Sex, Lies and Guys

Icon Male
Sex, Lies and Guys

This four-scene collection explores familiar Icon Male themes of men on the down-low and younger guys crushing on older dudes. Three of the four hookups showcase the terrific Mason Lear, a dark-haired, lightly furred otter with sleepy eyed charm and slow-burn sexual charisma.

Lear works up the courage to confront his hetero-flexible roommate, Lance Hart, about Hart’s same-sex cravings. Hart tosses him onto the bed and they’re soon making out. Both men are dialed-in, sensual performers. Assplay, oral favors, kissing and body contact exude a spark of chemistry. Lear jacks a good load from his rock-hard boner that juts upward with a fierce curve.

Adam Awbride, young and bashful with puppy dog eyes, sensual lips and a lean physique, has the hots for his teacher, an older guy with a lean, muscled physique and gruff demeanor. They’re quickly banging on the couch. A pleased grin never leaves Awbride’s face; Steele is in charge and he knows what to do with the young stud. Their kissing is quite sensual and Awbride appears to particularly enjoy sucking down the older man’s plus-sized boner. Steele grumbles with pleasure throughout and jams his meat into the pup and brings himself to climax. A treat for fans of older men/younger dudes.

Austin Chapman and Lear are closer in age but the older/younger dynamic is still in play. Chapman, very lean and angular, is a terrific bottom who blossoms with a topman who can take charge. He and Lear make out, keep eye contact, exchange wet blowjobs and flip into a pleasurable 69. Their fucking around the bed in various positions crackles with heat; both men appear to enjoy bringing each other off, and Chapman pops his load as he’s being fucked.

Lear recurs opposite Brian Bonds as secret lovers who don’t want to part ways. The men — a real-life couple who famously became engaged last year at the conclusion of a gangbang film shoot — kiss and suck each other’s cocks, play with their balls, and more, with practiced, sensual ease. Watch as they moan and throw their heads back, eyes rolling up into their heads with pleasure. Lear plays topman for a third time and he and Bonds are nicely in sync; they even cum together to close out their hookup.


Everyone lies from time to time, but some guys will tell any tall tale to get the sex they need from a hot man. Creepy Mason Lear moves in on naive twink Austin Chapman, manipulating his way into the nervous young blonde's pants. College professor Dallas Steele is hit on by sexy student Adam Awbride, who pulls out all the stops to seduce his scorching hot older teacher. Gorgeous Lance Lear and Lance Hart round out an all star cast of hard bodied adult stars who long to feel another man's hard, throbbing cock deep inside of them!

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