Best Days of Summer

Best Days of Summer

Fan-favorite heartthrob Blake Mitchell marks his CockyBoys debut; MVP honors to frisky castmates Sean Ford and Ty Mitchell and an overall friendly, sensual vibe.

Mitchell is the epitome of the clean-cut hottie next door; he’s fit and smooth with glasses and a bemused air and a beautiful boner. He’s chatty and thoughtful in his pre-sex interview. Mitchell thoroughly takes control with slender, dark-haired and delectable Hayden Brier, who happily allows himself to be gently dominated. The camerawork, including beachside B-roll, slowly lingers over their bodies as they make love.

Clark Davis and French beefcake Chris Loan are a good physical match; both are very fit and extravagantly inked with a sensual, low-key vibe. Loan, however, is taller and brawny. He’s an intense, tactile lover and even moreso in the role of a vocally appreciative bottom for younger buck Davis, who thoroughly enjoys himself.

Small-town Canadian pups Cory Kane and Thyle Knoxx share a sweet sexual hunger; both are very lean and very hung. Knoxx is scruffy and lightly furred, while Kane is smooth with sharp cheekbones. The oral favors and assplay are particularly choice, and both play top and bottom for each other with pleasurable eagerness (at one point, Knoxx drips with sweat as he bangs a very vocal Kane).

Another well-matched pair features Sean Ford, angelically lovely with red lips and alabaster skin, in a passionate flip-fuck with Ty Mitchell, lean and sensual with an alluring butt. They share a tingly, exploratory chemistry as they take pleasure in each other, a particular feature in many CockyBoys films. Ford is a responsive, eager bottom but he’s also a strong, underrated topman who fucks with a wry smile on his lips, while Mitchell shows an appealing dominant side. (At one point, they joke about being known as “intellectual porn stars.”)


Award-winning performer, Blake Mitchell, makes his CockyBoys debut fucking the delectable Hayden Brier set in the warm, sunny backdrop of California. Sean Ford, Cory Kane & the hunky Chris Loan have their turn to play with their partners in this volume!

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