LoversPremium Collection Sets Out to Bridge Mainstream, Erotic Markets

Alex Glass

In mid-August, Eropartner Distribution introduced the world to the LoversPremium, Passion & Romance “Head Relax Massagers” collection from manufacturer Concepts of Love. According to the company, the new brand was developed for couples that want to achieve more intimate pleasure.

Thijs Oldebarn, new business developer of LoversPremium, recently sat down with XBIZ Premiere to discuss the new collection of spa wellness massager devices, as well as the company’s strategy and future plans.

We developed a product line of wonderful, small erotic and popular gifts, packed in boxes that are perfect for the vending markets and retail. They can be sold per piece, or combined into Love Packs.

XBIZ: What can you tell us about the LoversPremium brand?

Thijs Oldebarn: LoversPremium, Passion & Romance, is a brand for couples that want to achieve more romance and intimate pleasure together. All products are packed in beautiful, stylish gift boxes that could fit in any shop. With LoversPremium we can also address other mainstream markets.

XBIZ: What inspired the launch of this line?

Oldebarn: We already had one massager in the assortment and that item was selling extremely well. This led to the idea of developing a wider range of nine Spa Wellness Massagers. I think you will agree that mostly everybody loves to get a massage. It is good for your body but also for your mind. It relaxes you, restores your energy and takes away stress.

But let’s be honest: not many of us like to give a massage! You need to be strong in your hands and fingers and this quickly takes out the fun. So, we strived to compose a line of massagers that would be: effective but also easy to use; fun and rewarding to use; and a great gift to give or get.

XBIZ: What are some of the features of this range?

Oldebarn: Our massagers are ergonomically shaped so that you can apply a lot of pressure without the need for strength in your fingers. With these massagers, even a petite woman can give a deep muscle massage with the strength of a professional masseur!

And they are fun to use. For example, if you use the head relax massagers. If you let them slowly go up and down your partner’s scalp and apply the vibration mode, you will see a blissed face in front of you, melting away in a state of happiness. Two of our vibrating massagers also have LED lights that light up in the dark for some extra fun.

All our massagers are packed in beautiful gift boxes that are a present on it’s own. All together, buying such a massager as a gift is a sure winner.

XBIZ: How is the product line divided?

Oldebarn: We developed a line of nine massagers that can be divided into three groups.

Group 1: The Full Body Massagers: These massagers make it easy to apply pressure on demand – ranging from soft to a very strong massage. They stimulate the blood circulation and effectively knead out any muscle pain in the back or neck. We got four different shapes to choose from.

Group 2: The Vibrating Massagers: For when you feel tired and experience a loss of energy, these three powerful vibrating massagers will gently soothe your body muscles and quickly restore your energy levels. They will relax you in a meditating way, a bit like you feel after doing yoga. The massage feet light up in the dark.

Group 3: The Head Relax Massagers: These are perfect for when you really want to spoil your partner. Troubles will fade away and you will get your partner in a romantic state of tingling bliss. All two-head relax massagers come with an extra vibrating mode and feel like pure pleasure.

XBIZ: How does a head massager fit into the erotic market?

Oldebarn: We think it does! Giving and getting a massage is getting close to each other, spending time together, getting relaxed and unwind together. Sounds like good foreplay to us.

XBIZ: What can we expect from LoversPremium’s manufacturer Concepts of Love?

Oldebarn: We developed a product line of wonderful, small erotic and popular gifts, packed in boxes that are perfect for the vending markets and retail. They can be sold per piece, or combined into Love Packs. We are looking forward to introducing them soon.

XBIZ: How does Concepts of Love support B2B retailers/customers?

Oldebarn: With our massager line, we support shops in selling their products by providing demonstration models. We believe that “feeling is believing.” The products are very much suited to be demonstrated in any shop. Imagine being in a shop and seeing a customer trying the head relax massager with a blissed face... you will want to try it as well! And once you try: you will buy. We have beautiful product photos of every massager to promote the products on Internet and we give away free gift bags with our orders.

XBIZ: What do you expect in terms of sales?

Oldebarn: We are confident that the whole range will be a success. We are getting very positive feedback from our first customers and expect to grow in existing and new markets with this product line.

XBIZ: Who is currently distributing LoversPremium?

Oldebarn: We just launched this line together with our distributor Eropartner Distribution and are in the middle of teaming up with two other large distributors for this new line.


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