Tips for Navigating Private Label Pleasure Products

Tips for Navigating Private Label Pleasure Products

Private labeling adult products is a great way to take your brand to the next level. It’s also an easy way to sell tangible, semi-exclusive products without having to manufacture something on your own. In the past, private label products were often associated with porn studios and starlets looking for additional revenue streams, and while that’s of course still the case, private labeling has become a modern, cost-effective and turnkey solution to expanding any brand.

What is private labeling?

Sex toys are a great private label option and can be easy to personalize using the power of impactful packaging.

• Private labeling allows anyone to put their name or brand on an existing product or product line without having to worry about manufacturing, distribution, and all the hard stuff.

• There is a large variety of products that can be private-labeled, anything from lubes and cosmetics to vibrators and dildos. No need to design something from scratch – it’s as simple as personalizing the packaging.

• It is, however, an option to alter an existing item to make it feel “exclusive” without needing to pay for a unique mold to be made. A product can be made in a special color, out of a different material, or have features added or removed. The specific product alterations can reflect the personality or branding of the person or organization it is private-labeled for.

• If you private label with a company that does international sales, you can easily take your brand global. This allows you to reach more areas where your fan base lives and opens you up to new countries.

Which products are best for private labeling?

Well, that’s up to you. There are benefits to private-labeling a variety of items, all depending on your budget and what kind of impact you want to have. Cosmetics and topicals may garner a smaller price point, but they are consumables, meaning that there’s a high likelihood for repeat purchases once the user runs out. Getting specific with the product’s marketing – for instance, creating a silicone lube specifically marketed toward men who enjoy anal sex – targets your consumer and increases the likelihood of brand loyalty (and, in turn, repeat buys).

Sex toys are a great private label option and can be easy to personalize using the power of impactful packaging. Unlike lubes or cosmetics, most sex toys are not considered consumables (with exceptions, of course), so the key to a successful private label sex toy line is eye-catching packaging and a strong brand identity behind it.

Private-label BDSM equipment is a growing business and, like sex toys, dependent on a strong brand identity. Fortunately, there are major opportunities for up-sales with this kind of gear because most items require additional equipment to be utilized at full capacity. For instance, wrist restraints are best when used with bondage furniture, rope or chain, and carabiners, or something to attach them with. Kinksters are also more likely have a gear collection they regularly add to, which would generate sales of matching products from the same line, so don’t hesitate to expand a basic BDSM line to include insertables, massagers, lubes, massage candles, and more.

Sex furniture is the largest ticket item for sex-based companies, and consumers of sex furniture are looking for items that match – this is a great opportunity to private label a line that complements their big purchase. Special cleaners, plastic wrap, carabiners, restraints, or chains are common complementary products for sex furniture, and users often enjoy having a matched set of accessories, so incorporating a variety of intimate products makes sense for expanding a brand from having just one or two higher-priced items.

Who can benefit from private labeling?

  • Bloggers
  • Magazines
  • YouTubers
  • Celebrities
  • Influencers
  • Sex educators and therapists
  • Home toy party companies
  • Retailers
  • Internet-based businesses

What are some other benefits of private labeling?

Private-labeling can connect anyone with their fan base, and offering your own products gives fans something tangible that helps them feel connected to you and what your brand stands for. This is ideal for individuals or brands with a loyal following – or anyone looking to create one.

Private-labeling gives you a relatively easy way to cash in on something that is associated with your brand. For example, a professional dominatrix known for impact play should absolutely have a branded paddle – at the very least. It’s a natural extension of her brand that would have guaranteed appeal to her fans.

One of the best results of private-labeling is expanding your audience and reaching people who might not ordinarily have found you on their own. Private-label products allow you to put your brand in places where you can’t be and increase impact with little to no additional effort.

Working with an experienced firm such as SexToyDistributing gives you access to a huge catalog of products, an educated staff and provides a turnkey solution by handling most of the details.

Private-labeling is a smart way to boost your brand recognition and your bottom line. It allows you to cross-promote and reach people outside of your key demographic and geographic area while utilizing a trusted and established company to handle the entire process. Companies like Sex Toy Distributing can take the reins when and where needed and you can spend your time and energy on what counts. Why spread yourself thin by trying to learn the ins and outs of an industry when you can have an expert by your side? Let someone else do the heavy lifting and help maximize your brand’s growth potential.


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