Venus O’Hara Discusses Global Reach as Prolific Sex Toy Reviewer, Writer

Venus O’Hara Discusses Global Reach as Prolific Sex Toy Reviewer, Writer

It would appear that Venus O’Hara’s life isn’t actually real. She’s probably cat-fished her story from an indie science-fiction romance novel, and the real Venus is just some secretary named Barbara residing in rural Kansas. You see, Venus is all at once worshiped for her feet, the owner of more than 400 sex toys, an escapee from a childhood full of Catholic nuns and a Brit who speaks Spanish so well that she’s paid to write in the language.

Venus’s bluff, of course, isn’t easy to call. Her 6,000 plus Instagram followers, 4,000 plus Facebook fans and 10,000 plus Twitter followers might hold a bit of a grudge. Though undeniably dream-like, Venus O’Hara’s existence is definitely real. She lives in Barcelona, Spain (not, fortunately, Kansas), and makes a full-time living without ever setting a single alarm clock. How does she do it? Like any modern entrepreneur: with a seven-day work week.

I’m just sharing my own experiences. I don’t claim to be an expert, but feel the I was born to share my vision of female sexuality. Sex is life!

Venus originally hails from the U.K., and endured the kind of school years that would make any ex-Catholic shudder. “I received a catholic education,” O’Hara said. “I knew that I would reject [it] as soon as I was old enough to do so.” Instead of out-right rebelling, small smarty pants O’Hara took in her surroundings as if in some sort of strange anti-sex museum. “I was able to observe both conservative and liberal attitudes towards sex,” she remarked. “I got most of my sex education from women’s magazines. At school, contraception and pleasure were ignored.” O’Hara’s suspicions about eventually leaving Catholicism were solidified “even more so when I did have sex. It blew my mind.”

Once out in the world, O’Hara’s rebellious spirit lead her to Paris, Madrid and finally Barcelona, where she began working in a printing house, a seemingly innocent job — but not for Venus. “When I started working in a printer in the export department, things started to change,” O’Hara recalled. “I used to be a relatively ‘normal’ person, but with a kinky sex life.” The majority of O’Hara’s printing clients were erotic and fetish magazines, inspiring the secretive vixen to expose her desires. “The books I printed inspired me to become a fetish model,” said O’Hara, hence the reason for all those foot photos on her Instagram. Venus is the proud creator of a 12-month model calendar dedicated entirely to her tootsies.

The doldrums of the printing press gave way to Venus’s next career in luxury real estate, which spawned her interest in the popular digital nomad lifestyle. At the height of her success, wealthy top clients were happy to divulge the secrets behind their remote work careers. Such advice came at the perfect time. “When the [housing] crisis hit, I didn’t sell any properties for four months and I was on commission only,” O’Hara explained. After hitting rock bottom both personally and professionally, I managed to sell two properties. I got a decent amount of money to live on for six months.” Venus decided that it was now or never. She took her real estate cash stash, quit her job and put every ounce of energy into becoming a full-time writer and sexual health personality.

O’Hara found herself instantly suited to her new calling, both personally and professionally. “I’m very emotionally invested and attached to my work,” O’Hara claimed. “It’s my mission to encourage people to let go, connect with themselves and enjoy sex.” Luckily the freelance life doesn’t come with an office, or an employer required to compensate her for overtime pay. “I don’t mind working seven days a week,” O’Hara enthused. “But don’t feel sorry for me; some of that time is spent in bed pleasuring myself with some of the best sex toys in the industry.”

Venus’s writing career was the first step towards eventual sex toy sponsorships from major manufacturers. Like many new writers, she stumbled confidently into her first gig, which posed a unique challenge even for a sex writer — composing articles in her second language. “I started writing in Spanish,” O’Hara recalled. “My first press collaboration was a column in GQ magazine and I had never written an article in Spanish in my life.”

Her first rodeo took several days to turn out a single piece, but eventually she developed a conversational style that caught on with readers, and the likes of Spanish Playboy and other major Spanish journals. “I was writing for El Pais, Spain’s biggest newspaper, and I started to receive toys from the major companies, so I decided to make a business out of it,” O’Hara said.

And thus began her specialty as one of the most famous sex toy testers in modern history. “At first, I started reviewing products for sex shops in Spain. Now I work directly with brands and major distributors, producing content in English and Spanish.”

Product education and personalized sex toy review videos are O’Hara’s specialty, and her next project, titled “The Sex Toy Laboratory,” takes place right in her own bedroom. O’Hara’s keen sense for anatomically-pleasing details caught the attention of Adrien Lastic, a sex toy company also based in Spain, and the O’Venus was born.

This vaguely triangle-shaped vibrator targets the clitoris and vulva with three strategically placed silicone stems and a small arm that provides shallow penetration. The design is as eye-catching as anything touched by the creative hand of Venus. “My aim, in consultation with both engineers and gynecologists, was to create a toy with a new shape that stimulated the clitoris both indirectly and directly,” O’Hara remarked. “In my work as a sex blogger, I often receive messages from women who have yet to experience an orgasm, and I want to help them.”

Writing about sex for a living, however, hasn’t been all orgasms and roses. “I have lost friends, I often get judged, and men can be intimidated by a girl who has around 400 sex toys,” she claimed. “There are people that think it’s a frivolous job, but it’s a lot of hard work and personal sacrifice.”

But Venus is steadfast in her career and world-changing goals. “I feel so strongly about what I do that it’s definitely worth it,” she enthused. At the end of the day, Venus is just an honest woman, telling it like it is and encouraging others to feel no shame in doing the same. “I’m just sharing my own experiences. I don’t claim to be an expert, but feel the I was born to share my vision of female sexuality,” O’Hara concluded. “Sex is life!”