Standard Innovation Corporation Is on a Trajectory for Expansion

When Standard Innovation Corporation’s founders Bruce and Melody Murison tapped veteran CEO Danny Oscada to become the company’s chairman and CEO in December 2010, Oscada saw a “tremendous opportunity to shape the future of the sexual wellness industry” and abandoned his retirement to reshape and re-focus the We-Vibe brand toward worldwide growth.

“With expanding distribution on every continent and the opportunity to develop a truly global brand, Danny brings us leadership experience and skills that will be critical to our sustained success,” Bruce Murison said in a press release at the time of Oscada’s hiring. “We are thrilled to have been able to attract someone of his calibre to lead our excellent team.”

The best part about working in a company that is so small is that everyone has their hands on everything.

Oscada is well-known in the business world in Canada for his accomplishments as previous CEO of DY4 and Med-Eng, as well as many other successful and transformative business ventures.

“I’m joining the company at an exciting time,” states Osadca. “The We-Vibe team has realized remarkable success by introducing a product that changes people’s lives. With significant and consistent growth in annual sales, and in this position as the world’s best selling product in its category, the groundwork has been laid for major growth to the next level.“

Oscada said that his goals for Standard Innovation Corporation (SIC) are to achieve “fast scalable growth and maintaining our market dominance in our niches.” He said that he believes that the company is capable of reaching its goals because SIC is an “organization with quality people who share a clear direction, strategies and consistent values.” To reach a global market, SIC set out to expand its team.

Currently seeking applicants to fill the positions of account merchandising manager (eastern U.S.) and manufacturing/process engineering specialist, SIC’s marketing communications manager Sarah Bobas said that the company is seeking experience, knowledgeable candidates to fill a range of newly created roles.

According to Bobas, while 21 individuals operate out of SIC’s head office in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada, since March 2011 14 new positions have been created to work both onsite and off-site for SIC.

“We’ve grown every part of the company,” Bobas said. “We’ve built a new, world-class R&D team and introduced a brand new account management team. We’ve also grown the marketing team by bringing in Leon Benz as full-time vice president, who previously was a consultant. We also added to our customer service team, and grown our operations and finance teams to support the company’s growth.”

Among those hired over the past year is Tori Parker, SIC’s account merchandising manager for the western half of the U.S., who joined SIC in June.

Parker describes her position as working closely with distributors and retailers “to help establish and increase our presence within the adult market - through training, merchandising and event support.”

With previous experience in merchandising and product training as a multi-line representative, the account merchandising manager position was an ideal fit for Parker.

“This position was perfect in the sense that it allowed me to continue to do what I love, with the added bonus to work directly for the manufacturer and a very focused product line,” Parker said. “The cream on top is how great a company and group of people I get to work with on a daily basis at Standard Innovation.

“There aren’t really any ‘typical’ days, but I like that no two days are the same,” Parker continued. ”With that said, my time is usually spent in several different areas: planning upcoming travel and traveling to different markets to meet with my accounts, distributors and retailers. Attending different industry shows and events, and ongoing communications and support with my accounts regarding marketing, merchandising and promotional opportunities.”

According to Bobas, while Oscada can’t be a part in every project that the company works on, “he has a great perspective of what is going on and is always jumping into conversations and meetings to provide his perspective.”

“The best part about working in a company that is so small is that everyone has their hands on everything,” Bobas said. “Although we each come to the team and the company with our own unique experiences and expertise, there is a true cooperative energy in the office.

“Our CFO will regularly provide valuable insight that drives our marketing initiatives, and everyone from the vice president of marketing to our events manager provides feedback and suggestions to our research and development team working in the lab. It’s truly a collaborative environment; and a hilarious one where you might walk by a boardroom and overhear someone say ‘we really need to focus on penetration’ and not be sure if they are talking about our global distribution plans or new product development.”

Bobas continues, “I think the best thing about working in an office like this is the unique opportunity to be part of something with so much potential for success, growth and to make people happy. I think that’s what keeps everyone coming into work with a big smile everyday.”