Q&A: Standard Innovation President Frank Ferrari on 10 Years of We-Vibe

Q&A: Standard Innovation President Frank Ferrari on 10 Years of We-Vibe

Ten years ago, the world was introduced to the first-ever couples vibrator. Standard Innovation founders Bruce and Melody Murison were on a mission to create a massager that could slide in between a couple while they made love. Many years and thousands of design iterations later, they found ideal solution.

What resulted was the patented, silicone-encased, worn-while-making-love We-Vibe. The arm between the two vibrating ends is proportioned and offers the flex and slenderness to hold the We-Vibe gently in place, while leaving room for him to slide inside and share the pleasure.

In the next 10 years, we’ll bring couples even greater functionality, so they can customize and control the stimulation of their devices all the more, making them even more fun and even easier to use.

At January’s ANME Standard Innovation previewed the new We-Vibe Anniversary Collection, which includes a limited edition We-Vibe Sync and an updated Tango by We-Vibe, plus an exclusive new play case.

The Anniversary Collection is inspired by the original We-Vibe couples vibrator that was launched in Las Vegas in 2008.

“For 10 years We-Vibe has been connecting couples with innovative products for shared pleasure,” said Stephanie Keating, We-Vibe’s marketing manager, said at the time of the collection’s debut. “The We-Vibe Anniversary Collection is a celebration of our customers’ pursuit of passion.”

The Anniversary Collection play case design references the original We-Vibe case and allows for discreet storage and charging of both products. Sync and Tango come in a limited-edition iridescent and cosmic purple. The We-Vibe Anniversary Collection retails for $229.

With the collection now available for purchase, XBIZ sat down with Standard Innovation President Frank Ferrari to discuss the special new release.

XBIZ: How is the Anniversary Collection a tribute to the company’s 10-year anniversary?

Frank Ferrari: We want to mark our 10th anniversary by offering customers something special that celebrates We-Vibe’s commitment to connecting couples. Over the past 10 years, we’ve expanded our product line; offering couples more possibilities for pleasure. We have never wavered from our dedication to creating innovative, beautiful, high-quality products that connect couples for shared pleasure. The We-Vibe Anniversary Collection includes a limited edition We-Vibe Sync and an updated Tango by We-Vibe, plus an exclusive new play case.

By offering two of our best-selling products together, we’re showcasing the height of our innovation and excellence. The Anniversary Collection is inspired by the original We-Vibe and its iconic sunglass case that was launched in Las Vegas in 2008. It was the first, the original, and it’s still the best on the market. In a nod to the original We-Vibe couples’ vibrator, the Anniversary Collection Sync and Tango come in a limited-edition iridescent, cosmic purple that celebrates our customers’ pursuit of passion.

We’ve also been listening to our customers, who have told us they would love a collection of premium products they can take on the go. This request led to the development of the new play case that discreetly holds and charges both products together, so they’re ready for fun at all times.

Of course, over the past 10 years, We-Vibe has continued to use state-of-the-art techniques and tools to take our products to new heights, setting new industry standards for ergonomic design and high performance while remaining eco-friendly and body-safe.

That means the We-Vibe Sync, our flagship couples vibrator, is now customizable to fit unique body shapes: the clitoral and G-spot stimulators can be adjusted to target pleasure. And with the free We-Connect app, couples can connect and play from anywhere in the world. Sync’s exclusive We-Connect vibration modes include Beat mode, to vibe to the rhythm of your favorite music, and Touch mode, which allows real-time touchscreen control. Tango has always been the most powerful mini-vibe. Its tapered tip delivers deep rumbly vibrations with pinpoint focus, while the flat edge is perfect for all-over massage. And now the updated Tango includes improvements to its control button, battery and charging.

XBIZ: What’s one of We-Vibe’s proudest milestones from the last decade?

Ferrari: I would have to say the launch of the original We-Vibe 10 years ago in Las Vegas was the most important point in our history. It set the standard for our commitment to innovation, quality, excellence and, of course, fun — a standard we have stayed dedicated to ever since.

At the time, there was nothing like it on the market: a hands-free couples vibrator designed to be enjoyed during sex, providing powerful clitoral and G-spot stimulation while both partners share the vibe. The original We-Vibe was the culmination of six years of development, and it was an instant success. The first 20,000 sold out in only six weeks! We-Vibe immediately started winning accolades and awards: just six months after that show in Las Vegas, We-Vibe was launched in Europe, winning the Most Innovative Product Award at the Venus Berlin adult product show. It was also crowned Hot Product of the Year and Best Adult Product and was invited to be in gift bags at the Academy Awards. Best of all, We-Vibe immediately got rave reviews from our customers — that part was truly gratifying.

So, we were proud and happy when We-Vibe became an instant hit. But the excitement has never really let up. We-Vibe has evolved over the past 10 years in response to ongoing leading-edge research and development, as well as customer feedback. Over a decade of innovation and evolution has led to We-Vibe Sync, our first custom-fit couples vibrator, which is also app-enabled. We’re also proud of how our product line has expanded to offer ever more possibilities for pleasure and intimate connection, with a range of clitoral and G-spot vibrators, vibrating penis rings, vibrating kegel balls, and possibilities for anal play. What they all have in common is We-Vibe’s signature attention to beautiful, high-quality and innovative design, based on solid research and product testing. We-Vibe products always look great — and they always feel great.

Along the way, we continue to be honored with awards for offering the best, most innovative and best-selling pleasure products and sex toys on the market. We’re proud of each and every one of those awards. Most recently our founders, Bruce and Melody Murison, have enjoyed some much-deserved accolades — together they were awarded an XBIZ Legacy Award.

XBIZ: How has We-Vibe redefined couples intimacy?

Ferrari: By creating the first couples’ vibrator and staying dedicated to innovative, high-quality, body-safe and ergonomic design, We-Vibe has helped shape the industry and given couples new ways to intimately connect. Our focus has always been about using our expertise and technology to heighten pleasure and enhance intimacy, not replace it.

It has certainly been an exciting time for the industry, as the social acceptance of sex toys has soared and the cultural conversation has opened up. We-Vibe has continued to push the boundaries and create new possibilities for pleasure and for connecting couples. In just the past 10 years, for example, the We-Vibe couples vibrator has evolved from pressing a button, to using a remote control, to gaining amazing control with the We-Connect app. With We-Vibe Sync, for instance, We-Connect gives users more control over vibration and intensity, it works to music, and it has private in-app voice, chat and video capabilities.

Over the years, we’ve created a purposeful line of beautifully designed, high-quality clitoral and G-spot vibrators and vibrating plugs and penis rings. In the past several months alone, we’ve launched Bloom, Jive and Match. Bloom is a set of vibrating kegel balls that offer women a fun way to strengthen their PC muscles to help achieve stronger orgasms. Jive is a new vibrating egg with Bluetooth. As we saw a growing demand for couples wanting the freedom to play on the go, at the end of 2017, we launched Jive, a wearable G-spot stimulator that can be controlled via the We-Connect app, giving couples a new level of liberation that comes with openly discussing their wants and desires with their partner. Jive has already won the award for Best Erotic Wearable from ero-Fame. And Match is a great addition to the We-Vibe couples vibrator line: a mid-priced, premium couples vibrator, positioned in the We-Vibe couples vibrator line between the flagship We-Vibe Sync and the entry-level We-Vibe Unite. Like Sync and Unite, Match is worn during sex to provide dual stimulation to the G-spot and clitoris. Match offers couples some of the most sought after features, such as rumbly, dual-motor stimulation and a remote with intensity control.

We-Vibe will continue to stay at the forefront of developing beautiful, high-quality products that connect couples for shared pleasure. We’ve only scratched the surface of what we can achieve. We can deliver designs that let users customize their experiences, fit their devices into their mobile lifestyles, and explore new avenues of stimulation.

In the next 10 years, we’ll bring couples even greater functionality, so they can customize and control the stimulation of their devices all the more, making them even more fun and even easier to use. And as we continue to focus on customers’ desires and get better at miniaturizing parts, we’ll be able to invent new products that we haven’t yet imagined. We’ll continue to work with researchers to create products that reflect the meeting of science and sex.

This is an exciting time for We-Vibe. The ride into the future is going to be exhilarating. Technology can’t replace the human experience of intimacy. But it sure can enhance it.

XBIZ: How many We-Vibe couples’ vibrators have been sold over the past decade?

Ferrari: We’ve sold nearly five million to couples all over the world.