The Roommate

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The Roommate

Cameron Taylor, thrown out by his parents, is invited to crash on the couch of his former gym teacher, Cade Maddox. Taylor is very slim and handsome, with a plus-sized boner, while gorgeous, dark-haired Maddox sports a superb, muscled-all-over physique. They decide to act on their long-denied attraction for each other. Kissing is tentative, at first, but Taylor relaxes as he clearly takes delight in exploring Maddox all over, with hands and lips. He blows Maddox, who mutters about how good Taylor’s mouth feels, and submits to a bit of assplay. The fucking picks up steam as Taylor’s tight hole relaxes and they move through several positions, until Maddox can deep-fuck him, side-by-side, on the couch, ending in a sweaty cumshot.

Jett Rink, a lean, lightly furry otter with an appealingly bashful demeanor, is sleeping on the couch of his former brother-in-law, a burly Michael Roman who bulges very attractively in his extremely tight jeans and shirt. Their sexplay picks up steam, once again, as they move tentatively though a makeout session and blowjobs; although Roman seems to enjoy being led through their sexplay, he is a dominant bottom and his passion appears to ramp up Rink’s intensity.

Rink returns (as a different character, presumably) to instruct Taylor (also playing someone new, one assumes) in a few house rules. They’re cranky with each other and a standoff ends in a wrestling match on Taylor’s bed, where he overpowers Rink — who didn’t put up much of a fight, to be honest — and takes the lead in their hookup. Taylor’s youthful good looks and slim build belie a dominant topman’s demeanor; it would be worth exploring what he could do with a kinkier dom/sub scenario. They appear to share genuine chemistry as Taylor helps himself to Rink, stripping off their shirts, exploring his body, briefly gripping both of their boners in his hand to jack them together and then fucking Rink. He pile-drives the older man, grinning devilishly and maintaining eye contact until Rink jacks out a load onto his abs, then firmly repositions Rink to blow his own wad.

Roman, returning from the second scene, is paired with spunky pup Austin Chapman. The latter, like Taylor, is very slim, smooth and boyishly adorable. Fans of older/younger dudes should enjoy the bearded and muscular Roman — sporting more very tight pants and a T-shirt that clings to his torso — doing the suck-and-fuck with a cute younger guy. They also seem to share real physical attraction, particularly as they progress to fucking. Chapman gasps as Roman penetrates him — nevertheless remaining rock-hard — and visibly relaxes as his body adjusts, moaning and encouraging the older man with praise about how good it feels.


Written & Directed by Nica Noelle. When life takes as unexpected turn, Cameron Taylor finds himself moving into Cade Maddox's place for a while, that is until Cameron confesses the intense feelings he has for him. Roommates Jett Rink and Michael Roman reminisce about a secret kiss that they shared five years ago, realizing they have some unfinished business that needs to be handled. Michael Roman cannot contain the lust he has for his roommate Austin Chapman and will do everything he can to seduce him. Step-brothers Jett Rink and Cameron Taylor are not happy about being roommates, until it's time to kiss and make up passionately.

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