Q&A With Entice Me's President Tiffany Alyse Yelverton

There’s nothing that conveys desire for another person as a sensual gift: a new toy, an impossibly sensual scented massage candle, or a gift certificate to a educational soiree.

Tiffany Alyse Yelverton, president and “Chief Sexinista” of Entice Me offers all of these and more. “At Entice Me, we educate and entice men, women and couples to have more pleasurable, connected and fulfilling sex lives, in a healthy way,” she says.

I think an educated consumer will spend money on the products that he or she wants. People want to have more fulfilling sex and relationships, but often they have gotten off track and don’t know where to turn.

In this exclusive interview with Yelverton, she elaborates on her business and consumers’ yearning for more sex ed.

Lynn Brown Rosenberg: How are your events different than home parties?

Tiffany Alyse Yelverton: Our sexy soirees are different than typical “home parties.” They’re more of a workshop. We focus on educating our customers on materials, ingredients and uses of the luxury products that we carry. All of them are non-toxic. Many people come into the event thinking that they know all there is to know, but typically, a woman has some sexual issues or questions, and feels that she is the only one to have that issue. We offer education and products to enhance your sex life to make it the best it can be, either with or without a partner.

Rosenberg: What do you think the impact is on men and women who are educated about sex, and what effect do you think that has on the sexuality business?

Yelverton: I think an educated consumer will spend money on the products that he or she wants. People want to have more fulfilling sex and relationships, but often they have gotten off track and don’t know where to turn. It often comes down to communication and confidence. Sexual confidence affects all areas of life.

Rosenberg: How do you go about giving that education, and what makes you an authority?

Yelverton: As far as how I go about educating customers, I start off with an icebreaker question, such as, “Do you orgasm during sex?” Or, “What’s sexy about you?” Once one person opens up, the others, finding there are many commonalities between us all, feel more comfortable joining in.

I have studied and researched sexual wellness products, ingredients and materials of adult products for the past five years. For over 15 years, I have interviewed men and women about their sexual habits, needs, wants and desires, plus what they have been missing in their intimate relationships. I feel I have an innate ability to talk about sex frankly and honestly, and I know how to help them overcome personal obstacles. I have a corporate background in customer relations, training and management, which is what I do as Chief Sexinista, and I love training people (both customers and sexinistas who host these events for me) and seeing the light bulbs come on. Most people just haven’t been exposed to the information that I provide.

Rosenberg: What is the most common complaint you hear at your parties?

Yelverton: ‘In my culture, we are very closed off about sex.’ In reality, most cultures are closed off about sex. Those who attend our soirees leave feeling very educated on why it is important to buy from a reputable source, in addition to having learned about state-of-the-art technology in adult products. They are more confident and comfortable and have been given ideas and tools to use to make life sexier and their relationships more pleasurable, connected and fulfilling.

Rosenberg: Does your business extend beyond the soirees?

Yelverton: It has always been a part of my business plan to be involved with health care practitioners and to speak to all types of people about sex and intimacy. I am in the process of forming a non-profit called Sexy Survivors, which will assist those who have experienced traumatic events, such as going through cancer and chemotherapy, to reintroduce intimacy back into their lives. Once they’ve completed treatment and are in recovery mode, after money, sex is their No. 1 concern, and doctors typically don’t address what is going to happen with their sex lives or reproductive systems. It is especially important for cancer survivors to use non-toxic and chemical-free products, so education is key. I am the product expert and resource for Womanology + RestoreHim at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, Calif., where I have a selection of wellness products.

Rosenberg: Do you see this as enhancing the retail sex business as well?

Yelverton: Once a person has regained confidence, he or she will buy sexual accessories, lubricants, lingerie and other products to enhance their sexual life.

Rosenberg: What is your best-selling item or items?

Yelverton: The first one is the Objects With Purpose wearable, hand-poured massage candle. It is a local company, has eight scents, and has been in swag bags at the Oscars.

Rosenberg: I can attest to the massage candle. I’ve only used one scent so far, “Dirt Rich” and I’m hooked. It’s downright erotic! The candle, once melted, turns to organic coconut oil . It is not soy-based so it doesn’t cause any estrogen-dependent condition . Did I mention the sensual scent?

Yelverton: The other top-selling product is the Minna kGoal for women, because stress incontinence is a huge issue. It has unique bio-feedback to reinforce that the kegel excercise is being done correctly. The device is inserted and squeezed, following an app-driven workout sequence. It improves muscle strength and control, sexual function, and brings pleasure as well.

Rosenberg: What goals do you have for your business?

Yelverton: In addition to the soirees on the West Coast, I coach customers in person and via Skype. What I envision is for Entice Me to become a leader in sexual wellness, and in the direct sales industry. I will have sexinistas (our independent distributors) in all of the states, especially where education is needed and products aren’t readily available. Entice Me is also looking at several franchise locations out of the country, at resorts, spas and travel destinations.

Lynn Brown Rosenberg is a sexuality speaker, and the author of “My Sexual Awakening at 70.” She can be contacted at Her memoir can be found on


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