One Erection: The Un-Making of a Boy Band

One Erection: The Un-Making of a Boy Band

This two-disc, four-hour epic from Jake Jaxson's New York-based CockyBoys and legendary helmer Chi Chi LaRue won the XBIZ Award for Best Gay Movie. A witty parody of boy bands, the comedy flick is populated with top performers from the CockyBoys repertory company, primarily sexy young bucks Tayte Hanson, Levi Karter, Allen King, Liam Riley and Kody Stewart.

The actual film is comprised of five separate vignettes (originally released online). With a four-hours-plus total running time, each of the five CockyBoys hotties has their moment in the spotlight. Heavily accented Spaniard Allen King is shyly adorable and shares tender, sensual chemistry with intense Levi Karter, who is compact and naturally sympathetic.

Meanwhile, Kody Stewart, very slender and handsome, has an amusing stoner deadpan. Tayte Hanson is a wondrous performer, blonde and dreamily good-looking with natural charisma, comic timing and genuine acting chops. Like Karter, he's also a focused, dialed-in sexual performer.

And then there's slim, pompadoured Liam Riley, the diva of the boy band, whose finger-snapping braggadocio is the comic linchpin of the whole endeavor.

Multiple cameos for comic effect include a droll Chi Chi LaRue and scene-stealing Trenton Ducati and Jaxson himself as an off-camera interviewer and documentarian who has been ostensibly hired to chronicle the adventures of a pop-culture-dominating boy band as they film a new music video and instead records their breakup.

A threesome with Ducati and a heavily inked Rikk York is anchored by Lukas Grande, blonde and red-lipped, who reveals a pitch-perfect deadpan and acquits himself superbly against a pair of sexual heavy-hitters.

Elsewhere, Tayte Hanson and Jason Maddox play a romantic couple and their bedroom chemistry is sweetly romantic. Hanson breathlessly tells Maddox what he wants him to do next; he's got the ability to make every scene partner seem like his best sex ever.

Nick Sterling is a strong-but-silent type in his leathers, puffing on a stogie, and it's no wonder Kody Stewart is entranced. Their pairing makes for an appealing daddy-boi match-up as the younger cutie literally sits on Sterling's knee and happily explores the older stud's body.

The film's best sex occurs when Levi Karter and Allen King finally have a chance to explore their chemistry. The men kiss passionately, suck each other's oversized cocks, touch and maintain eye contact, and make love with clear enjoyment.

The final grouping brings all of the boy band members together to take on strapping, rugged Colby Keller. It's to the older stud's credit that it takes five top-drawer CockyBoys to match him for sexual intensity, playfulness and focus.

LaRue and Jaxson make good use of actual street-level locations around New York City as well as Jaxson's picturesque upstate spread, tucked away in the woods. The many short character vignettes skip quickly from one plotline to the next, never lingering long. They explore the fracturing relationships between the boy band members and veer widely from outright parody to pure melodrama. The DVD package includes the band's music video for "Stickyface."


The "Boy band" parody everyone has been waiting for. Featuring their hits "Sticky Face," "A Porn Love Story," and "Popcorn."

JC Adams