Cade Has a Big Fat Dick

Cade Has a Big Fat Dick

Four choice duos featuring a quartet of hung CockyBoys studs, rather than a showcase for title star Cade Maddox, who looks impossibly stunning in the box art. The matchups are bucolic and charming with CockyBoys’ customary attentive camerawork and a focus on languid romance and friendly connection.

Grayson Lange is lounging nude in a pool outside a stylishly empty home and has almost finished seductively sucking on a red, white and blue ice pop when Maddox appears and offers his gorgeous, thick boner as an alternative. Lange is very slim and pale with beautiful, dark puppyish eyes and a mildly naughty demeanor. They are a delectable pair of physical opposites. Their sexplay is measured and sensual; at one point, Maddox is eating out Lange and then lifts him straight up, in the same position, allowing Lange to suck his cock while Maddox continues diving into his sweet hole.

In a charming prelude to Ethan Slade’s hookup with Josh Moore, he chats amiably and relates sex tips and tricks, including how to take an oversized dick. Moore definitely qualifies. The trim muscled, scruffy and inked Brit is a sensual, attentive lover. He clearly savors ravishing a tempting bubble butt like Slade’s. Their oral favors and assplay are choice, but the men really generate steam heat as they fuck; Moore slowly works his boner into Slade’s chute and then builds to a pile-driving rhythm; Slade, for his part, easily keeps up with Moore and takes control, fucking himself with Moore’s cock. The latter jerks out a wet, splattery load all over Slade’s trim torso and cute face.

Like Lange, Ben Masters is slim and pale with expressive, dark eyes. His placid demeanor belies a fervent sexual appetite. He is paired with Sean Zevran, an eye-popping hunk and the 2017 XBIZ Awards winner for Gay Performer of the Year. Masters, in a camera interview, talks about how he prefers to keep control in the sack, but admits he is perfectly willing to allow Zevran to do whatever he wants with his body. The topman is bald and scruffy with a furred chest and a confident demeanor. The focus is on sensual body contact and connection as Zevran preps Masters’ butt and throws a solid fuck into the young pup. Their sexplay has a pleasingly playful dom/sub edge to it.

Troy Accola and Justin Matthews eye each other at a poolside party populated by the CockyBoys repertory company. Blue-eyed Accola is slim and fit, while clean-cut Matthews is built like a fratboy soccer or rugby player. Their hookup crackles with seemingly genuine attraction as they move through kisses, assplay and into fucking. They murmur appreciation to each other as they bang; Matthews grips Accola’s cock as they are fucking and jacks him to orgasm, then blasts a prodigious cumshot that coats Accola’s torso with seed.


A tall and handsome Southern gentleman with a near-perfect sculpted physique, Cade Maddox is a lot more playful than his serious look intimates. You can see this in his eyes and charming smile and spontaneity. His cock, though, does mean business. He's joined by Justin Matthews, Sean Zevran and Josh Moore in a volume featuring all big-dicked studs.

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