Exploring the Elements of Temperature Play

Exploring the Elements of Temperature Play

In BDSM, temperature play is a form of sensation play that focuses solely on hot and cold and, with a little creativity, it can encompass a wide variety of titillating activities. It can be as simple as blowing cool air on the skin to as daring as playing with fire — literally.

For couples starting out with kink, sensation play is an easy introduction. It’s simple and sensual. Narrowing down the focus to hot and cold simplifies the activity for participants and has tangible physical effects, too. The opposing sensations of hot and cold uniquely stimulate the body’s neuroreceptors, giving a head-to-toe effect, and creative temperature play can satisfy even the most experienced sensation junkie.

Although there’s plenty of gear to use in a temperature play session, don’t discount the basics you have at your disposal.

Planning Your Scene

Before you start playing with temperature extremes, consider additional elements that can make temperature play even more effective. Using a blindfold incorporates sensory deprivation. When you take one sense away, in this case sight, the remaining senses intensify. A simple blindfold magnifies the impact of your touch, and restricting your partner’s movement with bondage can produce the same effect. Consider adding one or both to your temperature play session for maximum effect. Try a satin blindfold and binding tape as intro tools – or go pro with some leather restraint and blindfold gear.

Starting Off Slow

Although there’s plenty of gear to use in a temperature play session, don’t discount the basics you have at your disposal. Blowing a firm, steady stream of air on the skin feels cool, while a slow breath from a wide-open mouth feels hot. Beverages can up the ante. Sucking on a lover’s body after a sip of warm tea feels very different than after drinking ice water. Pluck an ice cube out of your glass and brush it over skin, nipples and the genitals for a real treat.

Beyond the Basics

While hot and cool breath may be a gentle starting point, it’s just that – a starting point. Using the mouth doesn’t offer much variety and ice cubes melt rather quickly. A small dollop of warming or cooling lubricant on the genitals produces an immediate effect, and a hand working down below slicked up with warming lube while the other applies something cold to a nipple can drive a body wild.

Steel nipple clamps can be cooled in the freezer, refrigerator, or cold bowl of water for breast play. One note: if you cool metal toys in the freezer, make sure they aren’t too cold. Some metal toys left in the freezer too long can stick to sensitive skin. Always touch the toy to your forearm before using it on a partner to make sure it’s not too hot or cold. You can also let it sit for a few minutes after you remove it from the freezer. Cooling down items with a bowl of water can be a better option for a couple of reasons. First, you don’t run the risk of cooling down a toy too much. Secondly, if the toy warms up too fast for your liking, you can easily let it cool down and keep the bowl close-by so you can warm it back up quickly and easily, if needed.


Warm and cold temperatures can feel amazing inside the body. The Curvy Steel Dildo by Master can double as a sensation play toy whether its inserted or stroked along the body. Inserting a cool metal butt plug while you give a gentle hand job with warming lube can awaken all your lover's senses.

Glass insertables also hold temperature, just like their metal counterparts.

Turning Up the Heat

Dripping hot wax over a lover’s body can be incredibly sexy — but it can also be dangerous if you do it with candles you have sitting around the house. Wax used for BDSM needs to have a low melting point, else it will burn the skin. Massage candles are made for this specific purpose: their lightly scented aroma helps set the mood and its moisturizing wax will not cause burns.

Temperature play is a great way to bring sensual BDSM into the bedroom, plus it offers a great deal of variety. For beginners, it can be coupled with a blindfold for an incredible sensory experience. Hardcore players can easily incorporate it into bondage, urethral play, or anal play to take their scenes to the next level. There’s a tool and a trick for everyone – make sure you and your staff know how to help shoppers find the gear that’s right for them!