Chakrubs’ Vanessa Cuccia Preaches Power of Crystals in New Book

Chakrubs’ Vanessa Cuccia Preaches Power of Crystals in New Book

Among the dizzying business culture of New York City Vanessa Cuccia has found her zen, and now she wants to heal the world with words in her debut book, “Crystal Healing & Spiritual Pleasure.”

This multifaceted entrepreneur has crafted a microcosm of inner peace, self-love and introspection through her sexual wellness company, Chakrubs, which is famous for its insertable crystal wands and yoni eggs.

Clear quartz is known as the master healer stone and can be used to magnify any intention.

On the surface, it would seem that Cuccia is simply selling a really beautiful way to masturbate, but to call Chakrubs a sex toy company misses the point. Cuccia’s stunning inventory of Indian Jade wands, Carnelian eggs, and Obsidian butt plugs stimulate more than our sensual nerve endings.

Since Chakrubs’ inception, Cuccia has made it her mission to use crystals as a catalyst for sexual discovery. For centuries, humans have used crystals’ unique atomic properties, said to magnify our intentions and energies, to enhance the processes of self-growth, healing, and manifesting our dreams.

While doing a stint in Los Angeles, Cuccia was introduced to a crystal expert who helped hone her knowledge and understanding of the true healing power behind these seemingly innocent, sparkly pieces of Earth.

Dissatisfied with plastic sex toys and eager to facilitate her own sensual healing process, Cuccia realized that her calling to crystals could create a whole new space within the sexual health realm.

Several years and thousands of healed Chakrubs believers later, Cuccia has penned a guide to bring sexual-spiritual seekers closer to Earth-bound nirvana. In “Crystal Healing & Spiritual Pleasure,” she shares her intimate journey to enlightenment and reminds us that it’s never too late to tap into the beauty of divine pleasure.

XBIZ: How did “Crystal Healing & Spiritual Pleasure” begin as a writing project?

Cuccia: A couple of years ago I was at a Sexual Health Expo with my products, Chakrubs crystal sex toys, and was approached by an acquisitions editor for Quarto Publishers. She asked, “Have you ever thought about writing a book?” And the rest is history!

XBIZ: What pulled you to write a book around the concepts of crystal healing for sexual health?

Cuccia: I believe it is my soul’s path to share the benefits of crystal healing in service to the Divine Feminine Awakening. Writing a book allows me to share that message more in depth with even more people.

My customers also pushed me to write this book. Reading their testimonials and seeing how they were using Chakrubs to overcome sexual trauma inspired me to provide more rituals and tools for them to go deeper in their practices. The book is also intended for anyone who might be curious about crystal healing, but unsure where to start.

XBIZ: Chakrubs fans wrote to you regularly asking for advice on spiritual sexuality. What are some common concerns for those who feel drawn to the sensual power of crystals?

Cuccia: For some, they might not feel connected to their sexuality and so they use crystals as a gentle way of inviting pleasure back into their lives. Others use Chakrubs to heal numbness and enhance sensation. There are also people who work with crystals in other ways and want to explore them sensually.

XBIZ: Growing up, how would your life be different if you had a book like this to guide your self-knowledge?

Cuccia: I think it would have helped me accept myself as I am and not to compromise my standards. It would have given me a greater understanding of my sensitivities and how crystals can be used to tap into them.

XBIZ: What spiritual practices do you incorporate into the book’s healing rituals?

Cuccia: There are many, including meditations, visualizations, chanting, movement, and, of course, rituals with various crystals.

XBIZ: How are the Chakrubs crystals incorporated into the rituals and practices in your book?

Cuccia: Overall, I wanted people to be able to do the rituals whether or not they had Chakrubs crystals. It’s really up to the person and what they’re comfortable with, but Chakrubs crystals will lend themselves well to most of the practices included in the book.

XBIZ: What are some of your favorite Chakrubs that are particularly awesome at facilitating healing?

Cuccia: All of the Chakrubs crystals heal in uniquely different ways. The Chakrubs Xaga is a protection stone that can alleviate period symptoms. It can be intense for some because it reveals blockages and brings up the past so that it can be processed and let go.

A gentler option would be the Chakrub Prism, which is made from clear quartz. Clear quartz is known as the master healer stone and can be used to magnify any intention. It also casts beautiful rainbows when it catches the light.

XBIZ: Where can a new spiritual seeker begin their journey into mixing crystals and sexuality?

Cuccia: A great first step is to tune into the type of healing and growth they want to bring into their life by choosing a crystal. The Heart Chakrub, which is rose quartz, would be great for someone who is learning to love themselves and wants to be more compassionate. The Amethyst is a peaceful, calming stone that can be used to connect with divine guidance.

Once they’ve chosen their crystal, they can spend some time getting to know it and noting what sort of feelings and sensations it invokes. Then they can set an intention for the type of work they want to do with that crystal.

XBIZ: Does crystal healing benefit couples’ sexual discovery as well?

Cuccia: Definitely. Even if just one person is utilizing crystal healing, the benefits will extend to their relationship as a whole. My book contains both solo and partnered rituals.

XBIZ: Give readers a tip they can try tonight to begin their path to self-love and healing through spiritual sexuality?

Cuccia: I think a wonderful practice after taking an evening shower and getting ready for bed is to spend some time caressing and appreciating every inch of your body. Note why you are grateful for the different parts of your body and what they do for you.

Remind yourself what you love about your body. Pour love into the parts of yourself that are sources of insecurity.