Exec Seat: Coyote Days, Good Vibes Purchasing Manager

For the past decade, Coyote Days has seen pleasure products evolve into the innovative, universally appealing marketplace that it is today. Attracted by the education-based, welcoming retail atmosphere established by San Francisco-based Good Vibrations, Days was first introduced to the distinguished retailer by a family member in her youth as a resource for personal growth. Ten years later, Days got her foot in the door as a customer service and sales rep in Good Vibes’ mail order department.

Today, Days serves as the company’s purchasing manager with an executive role in finding — and creating — the most perfect offerings for Good Vibes stores. In addition to her prominent role with Good Vibes, the charismatic Coyote Days regularly attends trade shows and special events, participating in panels, seminars and casual discussions that consistently exemplify her illustrious stature.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that I live my life by any preset mottos or mantra, but I do feel that life is a very fluid situation and I allow myself the potential to learn and grow from my experiences.

When did you get your start in the adult industry?

I began working in the industry in 2003 right after I moved to San Francisco.

What attracted you to Good Vibes?

The first time I walked into a Good Vibrations was at the suggestion of my aunt who was a longtime customer and trusted the brand. She wanted me to own my sexuality and this was, in her opinion, the first step. The second time I walked into a Good Vibrations was about 10 years later and my friend was working as a SESA (Sex Educator Sales Associate). Both visits left me with a very positive impression of the company. Not just in how the SESAs interacted with me as a customer but everything — the layout, the items offered, the diverse staff … all of it.

What was your first position with the company? How has your role evolved?

My first position was as a temp. I was about to move to San Francisco and my friend’s husband (who ran the Mail Order department) said the company needed some temp help. I hadn’t secured work and I liked the company so it seemed like the perfect fit. The temp job evolved into being hired for customer service and sales in the Mail Order department and I was eventually hired as the assistant manager of that same department. From the moment I walked in the door I was completely blown away by what an amazing history Good Vibrations had — the vision, the ethos, the amazing people who were part of and had been part of this company as well as how many lives we touched each and every day. It was overwhelming and I knew I didn’t want to be anywhere else. I loved being a part of this industry. Plus working for the company that had been so pivotal in empowering our customers, our workers and other companies — it just felt right. Like I should be here.

So when the buyer told me she was leaving and thought I would be perfect in her position, I was intrigued. I applied for her job later that week and was hired as the toy buyer. That position evolved into senior buyer where I was responsible for selecting all of the items we carried and eventually to the purchasing manager where I not only select items we carry but also oversee all product development, work with our owner on branding and more.

How have you seen the industry evolve since you’ve been a part of it?

In so many ways — not only has the type, variety and quality of vibrators greatly improved but we’ve also seen improvements in product materials, branding and the availability of quality products. Rechargeable vibrators only existed in large unwieldy wands. There were no “luxury” brands and much of the marketing on product packaging was still predominantly geared towards the male consumer — even when the product was designed for a female user. The idea of empowered female sexuality and marketing to couples who shopped together was still largely ignored aside from Good Vibrations and other like-minded stores.

Honestly there’s been so many changes and evolutions over the past decade — it’s pretty amazing really and I am so glad I was here to be a part of/witness to it all.

Describe a typical day at work for you.

There really is no typical day at work. Aside from the so many emails I receive and respond to each day I am always reviewing products, talking with our SESAs and store managers, vendors or people who are starting companies. I work on next steps for product development, brainstorm and conspire with my coworkers.

What professional accomplishment are you proud of the most?

There is no one thing that I am most proud of. I am just so thankful my path led me to Good Vibrations and that it all worked out as it has. There are tons of rewards like seeing an item I helped design sell well. The biggest reward is when I meet a person or couple at a party, on an airplane, or at a festival and after telling them where I work (they always ask!) their eyes light up and then they tell me how Good Vibrations changed their life. It is always incredible and moving.

Do you have a personal motto or mantra that you live by?

I wouldn’t necessarily say that I live my life by any preset mottos or mantra, but I do feel that life is a very fluid situation and I allow myself the potential to learn and grow from my experiences.


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