Fantasy Factory — Wastelands

Fantasy Factory — Wastelands

The story behind this particular feature from Girlsway is complex and thought-provoking. In terms of the voiceover narrative at the movie’s beginning, in which the post-apocalyptic backdrop is set, I believe, from what I gathered, with androids working for the rich and are trying to establish their own freedom. Storyline aside, “Fantasy Factory Wastelands” has four steamy girl/girl scenes, sometimes featuring not three but four lusty ladies, including foxy, awesome older broads like Alexis Fawx, Abigail Mac and Cherie DeVille.

We start off with Georgia Jones getting down and dirty with Abigail Mac and (yes!) Alexis Fawx, with the latter proving herself (as usual) a total whore, be it sucking dick and getting slammed by same or (as is the case here) licking major slit, though the other two lipstick lesbians do a pretty damn good job of eating fish, as well, particularly Ms. Mac. Jones, in fact, pays to fulfill her “fantasy” in the wasteland, with Alexis “playing” her dutiful wife, and, lemme tell ya, Fawx knows how to eat salmon. Baby! She doesn’t fool around. Abigail Mac does a fine job o’ slit-lickin’, too, really getting in there and sucking those holes, while Jones is a perfect submissive under the domineering charms of these two hot women.

Next, cute blonde Kenna James does the girl/girl thing in the great post-apocalyptic outdoors with a brunette, April O’Neil, which is a more sensual affair than the previous vadge-threesome; with the hairy pie and big, natural hangin’ boobies attached to foxy O’Neil unleashed in lust-filled action, as she eats and gets eaten, especially during 69 with Kenna, as O’Neil’s juicy ass is up in the air and getting munched on for all the world to happily view.

The two scrumptious slatterns, Kenna and April, return in scene three to put in a volcanic threesome with the equally returning, and no less vadge-voracious, Abigail Mac, who really shows the younger ladies how to feast on feminine parts, with a true highlight being each girl, one below and one above, licking Mac’s cunt and ass, respectively/simultaneously, while Ms. Mac is majorly bent over. Whew!

And the true showstopping scene is the final one, where we get four freaky felines feasting like there’s no tomorrow on each other in this dystopian wasteland (of tomorrow!), with extra high points going to Cherie DeVille for being such a total cougar when it comes to tasting twat. There’s also a pretty hot-and-horny daisy chain, which fans of lesbo lovin’ will certainly love. But it’s DeVille and her tight, exquisite bod, as well as her hungry-like-the-wolf appetite for catfish which’ll keep your dick hard, for a little while, that is, until you inevitably blast batter into yer fist.

With an intriguing plotline and sci-fi feature production values, the sequel to “Fantasy Factory” is supercharged with scorcing girl-girl sex and definitely worth checking out, especially for the cuntly activity of veteran sluts Mac, Fawx and DeVille.


Girlsway's director Stills by Alan returns with Girlsway's most ambitious feature to date, Fantasy Factory: Wastelands. Written by Stills By Alan and produced by Bree Mills, this lesbian feature casts Girlsway Girls of the Month; Abigail Mac, Georgia Jones, Alexis Fawx, Kenna James, Girl of the Year - April O'Neil, and Cherie DeVille. Some executing recurring roles, along with Girlsway's award winning visual effects, favorite locations, and incredible lesbian sex.

Fantasy Factory: Wastelands focuses on the story of a sentient Android Kenna James and, after being rescued by Dr. April O;Neil who accidentally hit Kenna with her car, begins a quest to earn her right to consent. Trying to make sense of Kenna's unexplained humanity, April falls deeply in love with Kenna. But, not long after, Abigail Mac storms in to abduct Kenna into the custody of the Girlsway Corporation run by Cherie DeVille to be used in their now world famous Fantasy Factory. But will her emotional intelligence prove her right to consent, or will Ms. DeVille toy with her emotions and commit Kenna to a life fulfilling lesbian Fantasies?

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