WIA Profile: Luzoralia Corvera-Acosta

WIA Profile: Luzoralia Corvera-Acosta

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Luzoralia Corvera-Acosta takes a spiritual approach to her role as director of sales for luxury sexual wellness brand Jimmyjane. By putting her best foot forward to focus on the success of her customers, Corvera-Acosta believes “everything you give always returns a thousand-fold.” In her role, she brings product training and education to retailers nationwide and this year, Corvera-Acosta says she hopes to utilize her Spanish-speaking skills to expand Jimmyjane’s reach internationally. In this month’s edition of Women in Adult, we spotlight Corvera-Acosta as an ambitious professional and road warrior who’s passionate about her role.

My professional goals in 2017 are to grow the brand in environments in which there is less competition like more wellness centers, healthcare facilities and upscale boutiques.

XBIZ: What is your role and responsibility at Jimmyjane?

Luzoralia Corvera-Acosta: At Jimmyjane I am the director of sales for North America where I open new retail accounts, manage sell-in and sell-through, conduct product trainings, and work closely with my customers to grow the partnership. Education is very important to us and has become one of my strong points, and what I love doing. I am constantly doing presentations, events, show prep and even train the trainers. When working with my accounts I focus on creative selling strategies via promotions. My background is in the beauty category, where we always did a lot of fun in-store events so I tend to pull from this. I like to think of myself as the main face of the brand when dealing with my customers.

XBIZ: How did you get into the business?

Corvera-Acosta: I started in January 2015 with Jimmyjane at the ANME show. Robert Rheaume (president of Jimmyjane) brought me on from our previous work together in the beauty world.

XBIZ: What challenges have you confronted in your career and how have you overcome them?

Corvera-Acosta: As with any manufacturing brand there are always challenges that come up, sometimes products get stuck in customs, so it really is dealing with situations beyond my control. I always want to keep my customers happy. I overcome them by being honest, providing excellent customer service and by listening to the customer. Each customer has unique needs and I try to address that. I really see it as a partnership and understand that we both have the same goals, which is to drive the business. I believe if I can understand and know my customers I can best service them.

XBIZ: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Corvera-Acosta: I really love when I do a presentation and see the product sell immediately. It is rewarding to talk to my customers and their staff, get their feedback and help give them the tools to better understand Jimmyjane. It is great to see year over year success with partners, especially on a promotion we created together. It really feels like teamwork!

XBIZ: What is your personal motto or mantra that you live by?

Corvera-Acosta: If you are a honest/good person, you work hard and focus on the good, great things happen and everything you give always returns a thousand-fold.

XBIZ: What career accomplishment are you most proud of?

Corvera-Acosta: I am most proud of being the one chosen to handle all of the upscale/unique retail accounts, because it gives me the ability to work closely with them. Also, when I was able to offer our account executive, Lazara Guia, a job to do what I do six months new into the industry. We are a powerful duo —always have been, in the beauty world — and it felt great to be able to duplicate that here in the adult world.

XBIZ: What are your professional goals for 2017?

Corvera-Acosta: My professional goals in 2017 are to grow the brand in environments in which there is less competition like more wellness centers, healthcare facilities and upscale boutiques. I am also hoping to do more Spanish presentations and work with international customers.


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