Schoolboy Fantasies 5: My College Years

Icon Male
Schoolboy Fantasies 5: My College Years

Icon Male’s horny schoolboy series continues with a showcase for rising star Dane Colle. The scruffily handsome newcomer with the puppyish demeanor appears in all four scenes and shows off his abundant charisma and charm, among other impressive attributes.

The lightly plotted storyline has Colle proving to his classmates he’s not homophobic or even entirely straight. He’s paired with adorably baby-faced Ian Levine in which he takes charge in a gently assuring way. He lightly fondles Levine, cups his bubble butt and then softly kisses him and asks, “Would a homophobic guy do that?” Levine is thoroughly convinced and gives in to a sweet, passionate encounter.

He later encounters JD Phoenix and the two arrange a study session, but the latter had also made assumptions about Colle, based on his attitude and alleged demeanor (an amusing plot point, because Colle, as a performer, is nothing but affable and friendly). They’re barely in the door before the two young men are all over each other. They fall into bed, struggling to pull off their clothes, getting tangled in their jackets and shirts as they kiss, trade blowjobs and fuck, Colle on top, with an almost frantic, highly erotic intensity.

Elsewhere, Colle explains the fall of the Roman Empire to Michael Delray, who is mainly interested in when his tutor is going to dump his girlfriend. They have an awkward conversation about it and then the guys strip off their clothes and have a slow, sweet lovemaking session on the couch. Delray — lean with sensual lips and a thick pompadour — plays topman to Colle, who clearly enjoys the personal service. He groans and gasps and climaxes quickly when Delay slides his plus-sized boner into his butt; he later jacks out a second, intense orgasm after Delay has enjoyed himself a bit longer.

Colle isn’t quite satiated, though, and tumbles into bed with yet another mentee, Troy Accola. The latter is another lean, sensual pup and expert oralist whose cocksucking skills obviously impress his tutor. Like Colle, Accola enjoys body contact and touch, which seems to really rev his engines and preps him for lovemaking, so that he is relaxed and ready for Colle to enter him.


All bets are off when these hot young schoolboys go on a class trip together, and give each other a crash course in explosive gay sex! Sultry hot bodied Dante Colle seduces roommate Ian Levine and teaches the baby-faced student the joys of a mans body, then turns to straight buddy Michael Delray for some more male on male action. Young, athletic Troy Accola is crushing hard on Dante, so the older college boy gives the sweet teen the ride of his life, before turning his desires to bad boy JD Phoenix for a final hot, sweaty sex session. Give newcomer Dante an A for satisfying some of today's hottest gay stars all in one red-hot schoolboy fantasy!

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