The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette

There might be only three scenes and three babes in this twat-to-twat feature from Girlsway Films, but it’s salmon-on-salmon feasting at its best.

Instead of a male stripper, Charlotte Stokely accidentally — or maybe not — gets a female stripper, Jade Baker, at her bachelorette party, care of her best friend Kira Noir, who’s arranged the whole event, with some sizzling results ensuing, first involving soon-to-be-wed Stokely and stripper Jade in front of all of the other girls at Char’s marital send-off. Both ladies look fantastic and suck pussy with absolute abandon, while the blonde (Stokely) and brunette (Jade) cunt-trast is a good one, indeed. Each position with the ladies rocks, even traditional missionary, as both have exquisite all-natural bods and seem like they’re totally into it. It’s also a turn-on in that the situation really does seem impromptu, with the spectating girls at the party seeming both shocked and aroused, but mostly the former.

The next day, Charlotte is freaking out at home, realizing that her friend Kira had someone videotape the party … and the girl-girl sex she had; with Kira now completely ignoring Char’s calls; Jade, in fact, shows up at Kira’s office the next day, demanding that she pay for the sex with Char being captured on video; though Jade’s more than willing to work out “a deal” if Kira doesn’t wanna pay; meaning that another sizzling strumpet-on-strumpet tryst wildly unfolds, right there in Kira’s office (even though there’s no one around), except for Kira’s sexy-looking female co-worker, who does her best to ignore the lesbo heat. Kira is so fucking horny getting her pussy licked under her desk by Jade, it’s sure to get you off. It’s even more fiery when Jade, completely nude, gets upon a sofa, spreads her legs, and lets Ana have at her dripping cunt. And, boy, does Kira dive right into that shaved whisker biscuit! It’s also a major movie moment when each girl bends over for the other eats the chick’s anus. Yeowza!

Still freaking out about sucking pussy and Kira having filmed a video of it, Charlotte finally goes over to Kira’s house (after she has been ignoring her phone calls and texts for days now) and winds up getting down and dirty with the black beauty. Kira just doesn’t buy that Char is really into getting married to a dude. We also find out that Kira most definitely planned having a female rather than male stripper at Char’s bachelorette party. In turn, K starts grilling Stokely about the latter’s latent lesbian cravings, before Char breaks down and the two munch on mutual muff. Another movie highlight is seeing this second interracial coupling as each lady licks dry the other girl’s anus during doggie. Damn! Talk about apocalyptic anus-eating. Yes!

If you like seeing choice pieces of female ass get it on with in-your-face close-ups, total passion and no intrusive dildos, then you’re gonna love “The Bachelorette.”


Bride-to-be Charlotte Stokely is ready to shrug off all her inhibitions and have the time of her life at her bachelorette party. This is Charlotte's last night of fun before she gets married and she's counting on enjoying EVERY minute of it. But what she DIDN'T count on was getting swept away on a wave of desire by the night's entertainment, the luscious and exotic Jade Baker.

The next morning, as memories of the party come flooding back to a stunned Charlotte, she realizes that not only did she betray her future husband for one night of passion with Jade . . . but as her friends looked on in shock, Charlotte's best friend Kira Noir may have FILMED the whole illicit encounter! So as the clock ticks down to her impending marriage, it's a race against time for Charlotte to find Kira before Kira exposes her darkest secret and places the bride-to-be's entire future in jeopardy. But as Charlotte will soon find out, Kira has a secret of her own, a secret motive behind her betrayal that could rock their friendship to its very CORE

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