4 Tips for Retailers to Heat Up Summer Sales

4 Tips for Retailers to Heat Up Summer Sales

Ah, summer. The weather starts to heat up and the kids are out of school and pleading to be entertained. This normally makes summer a relatively slow season for retailers. However, as temperatures rise, retailers can avoid the summertime blues with creativity, expertise and a summer-ready product selection. Here are four options that intimate product retailers can use to engage more customers during summer months.

1. Travel-Ready Products: Summer is traditionally when most people travel, and studies show that more than 50 percent of people admit they’re more likely to have sex while on vacation. Whether your customers are traveling to your store or using your store as a jumping off point, having a variety of intimate products that are compatible with travel is a sure bet.

Retailers displaying these toys accordingly can inspire shoppers with cool new ways to enhance pleasure during their summer months.

There are plenty of clever sexy items available to fulfill what summer shoppers are looking for. Some sex toys offer a travel-lock to avoid buzzing luggage incidents, while others are outright incognito and appear as makeup or everyday household items. There are even options that come with their own travel cases.

Most travelers agree that size matters when it comes to sex toys and traveling. Stocking smaller-sized products that are easily packable are key for consumers planning summer excursions.

2. Glass and Metal Toys: As days heat up consumers are looking for ways to cool down. Enter temperature-play toys.

While summer is a sexy time of year, many partners find the heat makes them avoid intimate body contact. Sex toys made with temperature-friendly materials offer a way to cool down and also heat things up. Glass and metal toys are perfect for frosty friskiness. Easily cooled, these temperature play toys can offer a chilling sensation of pleasure.

Many summer shoppers forget, or don’t know, about temperature-play options. Retailers displaying these toys accordingly can inspire shoppers with cool new ways to enhance pleasure during their summer months.

3. Whisper-Quiet and Waterproof Technology: Those summer months when the kids are at home can put a damper on noisy sex play. But, there are a lot of sex toy options that offer the quietest pleasure experiences. Orgasms are a great stress reliever, so shoppers should be able to enjoy them with a summer selection of silent sex toy choices.

Retailers can also capitalize on waterproof intimate products during summer. Not only perfect for sex play in the shower, summer warmth also exposes sex toys to all types of humid, moist environments and its best for shoppers to be offered products that are water-friendly.

4. Longer Days = Rechargeable Toys: We all enjoy those lengthy summer days where daylight seems to last forever. Sunlight increases vitamin D, serotonin and happy moods, and stimulates shoppers to extend pleasure time. According to Ashwini Nadkarni, M.D., psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School,  hot summer days spike our libidos. So, it seems natural that shoppers are looking for more adventure and sex toys that can keep up with longer sex play sessions more often.

Rechargeable sex toys are a perfect way to ensure the product lasts just as long as the action does. Shoppers can appreciate rechargeable items that can be ready when they are and can be recharged easily anywhere without having to locate fresh batteries.

Sunny Rodgers is the brand manager for Pipedream Products, Jimmyjane and Sir Richards.

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