A Look at the Latest and Greatest in Couples Toys

A Look at the Latest and Greatest in Couples Toys

Winter’s cuffing season isn’t over after end-of-the-year holidays — February marks a prosperous season for retailers, particularly those offering sensual products for couples. Beyond the roses and chocolates, Valentine’s Day is an ideal opportunity to explore pleasure with a romantic partner — or alternatively, indulging in one’s self pleasure.

Old-fashioned beliefs of sex being strictly intended for couples in some cases persist to this day, and while this could lead to the success of intimacy items that are marketed to couples, many of today’s progressive pleasure product manufacturers are hoping for more sexual liberation in the new decade.

Permission to experience is what couples are looking for when they enter your store during the pre-love day rush.

“I’m hoping as we enter 2020, the idea of self love and masturbation is celebrated more, especially in coupled relationships,” XR Brands President Rebecca Weinberg said. “There has been a stigma in the past that if one partner engaged in masturbation without the other it may as well be a slap in the face and kept hidden. As we work our way out of that, couples toys are absolutely considered less taboo. It allows partners to explore new sensations, together, without shame. Permission to explore — permission to feel — permission to experience is what couples are looking for when they enter your store during the pre-love day rush. Grant that permission and gain a customer for long after February 14.”

With so many adults lacking proper sex education, even the friendliest couples toy could feel “inappropriate” for a sex toy newbie. “With a well-trained staff, you can normalize the taboo and create a safe space while shopping and learning about the variety of options available,” says Mark Cataldo, Sportsheets’ sales and business development director.

For Valentine’s Day 2020, pleasure product purveyors are ready with an expansive selection of traditional bestsellers and up-and-coming pleasure products to celebrate this day of love. Adult retailers are welcoming shoppers with romantic displays, along with knowledgeable staff, to introduce them to the latest innovations for intimacy.

Couples That Shop Together

“It is just like jewelry — women decide and let their men know what they want,” says Tami Rose, owner and resident product expert of adult boutique Romantic Adventures in Pearl, Mississippi.

According to Rose, a visit to a sex shop is a popular couples’ date night activity — particularly during a romantic holiday like Valentine’s Day. A couple will often take the opportunity to ask more questions as part of the experience.

“The couples’ toys usually require more explanation and negotiation between the couple,” Rose said. “It’s actually a really fun process to help people through all the choices available. Bluetooth technology has made the possibilities nearly limitless.”

Eagle-eyed retail staff, such as that of Deja Vu Love Boutique in Las Vegas, have caught on to the buying habits of adult store shoppers; and just like asking for advice on behalf of “a friend,” many of them are using their partner as a decoy for enhancing their own pleasure.

“I do think there is a level of comfort guests feel when they are able to share the load, so to speak, while shopping with and/or for their partner,” Deja Vu General Manager Megan Swartz said. “For example, when it comes to anal toys, these may not obviously be considered ‘couples toys,’ however, the plugs by b-Vibe are very popular with couples. It is especially easy for a heterosexual couple to snag one of these babies for ‘her’ when we know that it is likely going to be used by both partners. We strongly encourage healthy anal play for all butts! The b-Vibe colors range appeal to a number of people, so these are great couple-friendly and solo toys.”

According to Swartz, it’s a 50-50 split between couples that shop together and those that are shopping solo for items to gift to their significant other. She also points out the versatility of certain pleasure products that are marketed for couples’ use.

“Let's dissect the most obvious couples toy — We-Vibe Chorus,” she said. “Because this item is typically worn by a cis-female to stimulate her G-spot and clitoris during another type of sexual penetration/stimulation, it is easy to sell it for ‘her’ pleasure. We do, however, also sell a lot of these items for solo play. Because of the design and function of this toy, it’s also quite simple to bring the male into the equation. It vibrates on his penis during intercourse; it can be worn on the throat giving added stimulation during oral play. Because of its versatility, there are many ways this can be sold. The point is that most couples’ toys are actually tailored toward one partner or the other and in this case, because it is worn by her, I tend to consider this a woman's toy with bonus selling points for her male partner.”

Permission for Pleasure

Already a highly commercialized holiday, Valentine’s Day is particularly adult-friendly as it centers on romance and intimacy. Couples wake up on February 14th ready for a day of connecting with a significant other.

“I 100% believe a romantic holiday like Valentine’s Day amps up the sexy while lowering the inhibitions,” Weinberg said. “I’ve actually spent a lot of time trying to figure out the ‘why.’ Why would the partner who never wears lingerie head to the local boutique on that day? What makes the 14th of February be the one day a year someone may be more willing to step out of their comfort zone. Permission! As I meet people in their communities and dive with them into their inhibitions, I’ve realized that most are simply waiting to be told they can experience pleasure in the ways they choose. Having a holiday that is literally surrounding the idea of love, romance, and sex means people are more likely to want to ‘celebrate’ and try something new because it’s socially acceptable to do so.”

As a holiday that closely falls after Christmas, Valentine’s Day presents an opportunity to unwind after all the family gatherings and social events.

“Valentine's Day reminds people that their lovers and partners need to be the center of their attention sometimes also,” Kheper Games CEO Brian Pellham said. “It's a perfect day and time of year to take a sexual adventure together. Often after a hectic Christmas with family members, it's a great time to refocus on your lover.”

While some people scoff at Valentine’s Day and the consumerism that it promotes, Liberator marketing and public relations manager Angela Lieben believes that (perhaps whether they like it or not) all of the symbolism associated with the holiday taps into people’s subconscious desire for romance.

“Valentine’s Day is a holiday that gives couples express permission to have fun and explore,” she said. “I think it’s the one day of the year where the desire to feel connected and wanted by someone special comes true. The color red we see shortly after New Year’s symbolizes passion and can get the blood pumping, and I believe this taps into collective unconsciousness that makes people feel more free and liberated.

“Walk into any retail store during this time of year and you are instantly bombarded with bright colors of pink and red, hearts, cupids, sweetness and light,” Lieben adds. “I know my heart starts pumping every time I walk into the local grocery store. The colors and iconography of Valentine’s Day have an effect on the psyche, which in turn helps lessen the need to hold tightly onto our desires and passion. Why not let the freak in you come out at least once a year!”

Nichole Grossmann, director of marketing for CalExotics, notes that Valentine’s Day also encourages people to step out of their comfort zone and explore new things in and out of the bedroom.

“That’s really where the fun begins,” she said. “Valentine’s Day gives people the chance to get creative in the way they tease, seduce and romance their partner, or even themselves. It’s a great reminder to explore new desires or shared fantasies. The whole point is finding a unique way of making someone feel good, whether it’s a friend, partner, or yourself.”

For a lot of people, just knowing that there are couples getting it on for Valentine’ Day is enough to provide the permission needed to explore their own sexual curiosities.

“Valentine’s Day has a predisposition for being a holiday entwined with romance,” Cataldo said. “There are five different love languages, and all five can be expressed through sexual exploration. For many people, Valentine’s Day gives them the freedom to express their sexual wants. A partner may feel more open to bringing up their deepest fantasies when the holiday revolves around love and romance. Their wants could be a first-time vibrator like the Unity Vibe, or if they are feeling more adventurous an item like Under the Bed Restraints. Inhibitions are released because it’s socially acceptable on Valentine’s Day to have a night of passion planned, and even though you may be trying something new sexually, you aren’t alone because other people around the world are doing the same thing.”

Sliquid Marketing Director Erik Vasquez agrees that although Valentine’s Day opens up the door to exploration, it doesn’t mean that people let go of all of their inhibitions.

“I think that experimentation depends on the individual person,” he said. “If you're someone who is naturally reserved, Valentine's Day isn't going to turn you into Dora the Explorer for one night. However, if you're someone who is more adventurous to begin with, I think V-Day will certainly entice you to explore and step outside any preconceived boundaries you may set for yourself. For the latter person, trying sensation lubricants, like Sliquid Sizzle, Sensation and Spark, is definitely an option worth trying on Valentine's Day.”

V-Day Bestsellers

From lingerie to sex furniture to high-end vibes and beyond, Valentine’s Day bestsellers run the gamut. According to Swartz, at Deja Vu in Las Vegas, customers are buying up high-end wares — and not just for their partner but also for solo play.

“Some of the most popular brands are Lelo, We-Vibe, Fleshlight, Womanizer, and Le Wand, among other luxury brands,” Swartz said. “I think the ZALO rose fetish pieces will do quite well this Valentine’s as they really fit the theme of the holiday and they are really stunning.”

Swartz notes how retail staff can effortless encourage sales.

“One of our supervisors, Shanna Allen, always goes out of her way to promote wearable products,” she said. “She wears the Rose Ball Gag as a choker and it definitely helps increase the sales because people see it and ask about it. We also do well with the Vesper by Crave since most of our staff can be seen wearing them!”

Just like the quintessential heart-shaped box, another favorite for Valentine’s Day are sweet-tasting pleasure enhancers.

“Anything tasty is always a hit on Valentine's Day,” Rose said. “Having your lover for dessert follows all those dinners out that people do. Wicked has some great coffee flavors if you like to follow dinner with coffee. System Jo’s lubes have some amazingly clean tasting fruit flavors and strawberry always seems to be the top seller [at Romantic Adventures.] The Wet Desserts line is spot-on too — being a good Southern Girl, I do love the Bananas Foster flavor.”

If you think people are getting tired of traditional Valentine’s Day themes, you are very much wrong. Themed items such as those shaped like hearts, lips, etc., and pleasure products in colors that are synonymous with the holiday — pink and red — continue to be popular during the romantic holiday. Even when it comes to edgier types of sex play, cupid’s arrow may still make an appearance.

“Bondage kits are always a hit for Valentine’s Day,” Cataldo said. “It’s a great introduction to bondage. Depending on the kit you choose, you can try multiple types of play at a great price! Valentine’s Day does stir people to bring out their biggest sexual wants, and we notice strap-on sales rise due to this. Strap-on harnesses are meant to be used by all types of couples and sexual identities.”

For those that crave a softer form of restraint play, Tyes by Tara combines bondage styles with another Valentine’s Day top-seller, lingerie. Tara Stravinsky, the founder and president of Tyes by Tara, notes that some of her Valentine’s Day bestsellers include feminine soft bondage like Tyes by Tara’s Mademoiselle Pearl Handcuffs, BDSM-inspired lingerie accessories like the Blush Cage Bra, and sensual nipple accessories like the Vice Niptyes.

Liberator is perhaps the best-known manufacturer of sex furniture and other foam shapes that are used for positioning. Lieben says that the versatility of Liberator’s products have made them popular among various different demographics.

“We believe that everyone deserves to have an incredible sex life — no matter your age, size, shapes, weight or experience level,” she said. “When Liberator first began its journey, the idea was to create products that would bring couples closer together and boost sexual confidence in the bedroom using simple shapes and designs. With that being said, the Wedge/Ramp Combo has become our best-selling product for over 18 years. Over nearly two decades, the Liberator brand has seen tremendous growth with its sex furniture collection.”

Liberator also has created offerings that are distinctly Valentine’s Day-friendly.

“People go gaga over the Decor Heart Wedge, especially for Valentine’s Day,” Lieben said. “Year after year, we have seen an increase in sales of our decor-friendly products as they are both giftable and functional for customers new to our brand. This year we expect to sell a lot of the new releases like the Kiss Wedge and Mustache Wedge. However, a favorite for a lot of couples already familiar with Liberator is our luxury line of sex furniture. For the past two years, we have started seeing an increase in orders for the Esse Chaise II and Prelude Bed Bench just after New Year’s.”

As for the more traditional sex toys that are popular for Valentine’s Day, the assortment ranges from romantic offerings to more playful designs.

“Our newest collection French Kiss is guaranteed to be a customer favorite,” Grossman said regarding CalExotics’ offerings. “Inspired by the French kiss, this new collection of premium silicone vibes is designed to tantalize your senses and give you a seductive touch you can’t resist. Each item features sensual flickering action and 12 functions of irresistible vibration. This collection is the perfect pick for those looking to add more romance in their play. We promise you’ve never been kissed like this!”

Grossman also notes another Valentine’s Day-related special occasion — Galentine’s Day, which is something that single ladies may celebrate with their fellow single girlfriends.

“Glam is a great option for customers looking for the perfect Galentine’s Day gift,” Grossman said. “This new line of metallic bullets is fierce with power! Each glamorous color offers mind-blowing action in the palm of your hand with its supercharged functions of intense vibration, pulsation and escalation. Glam’s compact design and whisper-quiet motor gives users the ability to take it on the go in their purse, makeup bag, or luggage. It’s a gift your friend will thank you for!”

For Valentine’s Day 2020, Xgen Products Marketing Director Anthony Pingicer predicts that The Rabbit Love Ring from The Rabbit Company will be a great seller because it is designed for shared pleasure. The pliable rabbit ears caress her clitoris during wear, providing intense external sensations.

“Also, anything that comes in a set is great for couples,” Pingicer said. “A set puts together great items at an affordable price point. The Rabbit Company, Bodywand and Frederick’s of Hollywood Toys all have great sets for Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to get a little frisky with the Realistic Rabbit Deluxe S&M Bondage Set, or have some fun with the 5-Piece Tickle, Tease & Please Card Game from The Bodywand, there is something for every couple.”

And of course, when shopping for any pleasure product or when preparing for a night of passion — lube is always a must-have.

“Lube is a necessity for Valentine's Day,” Vasquez said. “Whether single or coupled, both self and partnered pleasure is a perk of celebrating Valentine's, and this makes lube wildly popular for the holiday. If you're a couple, the gift of lube makes a statement to your partner that you are open to intimacy but, even more so, it also says that you are invested in making the date as enjoyable as possible for both of you. In a way, this type of thoughtfulness is extremely sexy and a surefire way to seal the deal.

“One of our top Valentine's Day best sellers is our Sliquid Silver Studio Collection, which is our premium silicone formula that comes in a beautiful, custom glass bottle with a pump,” Vasquez added. “The chic, discreet packaging vaguely resembles a high-end perfume bottle, and screams luxury and romance. Our various ‘lube cubes’ are also big hits for Valentine's Day because they offer a variety of formulas, which encourages intimate exploration. Expectedly, any of our red and pink-labeled products, such as Sassy Booty Gel and Swirl Cherry Vanilla, are always a go-to V-Day purchase for many of our customers.”

Dressed to Impress

Citing the Ralph Lauren’s phrase, "I don't design clothes, I design dreams," Stravinsky says that people enjoy dressing up for pleasure for a variety of different reasons.

“I think that the art of dressing up ignites the imagination and allows people to escape into their wildest dreams,” Stravinsky says.

“They might want to make it special so they find something to dress up in,” she added. “Second, dressing up can bring excitement and fantasy into the bedroom. Another reason for dressing up is that the transformation of appearance can also be a source of permission.”

As for lingerie styles that are destined to be top sellers for the romantic holiday, Pingicer says that classic basic styles are what’s in for the Valentine’s Day shopping season.

“That means teddies, bustiers, multiple piece sets, and anything with stylish patterns,” Pingicer said. “We’ve seen a trend the past six to 12 months with customers wanting more trendy cuts and colors. The Pantone Color of the Year for 2020 is a classic blue, and that could be a popular color along with the reds, maroons, pinks and purples.”

According to Pingicer, these lingerie essentials also offer a balance of sweet and sexy, are made of high-quality materials, feel good against the skin, and accentuate curves.

“Two and three-piece sets probably fall more into the ‘giftable’ styles, as a set conveys value, and isn’t just a single piece of lingerie, which could be more ‘the night of,’” Pingicer adds. “For a date night, something that is comfortable to be worn for a few hours is a great idea. Wear it under your clothes, and when it is time for those clothes to come off at the end of the night, there will be a sexy surprise for your partner.”

And why are so many people obsessed with lingerie? Pingicer says it’s the same reason people go to the movies, or an amusement park — “To just become someone else, even if for just a few hours: A sexy schoolgirl, a sexy cop, secretary, or on the male side, a sexy firefighter or Santa Claus — to play out those fantasies.”

Bound to Please

With its various levels and assortment of tools for play, bondage can be just as romantic as it can be kinky. People that are looking for a more sensual way to experience restraint play can look to the expansive soft bondage category to find something that works within their limits for BDSM play.

“Restraint play is a delicate dance of control, passion, trust, and primal instincts/desires,” Weinberg said. “Of course leather and locks are all the rage in the dungeon, but literally so many things laying around your space can amp up the norm. Silk neckties make great universal restraints while their soft drag along bare skin is goosebump nirvana. You’d be surprised at the level of orgasmic release you can reach when you completely resolve control to another — and the afterglow is 10/10 when it’s with your romantic partner while increasing trust and physical closeness.”

Lieben reminds us that players don’t have to be hardcore bondage enthusiasts to enjoy the romantic feelings that restraint play evokes.

“Restraint play for many is all about the sensory experience,” she said. “For instance, simply being blindfolded and teasingly fed chocolate-covered strawberries can have elements of romance. Or being tied to a bed with red silky ties and having some gently stroke your helpless body can be exciting. Restraint play does not have to involve heavy leather cuffs and collars either. I love Bijoux Indiscrets and their giftable ‘light bondage’ accessories. You can gift and then play!”

Restraint play is a popular way for couples to experiment with restraint play, and putting their pleasure in the hands of a partner. With sweets playing such a major role in the Valentine’s Day holiday, perhaps that box of chocolates is exactly the gateway that one needs to explore their submissive side.

“Help set the tone for your V-Day plans with some hand and leg restraints,” Grossman said.” Restraint play doesn’t have to stay in the bedroom. Get creative! Try incorporating it into your dinner plans. Treat your partner to a sensual experience by hand feeding them a dessert or even better; make them the dessert with some sweet accessories! There’s something incredibly sensual about feeding your partner with your hands or trusting your partner to meet your basic needs. Restraints can be a fun and sensual way to show your loved one affection.”

Tech Touch

In today’s digital world, the internet and mobile devices have made it possible to satisfy just about any need with a quick tap or swipe of a screen. While it’s made it easier than ever to connect with new interests and people with ease, it’s also causing a barrier for some couples.

“People are crawling into bed at night and cuddling up with their iPads instead of each other,” Ohmibod founder Suki Dunham said. “Our goal is to use technology to bridge the intimacy chasm that these devices are creating even when people are right next to one another. Even if you are in the same house or room, a Bluetooth-connected vibrator gives the couple an exciting reason to pick up their smart phone and interact with their partner.”

Sextech pioneer Ohmibod was born in 2004 when Brian Dunham gifted his wife Suki with a vibrator and an iPod, which inspired her — a former Apple marketing exec — to combine the two to create the first-ever pleasure products that could connect to music players. Romance has inspired the power couple behind the brand to also create a collection called Lovelife that are designed to reflect the passion and key attributes of their 30-year relationship. Today, Ohmibod is helping to connect long-distance couples with Bluetooth-enabled pleasure products for app-controlled play.

“At OhMiBod, we believe that the use of technology in pleasure products can be used as a way to enhance relationships as well as singular intimate experiences,” Dunham said. “Our digital lives are so connected. No one is without their smartphone these days and young adults, in particular, are maturing in a world where iOT devices are everywhere. Connected sex toys seem quite ordinary to them — in fact, they make sense. In this modern world of travel and our digital devices that keep us connected to voice, text and video, we are able to create and maintain long-distance relationships much more easily.”

Ohmibod’s Bluetooth-connected toys can play a role in supporting the ability of people to maintain intimacy from afar. The company is embracing the use of technology to create and sustain connections ... and perhaps even strengthen them, Dunham says.

An intuitively designed app makes it easy to connect to devices and control them remotely. If one partner is interested in getting their significant other onboard to control their toy, a conversation must be had — which can be a good opportunity to initiate conversations about sex and intimacy.

“When playing remotely, you can communicate with your partner via in-app text and photo sharing,” Dunham said. “The user can feel confident that the photos will remain private since the images do not sit on your regular camera roll for prying eyes. You also have the ability to share with your partner that you’ve had an orgasm. You just touch the Oh! Button on the screen to send a quick little pre-written message or you can customize your own. We think this is pretty fun way to share with your partner.”

Dunham predicts Ohmibod’s bestsellers for the season will include its wearable Bluetooth panty vibe, blueMotion NEX|1. “The OhMiBod Esca 2 Powered by Kiiroo is a great seller too. Many customers have come to know Esca 2 through the camming community and the customer is excited to try it out for themselves.”

Game of Lust

For those who are less tech-savvy, there is no shortage of erotic adult games to have a little fun while also getting freaky. From a simple pair of sexy dice to sensual board games and beyond, adult games gets players to ease up and play along to dirty instructions.

“A properly selected adult game is a perfect way to release inhibitions together and rediscover your romantic feelings for each other,” says Brian Pellham, CEO of Kheper Games, a leader in adult games that is currently in its 25th year. “Many games create scenarios and encourage exploration into sexual adventures. When they encompass many different types and ways a couple can experiment together, the result is a feeling of renewed excitement for the relationship.”

Among Kheper Games’ newest games is Mind, Body and Soul — a game that encourages communication and the enlightenment of chakras.

“This is done together so the couple takes a spiritual journey with their ‘soul’-mate,” Pellham said.

Kheper Games’ popular selection includes classic sex position games like the Sex! line, and the Let's F*ck! and Let's Fool Around lines. The company also offers games for a more-involved experience like the Fantasy Affairs, Lust!, or the Sex! board game. For a quick night of play, there are also cards, dice, scratch tickets, bath bombs, and seduction kits that are more to the point.

“They either have quick, fun, more immediate results, or in the case of the kits, they offer you everything you need in one box to experiment with something new that evening,” Pellham said. “More and more lovers are buying them together, but traditionally it is more females than males buying our products, regardless of which gender they are sharing them with, or if they are for gifts. Men lean more towards our party and drinking game lines.”

Packaged for Success

Valentine’s Day can be a lucrative time of year for adult retailers with the celebration of romance and sex tempting newbies to step into their local adult shop to find pleasure products that speak to them. While it’s always the inside that counts, packaging is what most shoppers see hanging on retail slat walls and sitting on shelves.

“Year-after-year, we’ve seen a significant increase in sales because couples are no longer intimidated about giving their lover something that can enhance the lovemaking experience and make Valentine’s Day feel more intimate and inviting,” Lieben says. “[Liberator’s] packaging plays an integral role in gift-giving too. There is excitement when opening the vacuum compressed package as the Liberator Shapes come to life after being removed from the box! We get customers saying that the unboxing is just and fun and helps build the anticipation.”

To further motivate shoppers, Liberator offers retailer POP packaging that has a flip-top box that highlights a series of illustrated sexual positions that couples can relate to and experiment with.

“Really, Liberator is the type of gift that keeps on giving and with our extensive position guide library, we are telling couples: ‘Yes. You too can be a rock star in the bedroom even when it’s not Valentine’s Day.’”

According to Tami Rose of Romantic Adventures, packaging is vital to the success of any product in the store; she notes that presentation sets the value.

“That is true all year long but we work very hard on our merchandising displays and product placement for the holiday,” she said.

Packaging is also the first thing a Valentine’s Day gift recipient sees, making aesthetics a key characteristic for holiday shoppers.

“If you're going to gift lube, chances are you're hoping for intimacy by night's end — don't cheapen the courtship with just any bottle of lube,” Vasquez said. “I cannot stress enough that our luxurious packaging for Sliquid Silver Studio Collection makes it one of our most giftable options. The beauty and sophistication of the etched, glass bottle offer a more elevated gift then most any other typical bottle of lube on the market, making it a unique gift to anyone who receives it. I would also say that any of our formulas, in a 2-oz. travel-size bottle, are also perfect gifts. You can give them on their own or pair them with a premium adult toy, lingerie set, or wax massage candle to set the mood for a sexy night.”

On the other hand, once a product hits the retail store floor, its success largely depends on proactive store staff. Deja Vu’s Megan Swartz notes the value of balancing beautiful packaging with the efforts of a store staff.

“If you have a great selection of display items that are fully charged, or have new batteries, the packaging is not what is selling the item,” Swartz says. “It really comes down to how much your team engages with the guests. I believe stores where the sales team is shy, rude, or under-informed, will rely very heavily on packaging to generate their sales. Albeit unfortunate, this is the battle that manufacturers have to face when creating items and packaging. They have to create items that will be able to sell themselves in stores where staff is less motivated. When dealing with a staff that is more knowledgeable and sales driven, the beautiful packaging will just be an added bonus when the customer makes the decision to purchase, solely based on the demonstration of the sales associate.”

Valentine’s Day Retail-Ready

The holiday dedicated to love and romance is upon us, and adult retailers are primed and ready to welcome sales. In addition to focusing on Valentine’s Day essentials like toys, retailers can take advantage of the opportunity to bolster sales with additional items.

“This means packaged outfits, shoes, hosiery, massage oils and candles, games, feather ticklers, restraints, lubricants, and so on are all great items to beef up a sale,” Swartz said. “During Valentine’s season, we see many guests that are interested in trying new things in the bedroom. If you can get a guest to commit to a $100 plus item that is great, why stop there? With the right team, there’s no reason that sale cannot be doubled.”

According to Tami Rose, retailers should cater to a wide spectrum of intimate and romantic relationships.

“It's always a guessing game to know what the hot product will be but love never goes out of style so to have thoughtful gifts for people of any orientation creates an inclusive holiday and widens your customer base,” she said. “Red and white are the classic colors but a rainbow here or there helps it feel more springtime and inclusive.”

In addition to different types of romantic couples, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love towards anyone, including friends or oneself. The key is to make customers feel comfortable while shopping.

“One recommendation is to create a Valentine’s theme section in your store,” Grossman suggests. “Place this at the front of the store to draw in new customers. Make it romantic, inviting and fun. In addition to this, it’s important to give customers options.”

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