Doin’ the Nasst(oys) Since 1975

Harking from the New York/New Jersey area are the big little guys: Nasstoys. A founding member of ANME and the smallest of the “Big Five” American manufacturers (and the “Founders” of ANME Founders Show), Nasstoys has always been the original and continues to be the go-to brand for many, many adult stores. But how did this toy company grow from its humble origins in the ’60s to the well-rounded company it is today?

“By going with the flow and changing with the times,” recalled Teddy Rothstein, the behind-thescenes co-owner of Nasstoys along with the more familiar Elliot Schwartz. “I started out in 1966 in the 42nd Street area of Manhattan, owning a couple of adult stores and hardcore and burlesque theaters back in the day. I had to change with the times to still keep the money rolling in: first there were theaters and magazines in the ’60s, then in the early ’80s, video came along and killed the theaters because people didn’t need to go to theaters or need magazines to see porno. Then along came DVDs, which we know killed video and now the Internet is killing DVDs.”

Even with all of the latest styles, shapes and gadgetry, the most popular product they offer is still the All American Whopper — a perfectly bent realistic dildo that replicates the angle of pleasure.

Going back to 1975, Elliot and Teddy realized they needed to change with the times and created a new business that they affectionately named “Nasswalk” after the street near Coney Island in Brooklyn where Teddy was born and where Elliot grew up. The street eventually met its demise when the area was torn down to make room for New York’s ubiquitous co-op apartments. When they decided to go into business together, they thought to call it Novelties by Nasswalk. As the company got bigger, they began hiring staff artists and one decided to spice things up by calling the company Nassty Toys then it became simply Nasstoys. Elliot and Teddy still call it Nasswalk to honor their hometown roots.

In 1975, Nasswalk started selling four flavors of Spanish Fly and four types of creams like “Sta-Hard” followed by the ever-popular Anal-Ese, an anal desensitizing cream that all of us in the adult industry are familiar with. Even after all those years, Spanish Fly (available in many flavors) continues to be a strong seller for Nasstoys, along with the flagship pills and creams that have always been the foundation of the company.

They didn’t stop there. Nasswalk continued to grow with the times and expand its line of products steadily and purposefully. They brought in vibrating eggs and bullets that also remain steady sellers in the world of vibrators. The eggs have evolved over time with the company currently leading the way with the latest gadgetry that includes wireless, remote-controlled variations of bullets, eggs and vibrating cock rings with bullets nestled inside the rings.

About five years ago, the company outgrew its warehouse and office space in Brooklyn and made the jump out of New York to cross the Hudson over to New Jersey, in Bergen County where the 50,000-square-foot warehouse is located. “We needed room to receive containers of products as well as have enough room for trucks to turn around,” Elliot proudly confirmed. “It was a long time coming.”

The sales staff of Nasstoys is like family to companies in the adult industry. Co-owners Elliot Schwartz and Teddy Rothstein frequently travel the world attending trade shows and training stores on their products. The guy we all know as Tony and Kathryn Hartman, Nasstoys sales and marketing director, have recently been joined by Thea Deady to continue representing Nasstoys ever-growing line of pleasure products throughout the country and the world.

“You should see what we have planned for ANME,” says Kathryn. “The big one is the 10-function VibrO panty, a bikini bottom with a hidden pocket for a remote controlled, waterproof vibe that works from over 80 feet! Of course at ANME, we’ll be showcasing many other new products that we are particularly proud of, too.”

Like other novelty companies in the industry, Nasswalk is constantly releasing new products and product lines in different shapes and sizes.

The company recently revamped popular designs and released the Orgasmic Gels and Femme Fatale line of toys with many featuring a flexible center shaft and made of body-friendly materials. The Twilite and Velvet Kiss lines offer a dizzying array of not-too-obvious vibrator shapes for women who like strong and steady vibes when discretion is a must. Remotecontrol vibes are popular for both men and women with the Hero line of vibrating cock rings and with the Double Fuk rounding out the stable of on-the-go vibes. The Dominant and Submissive collection help the “Fifty Shades of Grey” crowd delve deeper into their fantasies.

Even with all of the latest styles, shapes and gadgetry, the most popular product they offer is still the All American Whopper — a perfectly bent realistic dildo that replicates the angle of pleasure.

Available in many different skin tones including beige, mocha for the Latino crowd, and a realistic brown color for African Americans, the All American Whopper is joined by the Lifelikes line which features over 25 realistic shapes and colors because one size does not fit all. In the words of Nasswalk’s Sales and Marketing Director Kathryn Hartman: “what’s gonna get people hotter? Realistic anatomy is still gonna sell. Nobody’s gonna have a screaming orgasm from sensuality — we just want to FUCK!”

Well put, Kathryn … it’s why we’re all in this crazy business.