Perfect Fit CEO Steve Callow Defines New Standard in Niche Sex

Perfect Fit CEO Steve Callow Defines New Standard in Niche Sex
Colleen Godin

Perfect Fit's head honcho never set out to be a sex toy celebrity. “I was walking down a street in Toronto and somebody I’ve never met came up to me and asked if I was Steve Callow,” remarks the CEO. If Steve had chosen to become a known face, he might not have originally planned his fame to center around an anal douching product. As luck (or rather the niche market) would have it, that's exactly how Callow and his business nabbed a spot on the LGBTQ map. “I said yes, and they then went on to tell me how the douche system I invented had changed their sex life forever and how grateful they were,” recalls Callow. “They didn’t ask for an autograph but I was still touched!”

Perfect Fit is already a standard for gay and lesbian consumers, and their recent release of Buck Angel's Buck-Off masturbator is blazing trails for the female-to-male transgender community. Before Callow was kicking ass and taking names with anal tunnel plugs and strap-ons, his StreemMaster shower douche system was a category leader in the pleasure industry. Steve succeeded, but the market failed. “What I learned through that experience is that there is an opportunity to create categories and also to be a dominant brand in a category,” says Callow. “I also discovered that my demographic at the time, mostly the gay market, could not support a single category company. The market was just too small.” After gaining more than a handful of die-hard douche fans, StreemMaster closed after a four-year run.

We want to bring the best designs and thinking to our products, and there is no better way to do that then to collaborate with the best in those communities. -Steve Callow, Perfect Fit

Steve's business mind conquered all and Perfect Fit was created with enough niche-filling toys to keep the company afloat and growing. Callow created his new enterprise with all sorts of nooks and crannies to hold the budding brand lines that just didn't work under the StreemMaster name. Steve's previous venture had already earned him a reputation for understanding how to meet the needs of gay consumers with quality. He forged Perfect Fit from the same steel. “Our mission is to make sure that anything we produce ‘is amazing,’ as ‘Amazing is our Standard’ is our tag line,” says Callow. “We only develop ideas that are aligned with our brand reputation: clever, functional, comfortable and most of all, extremely pleasurable.”

A quick peek at Perfect Fit's websites show Callow's marketing savvy. The original is sexy yet tame enough for all tastes. Click over to the gay version of the site and brands like Zoro, a strap-on system for all sexes, quickly turns from demure, lingerie-clad female forms to the hardcore, fully-nude play of realistic gay couples. “As our products started to become successful, we took risks and developed some of our more specialized ideas” says Callow. “The company has evolved since 2010, adding more categories such as strap-ons, extenders, and a comprehensive offering of cock-rings.”

Callow's modern lineup is small enough to retain its boutique quality and diverse enough to cover all the letters of LGBTQ (with enough room left over for the straight folks). “The Tunnel Plugs are a new concept that needed to be explained, but they became very popular and defined their own category,” says Callow. “Soon after, we developed the Hump Gear, which was also wildly successful and sold under the Raw Dawg brand.” For the uninitiated, Tunnel Plugs are butt plugs that are purposely missing their middle section, leaving ample room for certain erect body parts to make their entrance. In similar hot and heavy fashion, Hump Gear is another unique anal play item designed to offer fullness to the receiver and the tightness and texture of a stroker for the giver. The Zoro strap-ons might be Perfect Fit's most versatile sex toy of all. Their one-piece hollow design accommodates all body types, private parts, and gender identities.

As a businessman and advocate for sexual wellness, Perfect Fit seeks to serve all who desire great sex. “Our most important contribution is the innovative designs that make sex more spontaneous and fun,” remarks Callow. However, Steve has a soft spot for his peers that makes him a hero of product development for the Pride crowd. “Our products are quality-tested and proven to be loved by the LGBTQ community, and we have not hesitated to develop partnerships with other companies that are loved by the LGBTQ community,” notes Callow. His recent partnerships with trans activist Buck Angel for the Buck-Off masturbator and Cellblock 13, a well-known leader in sexy attire for gay men, have made Steve the recognizable face that earns him street recognition from adoring gay fans. “We want to bring the best designs and thinking to our products, and there is no better way to do that then to collaborate with the best in those communities,” says Callow.

Steve's next big plans involve a well-earned celebration of June's Pride festival. “I like to always participate in some way,” says Callow. “This year I’ll be in Toronto to see the parade and walk the streets. As a company, we partner with various stores and distributors to offer promotions.” Like the dedicated workaholic that he is, Steve's relaxation won't last long, much to the benefit of eager industry customers. “This year we have some major releases at the show, so Pride will be short lived as it will become a full-blown ANME preparation effort,” concludes Callow.


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