WIA Profile: Tori Titus-McCrobie

WIA Profile: Tori Titus-McCrobie

What happens in paradise, stays in paradise — and Tori Titus-McCrobie won’t be leaving her tropical island of career perfection anytime soon, as the longtime sales director has found her bliss selling lubricants, sex toys and condoms to fantastic folks.

In December 2022, her reputation for outstanding work performance and customer care landed her the job of sales director at Paradise, the California-based specialty adult products distributor formerly known as Paradise Marketing. Her hiring aligned with the company’s new direction to create a more personable, radiant and diverse brand.

This year, my ambition is to light a beacon for women in the industry, channeling the powerful spirit and transformative energy of the Year of the Dragon.

From devoted mother to podcaster to exec, there is seemingly nothing Titus-McCrobie can’t do in the industry she calls home. Late last year, Titus-McCrobie celebrated her one-year anniversary at Paradise. This month, we’re honoring her as WIA’s Woman of the Month.

XBIZ: How did you end up in the pleasure business?

Titus-McCrobie: It was quite the adventure! My husband Ryan was working for a store chain in Phoenix when, during a training, a chance meeting with the person who at that time owned System JO led us to make a bold decision. In our 20s, with a nine-month-old daughter in tow, we sold our house and moved to Valencia, California so we could both work for System JO. This leap into the unknown taught me the essentials of quick packing and parenting on the fly — a true testament to the adaptability of moms everywhere.

XBIZ: What was it about the sex toy industry that most drew you in?

Titus-McCrobie: My journey in the pleasure space has been a fascinating voyage, marked by a profound passion ignited by the industry itself. Curiosity and enthusiasm have always been part of who I am, but it was the industry’s vibrant community, innovative spirit, and the opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives that truly sparked a special fervor in me. The chance to work behind the scenes, as well as directly with B2B and B2C customers, and share insights on air for the podcast “All Lubed Up,” has only deepened my commitment and excitement about our collective work in enhancing sexual wellness and pleasure.

XBIZ: What approaches and lessons along the way have driven your career trajectory?

Titus-McCrobie: Building my career has involved continuous learning, adaptability and leveraging every opportunity to contribute meaningfully to a brand. My journey from initial roles to executive positions has been marked by a strong commitment to innovation, team collaboration and a deep understanding of the industry's evolving landscape. My focus on fostering relationships, both within a company and with external partners, has played a crucial role in achieving strategic goals and driving brand growth and success.

XBIZ: What led you to join the Paradise team?

Titus-McCrobie: Stepping into Paradise marked a transformative phase in my professional journey. This role allows me to leverage my skills in strategic negotiations with leading condom manufacturers to strengthen the adult retail channel significantly. My mission aligns with my passion for empowering clients to diversify their product lines with essential, consumable items such as lubricants and condoms, thereby elevating customer satisfaction and profitability. My involvement in Paradise exceeds a mere career progression; it embodies my commitment to catalyze growth, nurture a culture of innovation and help guarantee our partners’ success. This endeavor is foundational in cultivating a community of loyal customers and generating powerful, organic marketing momentum.

XBIZ: What is your main focus as sales director for Paradise?

Titus-McCrobie: My contribution to Paradise is about driving growth, fostering creativity and ensuring that our clients not only succeed but thrive. I manage the entire sales and marketing department, a challenging but rewarding solo venture that I often humorously refer to as running a department of one. This unique setup allows me to connect closely with our diverse clientele across the entire U.S. as well as extend our reach globally.

My focus has been on building and nurturing relationships with clients and stakeholders in the sexual health and wellness sector, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed their expectations. It’s been a busy yet fulfilling year, where every day presents a new opportunity to innovate and excel.

XBIZ: Have you learned any important lessons from being a woman in this industry?

Titus-McCrobie: Before joining Paradise, navigating my early career and motherhood was a challenge. When my second daughter was five months old, I found myself wrestling with the need for flexibility at work, including a private space for pumping when in the office. It wasn’t until I voiced these needs that I realized the importance of advocating for myself and other working mothers. This experience underscored the necessity of workplace accommodations for parents, a principle I carry into my role at Paradise. My journey has been about more than just personal success; it’s about forging paths for women to thrive professionally while honoring their roles outside of work.

XBIZ: Who in your life or career deserves credit for supporting and inspiring you?

Titus-McCrobie: My husband’s belief in my potential during my early days in data entry laid the foundation for my ascent to sales leadership. Ken Herskovitz was also pivotal, being the first to recognize my capabilities and encouraging me to aim higher. The entire System JO team was a source of constant support and inspiration, embodying the essence of teamwork and innovation. With Chris Von Huben, my current boss, it is about mutual encouragement, as we bring out the best in each other. Lastly, a recent reminder from Cheri Curry that it’s the Year of the Dragon has been an unexpected yet motivating gift, symbolizing power and ambition.

XBIZ: Any special ambitions for the future?

Titus-McCrobie: This year, my ambition is to light a beacon for women in the industry, channeling the powerful spirit and transformative energy of the Year of the Dragon. My goal is to embody and spread the virtues of ambition, resilience and wisdom, encouraging women to embrace challenges and step into discomfort. This bold approach is not just about personal growth; it’s about breaking barriers and fostering a supportive, diverse and mentorship-rich environment at Paradise. By doing so, I hope to inspire women to be bolder, braver and stronger, enabling them to realize their full potential and make impactful contributions to the industry.

Each month, XBIZ spotlights the career accomplishments and outstanding contributions of Women in Adult. WIA profiles offer an intimate look at the professional lives of the industry's most influential female executives.

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