The Semenette: When a Sex Toy Is More Than a Sex Toy

Kim Airs

Over the course of time, there have been thousands of sex toys that were created because of a need, a demand for something that hadn’t existed before or for something that just didn’t have the high quality standards an inventor would want. Inventors put in hours, days, months and years to have their inventions brought to life, to add pleasure and joy not only in their own household but to thousands of others who delight in these inventors’ creations.

Stephanie Berman is one of those inventors. Having worked in the women’s reproductive health industry since 2003, five years ago, she was working on an insemination kit for women to use at home instead of being in the doctor’s office to receive that all-important squirt. The kit, which had FDA approval and was, of course, very clinical (as are most devices the FDA approves), and lacked the kind of playfulness an actual seminal ejaculation can have when doing it for reproductive purposes.

If you enjoy incorporating sex toys in the bedroom and you desire the ability to mimic an ejaculation, The Semenette is the ultimate novelty sex toy for you. — Stephanie Berman, Inventor of the Semenette

The light bulb went off for Berman, who decided that there had to be a better way, a more realistic way to transfer sperm and have a partner experience for the first moment of pregnancy, the way nature designed it to happen. But Berman was a lesbian with a wife (with experience having dated both men and women), and they both desired a baby, being able to create one with the pleasure that a heterosexual couple experiences at that magical moment. It was then that she was on her path to The Semenette, a high-quality silicone dildo that easily squirts precious baby-making semen (as well as other ejaculates as we’ll soon find out).

Let’s look at the Semenette and why it is so different than other squirting dildos on the market today. The Semenette is a straight, sturdy, silicone dildo with an 1/8” hollow core (much like a penis’ urethra) through which a slightly stretchy light blue silicone tube is easily inserted. The fluid is pulled through the tube with the small and discreet bulb, while at the same time, being careful to release air bubbles that may have been pulled into the dildo.

Like any inventor, for Berman, the road to developing a new and innovative product took years of dedication and passion to bring it to market. Berman’s background included being co-owner and vice president of her family business, Sepal Reproductive International, so she knew what it took to get a product out to market. The Semenette, officially launched in February of this year, and has been making inroads at the retail level as well as on the Semenette website.

As you can figure out, the Semenette goes way beyond just being a toy. When asked how her product was being embraced by the LGBTQ community, Berman had this to share: “So far, the reception The Semenette has received from the LGBTQ community has been a warm one. Same-sex couples already use strap-ons and dildos, so The Semenette and this concept does not stray from what is considered normal.”

She continued, “While I understand that The Semenette might not be for everyone, if you enjoy incorporating sex toys in the bedroom and you desire the ability to mimic an ejaculation, The Semenette is the ultimate novelty sex toy for you.” In other words, it’s not just ANY dildo!

There are many women in the lesbian community who desire children but might not want something that represents a realistic penis like The Semenette currently does. Berman has taken that into consideration.

“I am currently working on designing and developing a non-phallic looking option to cater more towards those who do not like the actual phallic appearance, but the overall feedback from the LGBTQ community is happiness and appreciation that an option like The Semenette finally exists,” Berman said.

She also may expand the color options from the realistic three color tones The Semenette is available in: Vanilla, Caramel and Chocolate.

Berman said she is also excited about other communities who may have an interest in a realistic dildo that has the capacity to squirt realistically. Speaking about the transsexual community, Berman has found that the trans community is very supportive of The Semenette, appreciating that a product with this capability exists.

“They understand that while The Semenette is not a traditional packer, it gives them the ability to be able to mimic an ejaculation, which is a function that is highly desired by the FTM community. The Semenette also has the capability of being used as a device to mimic urination. The same squirting feature that allows one to mimic an ejaculation can be used to allow someone to load the toy with urine, or other similar substances, if they wanted to be able to mimic an actual urination with ease.”

Another group of users can also be gay men. Berman says she sees The Semenette as being applicable for gay men, as well.

“A lot of gay men have said to me that they enjoy having an extra penis in the bedroom, and who am I to argue with that?” she added humorously. “I say, the more the merrier when it comes to sex toys! The Semenette would be a great fetish toy and would also be a great toy if gay men just wanted an additional ejaculating penis.”

And think of the safe sex possibilities, too. One can safely exchange a safer bodily fluid by creating an artificial cum formula to squirt through the always-hard Semenette (it can basically be made with water, cornstarch, raw egg white, plain yogurt and a pinch of salt, in case you wanted to know).

In keeping with the baby-making purpose of The Semenette, Berman says, “The other application I see for gay men would be using The Semenette with a surrogate. Often, gay couples will have a friend that is willing to carry their baby, but they do not want to sleep with the woman in order to try and get her pregnant. The Semenette would allow a gay couple to give their sperm and The Semenette to their surrogate for her to use on herself.”

The Semenette could easily be responsible for adding to the Gayby movement!

The Semenette has had its successes as well, including with the inventor. Berman brags like any new parent about her new baby girl that her wife and she conceived using The Semenette.

“It is by far my proudest success story,” Berman said. “I always joke with people and say, ‘I’m not only the president, I’m also a client,’ which I think speaks volumes about The Semenette. It lets people know that I am not just trying to sell them another novelty sex toy, but that I have, and continue to, personally and successfully use The Semenette. They can feel confident knowing that I wholeheartedly stand behind The Semenette, in every application and use of the toy.”

Berman also had some friends use the technology as “guinea pigs” and they also had success, as well. “There is nothing better than customers and friends sharing their success stories with me, being able to see just how much joy they have. That’s the best part of my job.”

There’s also the heterosexual men who may be suffering the effects of erectile dysfunction, also known as ED, as well as those who may be disabled or paralyzed. As the concept for her product progressed, Berman said she began to think about all of the different applications for it and just how The Semenette could be adapted for other people’s needs. Berman’s hope is that others will also be able to see the universality of The Semenette and how they can incorporate it into their personal lives.

The Semenette could alleviate the embarrassment factor for men with ED as it is designed for couples of any orientation to have fun and use something that provides them with the specific function of mimicking the ejaculatory process.

Berman added, “Whether the couple is same-sex, a partner has ED, is disabled, or even if they are a single woman desiring something that mimics an ejaculation, The Semenette is designed to cater to them and the universality of it is something I truly love about it. Not only does it have the ability to help people from a functional standpoint, it allows them to have a safe, fun, intimate, and authentic experience at the same time.”


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