Le Garcon Scandaleux

Le Garcon Scandaleux

CockyBoys partnered with PinkX for this sumptuous, deliciously erotic trip through the gay clubs and bedrooms of Paris with a sextet of gorgeous CockyBoys stars and several French stunners. Everyone has a moment to shine, but the exceptional, angelically beautiful Sean Ford walks away with the movie tucked into the pocket of his tailored, slim-fit trousers.

Ford plays a male model with a pair of similarly sleek, boyishly handsome cronies in Ben Masters and Cory Kane. Ford delivers a carefully modulated performance, gliding coolly through bookstores and fitting rooms and exuding barely controlled exasperation with everyone around him; his slow burn in the presence of a happy-go-lucky Texan hick (Damian Grey) is a real treat.

Ford builds a fleshed-out character and the storyline appears to set him up as a twist on Valmont from “Les Liaisons dangereuses” (or “Cruel Intentions,” the film) when he proposes that he, Kane and Masters compete to find hookups the old-fashioned way by meeting prospective partners face-to-face, and without the aid of hookup apps.

However, that’s essentially where the story development ends. Carter Dane, distractingly handsome from head-to-toe, plays an American in Paris who harbors a crush on Ford; and CockyBoys marquee star Levi Karter appears in a ravenous matchup with Chris Loan, a studly slab of easygoing French beefcake that doesn’t tie in to the main plot. You won’t mind. The film is a feast for the eyes, led by a superb performance from Ford.

French Twinks star Paul Delay is a very thin, affable beauty with tousled curls and alabaster skin. Another male model, he first appears dressed in a garter belt and hosiery for a fitting and draws the eager attention of Ford and Masters; the latter hooks up with him first. Masters is a confident topman whose slight build and wide, wet eyes belie his dominant sexual demeanor. He takes full control of Delay, who is immediately compliant; the latter moans, “Oh, it’s good!” at one point.

Delay reappears later to close out the film with Ford. They are a beautiful young couple as they stroll through Paris and retire to the bedroom for a deeply intense makeout session and rub-and-tug. They fall into bed, exhausted, and engage in passionate, sensual morning sex as Ford makes love to Delay in as multiple positions, fully taking charge, powering their sexplay with an appealing dominance. And it’s easy to see how Delay’s cheerful, puppyish grin and sprightly demeanor could melt Ford’s reserve.

Carter Dane opens the film as a lonely man, wounded by heartbreak, and cultivating a shy, reserved nature. Like Ford, he delivers a terrific, carefully observed performance designed for the camera. Here’s hoping he (and Ford) have more meaty acting roles in their future.

Dane’s brawny, tanned-all-over physique is mouth-watering. He shares a bondage-spiced oral encounter with Ford that is superbly intense, and later wanders through Le Dépôt nightclub in Paris that leads to a thrilling fuck session with sullen, studly Doryann Marguet (Ford’s secret password to allow entrance into the club is funny). Their assignation was secretly arranged by Ford to provide Dane a chance to loosen up and free him himself from his inhibitions and it clearly works. Marguet utterly dominates Dane, who stays in character throughout, first for a sweaty suck-and-fuck session in a backroom, bathed in red light, that includes more bondage, then out in the starkly lit barroom, where he is roughly fucked on a stool and up against the wall. He climaxes as Marguet is slamming his ass, then kneels for a facial, relief washing across his handsome features as Marguet struts away, having been satisfied. (And it’s a serious turn-on to hear them both grumble or moan in French.)

The dom/sub theme carries over into brightly lit hookups between Cory Kane and Damian Grey, but Karter’s sex with Loan is on equal footing. Grey seems mesmerized by Kane’s thick, plus-sized sausage and delivers a superb blowjob. Kane slurpily eats him out and then slowly squeezes his rocket into Grey, who is rock-hard and begs to be splattered with cum. Meanwhile, Kane and Loan devour each other like a pair of starving men. Loan towers over Karter, physically dominating him, but Karter exudes raw erotic energy and he powers their sex session from beginning to end. Renew your passport and enjoy the trip.


CockyBoys & Pink X invite you on a trip to Paris where three models embark on sexual adventures instigated by Sean Ford, The Scandalous Boy. Seemingly aloof Sean is inspired by a famous gravestone visit to make the most of their Paris Fashion Week trip by issuing a challenge to his fellow models Cory Kane & Ben Masters. They're all to make old school sexual conquests "fairly & without restrictions, on the street & in the dark". Featuring Carter Dane, Levi Karter, Damian Grey and FrenchTwinks models Chris Loan, Paul Delay & Doryann Marguet, Le Garcon Scandaleux follows the raucous of beautiful boys in the city of Paris!

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