A Man in Uniform

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A Man in Uniform

Four passionate hookups featuring a grumpy doctor and his patient, a pair of Navy officers in their dress whites giving into their passion and sets of firefighters and military men relieving stress. It’s a very strong cast without a clunker in the bunch but MVP honors to the superb pairing of Dante Colle and Pierce Paris.

Low, seemingly natural light and fluid camerawork and editing support the intimacy and chemistry between the men and keeps the sexplay flowing at a natural pace.

Scruffy, inked Chris Damned has his doctoring business interrupted with Greyson Harper’s injured knee. The latter is a wholesomely handsome jock with a bubble butt and the pair are antagonistic until doc begins a thorough exam that leads to traded blowjobs and a sweaty, vigorous fuck right there on the narrow exam table. They generate a surprising head of steam as they begin to bang; Damned is an aggressive, focused topman and Harper appears to catch that intense vibe. He jerks out a cumshot as he rides Damned, while the latter blasts out a few ropes as he bellows and groans.

Colle and Paris are dreamily handsome in their dress whites as they find themselves bunked in the same bedroom; they also happen to be stepbrothers. They share a friendly chemistry but Paris is oblivious to Colle’s true feelings until the latter steals a kiss and comprehension dawns. They struggle out of their uniforms as they trade passionate kisses. Shared blowjobs are fantastic; both guys really know what they’re doing and they remain focused on each other’s pleasure, especially as they move to lovemaking with Colle on top. Paris remains responsive to Colle’s moves and they both cum as they’re fucking and kiss again in the afterglow.

Jimmy Fit and JJ Knight are alone in the locker room in their firefighter gear and express a need to work off their adrenaline. Fit is younger and lean with an impressive eight-pack, while Knight is a muscular, sexy and confident older stud. The sight of Knight’s thick python flopping out of his uniform is eye-popping and they begin to jerk each other off, moving closer and closer to taking things to the next level. Fit finally goes down on Knight and admirably crams as much thick meat as he can into his mouth. The topman plays particular attention to Fit’s stretchable chute as they move slowly and inevitably to fucking. Knight is a careful lover until they find a rhythm and then he really goes to town; Fit is a compliant bottom and impressively keeps up.

Nick Fitt is stripping out of his uniform after getting fired when Isaac X offers to help whip him back into fighting form. A pleasurable Dom/sub scenario plays out until they decide to switch roles and flip-fuck. Isaac takes on the role of a dominant top easily and works through Fitt’s more reserved nature; Isaac’s spit-soaked oral skills are particularly choice. He’s also a strong topman, but he and Fitt really find their natural groove when they flip roles. Fitt blasts out a good cumshot but Isaac’s wet climax is a real gusher that keeps flowing. As with the Chris Damned and Greyson Harper pairing, their chemistry steadily builds to an unexpected level of heat.


Who doesnt love a hot, sexy man in uniform? Director Ricky Greenwood brings the heat in this latest release, with a hot doctor getting it on with his stepson, gorgeous firemen relieving some stress, hunky military men getting hot & heavy, and a sexy police officer teaching his stepson a lesson!

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