Pumped for Action: Pipedream Extreme Dollz

Blow-up dolls. I have a confession to make. I own 30 of them. I don’t know if it’s an obsession, a perversion, a fetish, or I can simply blame my OCD. I have a thing for blow-up dolls and apparently, so do lots of people.

I love blow-up dolls for what they represent. They are an inexpensive duplicate of the human body, they can be complete with virgin-busting opportunities by sporting a completely non-realistic hymen across their completely non-realistic vaginas, their mouths can be wide open to accompany a juicy blast from a willing hard on, their eyes can close when they lie on their backs (just like my dollies did when I was growing up), and best of all, they can support up to 300 pounds! That’s why I love my blow-up dolls!

Blow-up dolls are big business and many companies manufacture a panoply of sizes, shapes, genders, ethnicities – basically, a vinyl duplicate of just about anyone on the planet.

I firmly believe that blow-up dolls represent the last frontier of sexual taboos. I mean, when was the last time you actually knew someone who admitted to using one – to be clear, REALLY using one. Never? Right?

But blow-up dolls are big business and many companies manufacture a panoply of sizes, shapes, genders, ethnicities – basically, a vinyl duplicate of just about anyone on the planet.

Pipedream Products, who have been producing blow-up dolls almost since they have been in existence with the still popular, non-explicit John and Judy dolls, has recently burst out with 18 new, well-researched blow-up dolls.

Yes, researched. Rob Phaneuf, the vice president of product development at Pipedream, shared what went into such an eye-popping increase in their blow-up doll department.

“Several months ago, everyone in the adult products industry, us included, found out that the major manufacturer of blow-up dolls in China suddenly closed their doors. This immediately affected our strategy since we had to get all new molds made so we thought, ‘why not reconfigure our whole line?’ At Pipedream, we make products that, simply put, guys love to fuck. We proved that with our Pipedream Extreme Mega Masturbators, which everyone said we were crazy to produce. We can’t keep them in stock so we thought we’d see if these same kind of guys were blow-up doll buyers, too.”

Since you can’t exactly go up to Mr. John Q. Public on the street to ask him about his blow-up doll usage, Phaneuf did the next best thing. He started hanging around in blow-up doll chat rooms on the web to see what guys who use them want to feel and experience with their blow-up dolls, which they take very, very seriously.

“Turns out guys dress up their dolls, make names for them, and not only fuck them but, believe it or not, make love to them, too. I couldn’t believe it at first but like anything that someone likes, they are very passionate about them. We at Pipedream decided to fill the void and give them the dolls they want. We’ve sold out of our first order and are almost sold out of the second.”

What differentiates the Pipedream Extreme Dollz line of blowup dolls with the several thousand dollar lifelike dolls is that the Pipedream dolls can be deflated and then put away. With the larger realistic dolls, well, you can’t exactly fold them up and stash them away in a box in the back of your closet.

“I think this is something that really appealed to them,” Phaneuf said. “The guys like to have their time with them, clean them up afterwards, then put them away. Some guys like to sleep with them, too, like the women they represent. Some guys even bathe them in the bath and I guess since they’re inflatable, you wouldn’t have to worry about them drowning, either.”

Not willing to settle for just remanufacturing the basic blowup doll with vinyl-seamed tits and a gaping mouth and vagina, Pipedream reimagined what they should look and feel like. All of their dolls have silicone nipples, adding to their realism on their relatively large, inflatable boobs, and they all have a removable TPR, single tubed vagina and anus. The female blow-up dolls’ legs are closer than previous styles so guys can get a more realistic feel while they’re pounding away. And for those guys who want a little guy-guy blow-up doll action, the male toys have molded nipples and firm, TPR dicks and willing, TPR buttholes.

Starting with basic models, the faces are pictures of the actual model on the box, with cut out mouths that you can easily slip a hard dick into. For some guys, that’s enough. There’s even sexy pictures included inside of the models on the box for that extra personal touch.

These next-level dolls has realistic, molded painted faces and higher quality reproductions of the good parts that guys want.

The top-of-the-line of the dolls includes dolls with “real” hair that’s all around their head, not just skimpily added to the front. Their faces are molded, their arms are on swivel pivots so they move up and down realistically – better to hug the guys, I suppose – and, best of all, they come with an air pump.

The high-end inflatable girlfriends have painted nails on their realistic hand and feet and Pipedream’s high-quality FantaFlesh pussies and assholes.

“What we wanted to do when we created these,” Phaneuf said, “was to come up with the most popular dolls for these guys’ fantasies. We have Kneeling Nikki, in the popular doggy style position, Reggie Pipes, our handsome black stud (who looks remarkably like Sean Michaels), Katie Cougar (looking like MILF superstar Lisa Ann), and Monica Mountains, with extra large breasts.

“Of course, every man’s fantasy is a chick with a dick and we haven’t forgotten about them. In fact, we combined that fantasy with their cop fantasy and came up with our policewoman with a surprise, Miss Demeanor.”

Not wanting to forget about several other blow-up doll preferences, the Extreme Dollz line also includes their dark-skinned lovely Coco Butter, the Latina Maria Sin, the Slutty Sisters dually packaged blow-up dolls with one sporting large breasts and the other sister with smaller ones, and the most popular gal of the line, BBW Beautiful Becky, with a gorgeous, plump blonde model gracing the box. The Beautiful Becky blow-up doll is even smiling so it means she’ll have a really good time when she’s getting pumped for action.