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Nasstoys Appoints Meghan Dunkel as Sales Manager

Nasstoys has hired industry veteran Meghan Dunkel as its new sales manager.


Nasstoys Marks 45 Years of Pioneering in the Pleasure Industry

Longtime pleasure products manufacturer Nasstoys, known for its vast variety of adult products and supplements, is commemorating 45 years in the business of making people happy.

Kim Airs ·

Nasstoys Debuts 'Clit-Tastic' Collection

Nasstoys has unveiled its new Clit-Tastic collection of clitoral stimulators.


How to Boost Holiday Sales With Winter-Themed Sensual Products

In the world of pleasure, even the winter frost can ignite new desires. Help your customers uncover those desires, satisfy their curiosity and burn the candle of romance even brighter with winter-themed seasonal novelties and sensual products.

Carly S. ·

Nasstoys Adds 4 New Vibes to 'My Secret' Collection

Nasstoys has expanded its My Secret collection with four new vibrators.


Retailer Tips for Launching Teasers and Pre-Holiday Promotions

With the holidays quickly approaching, stores everywhere are working to infuse their seasonal messaging with creativity, engagement and anticipation. That means it’s time to get inspired, whip up some holiday magic and craft a marketing strategy that resonates with diverse audiences.

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Tips for Boosting Retail Sales With Products for Outdoor Intimacy

September is a time of transition, where we bid farewell to the carefree days of summer and prepare for the fall. That makes it a perfect time to help your customers step outside, breathe in some refreshing air and experience an increasingly popular trend: outdoor intimacy.

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Tips for Sourcing Valuable Product Reviews, Driving Sales

The truth is, online product reviews are one of your most underrated ecommerce tools for generating revenue and converting sales. In fact, online reviews can be even more important than brand loyalty, free shipping, product quality or even price.

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Why Maintaining an Active Blog Is Helpful for Retail Business

In this age of constant competition, it’s important to make your brand stand out, which is why maintaining a business blog is an important part of any marketing strategy. It’s a good way to reach current and potential customers, no matter the type or size of your business.

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Why Consumers Are Buzzing Over Grinding Toys, Accessories

Many people started their sexual exploration by humping or grinding. It’s so natural for humans to hump and grind without even thinking about it, it’s almost second nature. Toddlers will dry-hump just about anything and anyone; it’s all completely normal and an important step in early development.

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Nasstoys Releases New 'Mystique' Line

Nasstoys has released its new Mystique line of rechargeable toys.

Nasstoys' Tony Sicilia Passes Away

Nasstoys National Sales Manager Tony Sicilia passed away yesterday, the company reported.


How to Recession-Proof Your Retail Business

Recessions are more common than most people realize. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the U.S. has experienced 12 recessions since World War II. That’s an average of one every six years, so being prepared is always a good idea.

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Why Pleasure Product Manufacturers Should Stop Gendering Sex Toys

The pleasure products industry has traditionally organized toys by gender, with clearly defined men’s and women’s sections. In recent years, though, the industry has become more progressive and inclusive.

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Nasstoys Offers New Course on WTU 'Health & Wellness' Channel

Williams Trading Co. and Nasstoys have partnered on a new course available through the Williams Trading University Sexual Health & Wellness e-learning platform.

Nasstoys Celebrates 2022 XBIZ Honors Win for Elliot Schwartz

Nasstoys is celebrating a 2022 XBIZ Honors win for "Chief Executive of the Year" for its president, Elliot Schwartz.

Nasstoys Offers New Course on WTU Health & Wellness Channel

Williams Trading Co. and Nasstoys have partnered on a new course available through the Williams Trading University (WTU) Sexual Health & Wellness e-learning platform.

Nasstoys Welcomes Suzy Contreras as Sales Representative

Nasstoys has announced the hiring of Suzy Contreras as the company's Sales Representative for the West Coast and South America.

Nasstoys Announces Exclusive U.K. Partnership With ABS

Nasstoys has announced an exclusive U.K. distribution partnership with wholesaler ABS Holdings.

Nasstoys Collects Multiple 2021 XBIZ Awards Noms

Nasstoys is trumpeting three 2021 XBIZ Awards nominations, including "Pleasure Products Company of the Year — Full Range."