, and what happens when couples want to be on the same page, but haven’t done the work.

A simple (but tough) conversation between Abby and Parker leads to necessary heartbreak for Melissa (great emotion from Penny here) and reconciliatory, passionate lovemaking between the couple that has their shit together. Parker takes his time loving Abby all over instead of just going straight for the goods and her body responds gratefully. There’s a connection here that can’t be broken by the rocky waters of the open relationship because they talk to each other.

Meanwhile, Eva looks for comfort in the game of inconsequential sex, and instead all she finds is poison and harsh reality. It’s a harsh, sobering moment after the warm blanket of Parker and Abby’s makeup sex. The emotional overload is in full affect. Nicely done by Calvert.

The final episode is a wonderful culmination of the journey our heroes have been on. Melissa finds out the truth of her reality from the wise Abby, while Jacob and Eva learn how to start taking their relationship to the next level. It’s hard, but it’s doable if both parties want to put in the work. And that’s ultimately the message here. This lifestyle can be fulfilling, but it’s not easy. It doesn’t just happen. Jacob and Eva don’t get to have their tender moment without the struggle, because the life they’ve chosen takes effort. It looks and seems easy to see Parker and Abby do it, but as Parker says to Melissa at one point, they’ve been doing it a long time.

But it all ends on a hopeful note. Jacob and Eva are willing to try, and they have a better understanding of what it’s going to take. It’s a really beautiful story that culminates in a super sexy fuck scene between Hands and Noir that has been building for the entire movie. The most subtly important factor is the way they communicate during the sex. It’s a lesson they’ve learned over the course of the series, and finally they put it to practice in the bedroom. The result is a very comfortable and genuine encounter that just feels right. And don’t fast forward too much or you’ll miss the creamy treat at the end!

What a great debut for Lust Cinema this is! The subject matter is relevant and handled in a real way. It’s not shy about telling the truth of this life, but it doesn’t rely on stereotypes and false narratives either. Casey Calvert has a real talent for constructing a film and the cast (especially Foxxx) does a great job bringing the story to life. I expect many successful features from the mind of Calvert and Lust Cinema moving forward and don’t be surprised to see this gem nominated come awards season!


Written and directed by Casey Calvert, Primary is a LustCinema original series that explores diverse and authentic modern day relationships. An all-star line up that includes Ana Foxx, Derrick Pierce, Kira Noir, Small Hands, Penny Pax and Michael Vegas play real millennials navigating a life of love and lust whilst breaking stereotypes about non-monogamous relationships. Each episode shows the beauty of contemporary romance through genuine storylines and incredibly arousing sex scenes. Follow two polyamorous couples who share passionate sex with their partners whilst also engaging in steamy relations with other characters as the simultaneous storylines coincide and connect. Calvert’s directorial debut is a raw, intimate and eclectic cinematic adult series that shows the pleasures and complexities of modern love.

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