A Stepbrother's Obsession 3

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A Stepbrother's Obsession 3

Three duos, plus one threesome, explore quasi-reluctant stepbrothers as they decide to explore their sexual attraction. Attentive camerawork (Buddy Light, Manny Bucks) and editing (Sean Aitch) keep the action flowing at a brisk pace. MVP honors to newcomer Tony Genius and the powerhouse pairing of Pierce Paris and Michael Boston.

Tony Genius wisely advises his stepbrother, abs-tastic Adrian Hart, that jerking off in the breakroom at work was a dumb idea. He is unsurprised that Hart was subsequently fired and offers to help Hart relieve his pent-up sexual frustration.

Genius is a talent to watch; he’s handsome with a broad smile, natural charisma and a facility with dialogue. He and Hart work up a passionate head of steam, although Genius drives the action forward with expert blowjobs, assplay and responsive moans and groans to encourage Hart.

Nick Fitt struts around in nothing but a towel and gently teases his stepbrother, Jim Fit, who is closeted and sexually inexperienced. Fitt also advises Fit to work out more often, which is hilarious given Fit (with one “T”) is built like an Olympic swimmer with smooth, flawless skin.

Fit (with one “T”) also takes to cock like the skilled pro that he is and fully powers his hookup with Fitt, delivering a top blowjob and then easily bending into various positions to ride Fitt’s cock. He furiously jerks out a load onto his ridged abs, while Fitt builds to a sweaty climax of his own.

A real clash of the titans pits 2022 XBIZ Gay Performer of the Year Boston against the 2020 XBIZ Gay Performer of the Year Paris.

Paris is a genuinely funny comedian who can spin dialogue handily. The stepbrothers tease each other and explore their bubbling sexual chemistry; Boston, especially, lends a sexy swagger to the action and confidently takes charge by slavishly slurping Paris’ plus-sized boner and low-hanging balls with obvious relish.

The men maintain eye contact, smiling and exploring each other’s bodies and muttering to each other. Paris preps Boston’s prize-winning ass for a thorough dicking-down; Boston easily keeps up and bellows loudly as he cums while he’s being fucked; Paris drops a load onto him from above.

The closing threesome opens with slim, adorable twink Des Irez scarfing candy and playing video games. He’s wearing a pair of cutoff jeans shorts and a jock strap and ignores Drew Sebastian as he enters the room with a massive, straining boner. Athletically built dreamboat Zeno Rey soon shows up to help grab Irez’s attention.

Irez finally sucks on Rey’s boner, then moves over to give attention to Sebastian’s thick meat. Both studs take their turns stuffing Irez’s tight little bubble butt, with Sebastian grunting in pleasure. Rey also decides he wants some time on Sebastian’s fat boner, too, as the fucking takes a more intimate, passionate turn. They eventually pull a train of sorts as Sebastian fucks Rey, who has Irez bouncing on his boner. Sebastian and Rey close out the threesome by splattering the twink’s smooth chest and cute features with copious ropes of seed.


Just another normal family with more dark twists, turns, and compulsive behavior. Stepbrothers united only by their parents marriage push family limits to the core. Cover models star in A Stepbrother's Obsession 3 for director Ricky Greenwood, who brings you this tale of jealousy, family struggles, secrets, and lustful desires.

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