WIA Profile: Kyle Tutino

WIA Profile: Kyle Tutino

Each month, XBIZ spotlights the career accomplishments and outstanding contributions of Women in Adult. WIA profiles offer an intimate look at the professional lives of the industry's most influential female executives.

If you're standing on tiptoes to try to catch the view from the top, just ask Kyle Tutino what it looks like. From her purchasing director's office in Los Angeles, America's sex toy hub, Tutino has a bird's-eye perspective on the entire pleasure products industry.

It is great to see women rising in the adult space and there is still so much more we can accomplish.

At this point in her veteran-level career, Tutino is synonymous with Honey's Place distributors. As director of purchasing and right-hand woman to company president Bonnie Feingold, Tutino is responsible for decisions that affect and influence the retailers that Honey’s Place serves, the manufacturers that the company works with, and more. Tutino's consistent dedication has undoubtedly been an undoubtedly a big factor behind the rise of Honey's Place from locally-loved warehouse to international distributor and vibrator manufacturer.

Under Tutino's guidance, Honey's Place recently launched Viben, the company's debut line of vibrating sex toys curated “by women, for women.” And now she is set on spreading is excited to further spread her personal and professional mission of self-love and sexual wellness with the expansion of the Viben line into 2022.

Though she needs no introduction in this tight-knit industry, we're proud to give Kyle Tutino her “propers” as this month's celebrated Woman in Adult.

XBIZ: After 2020's wildly unpredictable market, how's the “view” from atop Honey's Place at the moment? Have the last couple of years thrown you and your team for a loop like the rest of us?

Tutino: After last year, we already anticipated a wild ride in 2021. This year has had some unpredictable moments, but because we were prepared, we were able to handle the challenges. The last two years we have been focusing on growing our inventory, building our sales team and improving our performance and efficiency in the warehouse. All these things made us a stronger team and a better company.

XBIZ: You've enjoyed a lengthy career in the pleasure space. How long have you been in the industry now? And where and how did you get your foot in the door?

Tutino: In 2008, I landed a buying position with Hustler Hollywood as their lingerie buyer. Having previous experience in the fashion industry, working for a major department store allowed for a smooth transition into the pleasure world. Working in this new industry allowed me to be creative and take on new challenges as a buyer that were rewarding for my career. Through networking and meeting with industry founders, I was able to connect with Bonnie Feingold, a leader in the industry. In 2014, I left my position as the head buyer at Hustler Hollywood and was able to take on the role as the director of purchasing at Honey’s Place.

XBIZ: Were sex toys and sexual health always of interest to you?

Tutino: I’ve always had an interest in sexual health and wellness, especially anything that promotes self-love and care. I think I was attracted to the business because it was the polar opposite of where I initially came from. I worked for corporate giants like Macy’s and The Limited, which were rooted more in tradition and definitely more conservative. Once the offer presented itself with Hustler Hollywood, I became super intrigued with the role, as it allowed me to become part of an industry that was literally growing in leaps and bounds. The biggest component is that in many ways this industry is about empowering women, which means a lot to me on a personal level.

XBIZ: What do you love the most about working at Honey's Place? What keeps you motivated and happy to come into work every week?

Tutino: My role at Honey’s Place is one that I take a lot of pride in. The role is challenging, demanding and yet highly satisfying, as it allows me to have a direct impact on the business. I am super grateful that Bonnie Feingold, the CEO and president of Honey’s Place, and I have a strong working relationship. Having someone in your corner like Bonnie makes all the difference in the world, as it empowers me to be as successful as I can while supporting and growing the business, which is my number-one goal.

XBIZ: What's changed the most about Honey's Place across your years there? Which company improvements and achievements are you most proud of?

Tutino: We’ve really placed a large emphasis on specifically growing key segments of our business. We expanded our lingerie brands and assortment and now Honey's Place has one of the largest lingerie selections in the industry. We’ve also brought in many boutique toy brands to meet the demands of our customers. All of this has paid off and made Honey’s Place a top distributor in the business. One of my proudest achievements at Honey's place is contributing to the creation of Viben, our first toy line. After years of research and traveling to China, we launched Viben in January of this year. We’ve been overwhelmed by the amazing response we’ve had since our unveiling, as we really put our blood, sweat and tears into putting together a collection of powerful quality toys. We are excited for what the future has in store for Viben as we feel like this is only the beginning of many great things to come.

XBIZ: To conclude, do you have any exciting news for your customers and colleagues? What does Honey's Place have planned for the near future as we head into 2022?

Tutino: 2022 should be another exciting year for Honey’s Place. We are looking to continue to secure inventory while focusing on growth and customer service. We are also avidly expanding on our new toy brand, Viben, which we launched earlier in 2021, with great success in the middle of a pandemic. We took a lot of care in the creation of Viben, from the products we chose to the truly reversible packaging while trying to incorporate every little detail. We can’t wait to launch more unique and innovative products from Viben to “Feel the Vibe” in 2022!

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