Fathers & Sons, Vol. 3

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Fathers & Sons, Vol. 3


Wayward Kory Houston is sent off to a mountain retreat with Nick Capra for some father-son bonding. Soon Rodney Steele arrives with his own son Armond Rizzo and you can guess what happens next. The tagline “when fatherly love becomes forbidden lust” is potentially misleading; the dads only have eyes for each other’s horny spawn, not their own. Three duos and one quick oral vignette are helmed by Icon Male’s house director Nica Noelle.

Armond Rizzo anchors three scenes and gets quite a workout. He’s diminutive with smooth caramel skin, thick black hair and a superbly worked out, zero-body-fat physique. It’s appealing when he is dominated by much larger men like Capra or Tony Salerno; the latter’s oral vignette starts on a promising note but ends quickly.

Houston is pale and hangdog-adorable with a prominent Southern accent; Rizzo easily lures him under the sheets. Their makeout session and traded blowjobs are appealing and Houston appears to really enjoy fucking Rizzo, but their sexplay takes a hotter turn when they flip-fuck and Rizzo proves himself an intense, pile-driving topman.

His final scene with the ever-magnetic Capra is strong. Capra could get a rise out of a marble statue and the sight of the much-smaller Rizzo hungrily bouncing on Capra’s thick boner as he lies back in bed is a welcome one.

Perhaps the hottest sex occurs between Steele and Houston. They kiss with passion and fumble as they strip off their clothes as if they can’t keep their hands off each other. The terrific sexplay comes closest to the “forbidden passion” promised in the tagline.


When sultry young Joey (Kory Houston) gets suspended from school, neglectful dad Danny (Nick Capra) feels obligated to give the troubled teen some extra father-son time. The two set out for a trip to the mountains, where they encounter Danny's old college teacher, Professor Lewis (Rodney Steele) and his son Romeo (Armond Rizzo). While sensitive Joey bonds with the soft spoken, mature professor, lusty young Romeo zeroes in on charismatic Danny. Can the two young men fill their deep-seated voids with each other's dads? Fathers & Sons 3... when fatherly love becomes forbidden lust.


Jake Reburn