Deja Vu Love Boutique Brings Las Vegas Touch to Adult Retail

Deja Vu Love Boutique Brings Las Vegas Touch to Adult Retail

It’s not a genuine trip to Sin City without popping into an adult store. Nothing concludes a night out at the clubs, casinos and bars quite like giggling at a wall of dildos with your drunk friends. Deja Vu Love Boutique, the original sister business to the Deja Vu strip clubs, hopes to be the lucky Las Vegas sex toy shop to play host to your group of revelers.

The Deja Vu group consists of over 200 adult brick-and-mortars worldwide. About half of those are Deja Vu Love Boutiques, catering to the curious couple or single, with a focus on employing knowledgeable staff and maintaining a shame-free environment. The Las Vegas team, however, has a few extra tricks up their sleeves to wow customers with the kind of high-end, fabulous "Vegas" experience you’d expect from a shop on the Strip.

Many team members have helped mold our brand into what it is today.

Megan Swartz leads the charge at Love Boutique Las Vegas as director of purchasing, a job that spans just about everything in the adult retail world, from distribution and vendor communications to team-building and educating. Swartz gives credit to “the entire chain” for creating a retail environment where her staff and customers can truly thrive and revel in the best that sex-positive adult boutiques have to offer.

“I believe Deja Vu as a whole has done a great job of raising the standards of adult retail and our Las Vegas locations have helped pave the way,” touts Swartz. An active member of the adult business community, Swartz has become synonymous with Deja Vu Love Boutique Las Vegas, and the spokesperson for the company’s ethics and values in the pleasure industry.

“Love Boutique Las Vegas exudes class, sophistication and maximum variety at every turn,” says Swartz. “Our community in Las Vegas has a great appreciation for our stores. We have very large locations that cater to all needs. Our aim is to make everyone feel comfortable and included.”

Swartz says the secret to Deja Vu Love Boutique’s success is no secret. From the moment customers walk through the doors, they are welcomed by sales associates carefully chosen to become Vegas’ most trusted sexperts and masters of the sale.

“We focus on catering to every guest regardless of background by employing only the best-trained team in the industry,” says Swartz. “We really look for team members who are trainable, moldable team players. If you can’t sell and upsell, then you won’t be a fit. Our initial training program takes many weeks, and it is very rigorous in addition to our monthly training sessions and daily coaching.”

Whoever makes the cut is promised a fulfilling role on the LV Love Boutique team, where every member matters in catering to a diverse group of consumers.

“Many team members have helped mold our brand into what it is today,” says Swartz. “We believe in extraordinary customer service, and our whole team exemplifies that. There are many standout members, but when it comes to comfort and education, Silvia Sandoval is by far one of the best our company has to offer. Silvia can make any guest feel comfortable. With her wealth of product knowledge, she makes sure every guest leaves our store with the proper education on products that will suit them.”

A road trip through the Stratosphere area — the northwest section of the Las Vegas strip, named for the area’s famous, eponymous observation tower, hotel and casino — isn’t complete without a stop at Love Boutique, even if you don’t exit with a vibrator. In fact, the Deja Vu family of businesses could easily fill up an entire day during your next Vegas vacation.

“My location is unique because it offers additional services outside of retail, such as our pole fitness studio, Crash Academy. We also offer adult-themed escape rooms, Escape Vegas XXX,” says Swartz. “The boutique is attached to our gentlemen’s club, Deja Vu Showgirls, and also shares the property with the Erotic Heritage Museum.”

The Crash Academy dance studio offers the full menu of pro showgirl-worthy offerings, like pole classes for fitness, skill and flexibility, and introductions to the Lyra hoop and aerial silks, all taught by expert instructors.

Ladies’ night events and girls’ nights out, bachelorette parties and even divorce parties — because why not, it’s Vegas? — can also book private sessions. No matter who’s in your soiree, Crash Academy promises guests that they’ll learn a full dance routine that’s a fit for all body types and fitness levels, ages and genders, along with a few saucy moves they can take home to a partner.

When guests have run the gamut of performance-style fitness, they can try their luck at solving the nation’s only adult-oriented escape challenge. Located right inside the boutique, Escape Vegas XXX hosts two escape room party options with decidedly Strip-esque themes of sex and drugs.

In “Mr. Grey’s Red Room of Pain,” mystery solvers take on the case of the tied-up Anastasia Grey, who’s discovered bound at Mr. Grey’s estate, just minutes after placing a disturbing phone call to her friends. Party-goers must free Ana from her ropes to win.

Fans of stoner humor are asked to find the antidote to a poisoned strain of cannabis in “Reefer Madness,” a team puzzle that gives guests an hour to get the cure into the hands of a doctor before concluding their evening.

“We feel these two concepts within our 45,000-square-foot superstore makes our store very unique,” Swartz said, “in addition to its claim as the largest adult store in the world!”

At press time, Swartz is looking forward to her two-decade milestone with the Love Boutique chain.

“I began my career with Deja Vu straight out of high school and will be celebrating my 20th anniversary in a few weeks,” she said. “I have always loved this company because of the people I work for. From the moment I met the owner, I knew I was in a great place where the opportunity for growth and creative freedom was evident.”

She reveals that in the wake of COVID regulations, her store bounced right back to normal and overflowed with customers as soon as it reopened. Despite 2021’s pandemic fluctuations and some minor staffing issues, Swartz says, the LV Love Boutique ended the year on a high note with strong sales numbers.

“I have been fortunate to work at multiple locations throughout the years, learning invaluable lessons that have shaped me into who I am today. Each location brought new obstacles, but I embrace changes and challenges,” explains Swartz. “Recently, I have shifted my focus to distribution and vendor relations to secure the best possible deals and service for the buying power we possess.”

Next up, Swartz and her team are prepping for the return of Love Boutique’s annual carnival, a customer appreciation evening of games and prizes that drew 400 attendees in 2019.

As the Vegas Strip returns to full swing with tourists, regulars and all characters in between, Megan Swartz and the Deja Vu Love Boutique pleasure experts will happily remain a staple of the Sin City experience.

“We have all seen how the world can shift in an instant. But our industry has faced many challenges through the years and will continue to adapt and evolve,” Swartz concludes. “We hope to see growth and success with all our colleagues and competitors alike.”

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