The Stepfather 7

Icon Male
The Stepfather 7

Four duos featuring an older horndog confidently showing a younger, curious stud the pleasures of the flesh. The heat between Lance Charger and inked Zak Bishop, as well as Dominic Pacifico and wholesomely beautiful Logan Aarons, are highlights and worth a rewind or two. Joel Someone yet again demonstrates his talents as a performer.

Silver muscle bear Charger reveals to curious stepson Bishop that his previous divorce was due to his hooking up with his ex-wife’s son; Bishop can’t resist the temptation to make history repeat itself. He’s lean, smooth and heavily inked; fans of older/younger men together, as well as opposite body types, will be pleased. Bishop worships his older partner’s aching boner, while Charger snacks with clear pleasure on the pup’s tight chute. He really knows how to confidently seduce a younger man; Bishop is reduced to a puddle and blasts out a volley of cum as he’s being fucked; Charger licks it up and uses it for lube to bring himself to climax. It’s a very strong scene.

Bearded Pacifico, an alluring side of beef squeezed into a tight black muscle shirt and jeans, slyly reveals his bisexuality to innocently curious stepson Aarons, who is blond and blue-eyed with a smooth, inked torso and adorable dimples. He chomps on Pacifico’s cock and gasps with shocked pleasure as the older man rubs his beard over his sensitive chute. But Aarons really comes alive as he’s riding Pacifico reverse-cowboy, and then gets fucked on his back; he blasts out a full-body orgasm that seems to catch him by surprise with its intensity. For his part, Pacifico grunts with satisfaction as he gives the younger stud a creampie.

A tryst between burly coach Draven Navarro and his younger player Someone doesn’t have a stepfather theme; there is, however, an appealing Dom/sub vibe as Someone’s character comes out as both gay and sexually inexperienced, and Navarro offers to teach him about man-on-man fucking. Someone is an authentically talented actor (and his surname is perfection); he artfully delivers his dialogue and believably portrays someone who is sucking his first dick and having his hole prepped to be penetrated for the first time. As ever, Navarro is an amiable horndog and keeps the dirty talk and feedback flowing throughout their sexplay.

Pacifico, bulging delectably out of his gym shorts, returns for a second scene (as a different character) and learns that his shy stepson has been blowing off their workouts because the testosterone in the gym unexpectedly turns him on. After a few long minutes of awkward dialogue, he gently leads the slender, smooth twink through an extended bout of exchanged oral favors, some fingering and a fuck session with an aggressive edge, and delivers a grunting, groaning orgasm that paints the younger man’s balls and hole with seed.


Ricky Greenwood directs the next installment of Icon Male's older/younger taboo series. The Stepfather 7 features stud Dominic Pacifico as the go-to daddy, as well as an incredible sexual pairing between muscle stud Draven Navarro and Joel Someone.

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